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  1. 1. Our services
  2. 2. 5 The MovePlan Group supports organisations across the globe through the challenge of change in the workplace. Founded in London in 1986, MovePlan’s portfolio of successfully delivered change and relocation projects spans five continents and a multitude of cultures. Our services
  3. 3. Our services 6 Who we are MovePlan is a privately owned, entrepreneurial, agile and pro-active service business with a global capability. From our formation in London in 1986 we have extended our operation at our clients’ request to further bases in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Our change- and relocation-related services are supported by rigorous methodologies in which our global staff is consistently trained. We never lose sight of the need for adaptation to the diverse cultures within the organisations we support.
  4. 4. 7 What we do We provide the resource and knowledge to assist organisations in preserving business continuity through any kind of workplace transition. From the earliest stages of strategic planning to the final implementation of a project, whether it is vision you need or simply legwork – we get the job done on time and on cost. When there are not enough hours in the day or the experience does not exist in-house, we bring expertise, a trusted methodology and a reliable solution. Our services are deployed across a variety of change scenarios, but most commonly: ◆ Relocations ◆ New workplace models ◆ Mergers and acquisitions ◆ Upsizing/downsizing/reorganising ◆ Refurbishments Whatever the change, our mantra is zero downtime achieved through exacting project management with a strong emphasis on communication and diplomacy. Our services
  5. 5. Our services 8 Where we operate Our output is truly global. We have 11 main offices: London, Dublin, Edinburgh, New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. But at the request of our clients we have also worked on sites in Rio, Delhi, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City to name but a few. Our flexible infrastructure enables us to service far-flung markets with ease and consistency.
  6. 6. 9 Who we do it for In our minds, no project or organisation is too large or too small. Our biggest project to date involved 25,000 staff for one post-merger, co-locating, blue-chip organisation. Our smallest involved two very time-poor people from a small independent business. Our clients include multi-national corporations, pharmaceutical companies, international banks, professional partnerships, small private companies, educational institutions and government departments. In addition to end user clients we support project management and architectural practices. Our percentage of repeat business is high. Whoever we engage with, our aim is one of diplomatic integration whether supplementing, complementing or leading your team. Our services
  7. 7. Our services 10 Moves are widely recognised to be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. Managing stakeholders at every level, whilst co-ordinating all other aspects of a changeable project can be a daunting task. If managed well, a seamless move will be quickly forgotten, but the ramifications of a poorly-managed move quickly impact upon income, operations, relationships and reputation. Zero Downtime Move Management
  8. 8. 11 MovePlan’s core service provides peace of mind and mitigates the risks surrounding relocation by offering: ◆ A positive move experience for everyone ◆ No disruption – everyone remains productive ◆ Time and money savings ◆ CRE / FM team freedom to focus on the new facility ◆ Everything documented and shared – reducing key person risk We work hard to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients and 70% of our business is on a repeat or referral basis. We provide a dedicated Move Manager to every project, supported by additional team members as the peaks of your project demand. The MovePlan Toolkit© currently contains over 250 checklists and templates that we share with clients to make life easier. Tailored to each specific project, our team can respond to changing requirements quickly and easily. MovePlan takes responsibility for the move programme from start to finish: ◆ Develops optimum move strategy and risk management plan ◆ Delivers effective Communications & Engagement Plan ◆ Builds robust logistics schedules and control programmes ◆ Controls all move data ◆ Reviews and reduces filing and storage ◆ Controls budgets and reports regularly ◆ Procures the move vendor(s) – independent, transparent and accountable process ◆ Supervises all move shifts ◆ Provides pre and post-move customer support Zero Downtime Move Management
  9. 9. Our services 12 Filing Storage Moving to a new location or workplace model significantly impacts your operation’s filing and storage space. It presents the opportunity for dramatic cost savings, but how do you strike the balance between design and functionality? How do you implement a reduction programme without inciting rebellion?
  10. 10. 13 E N D G A M E MovePlan saves you the cost of unnecessary cabinets and space, whilst improving your operations, with impressive financial results. Whether you’re moving, changing workplace model or just in need of a spring clean, MovePlan can: ◆ Future-proof your organisation’s filing and storage ◆ Review and revamp document retention policies ◆ Prepare for a change in location or workplace model ◆ Reduce operational costs and optimise space utilisation ◆ Engage stakeholders and manage the change required ◆ Improve information security, workflow and operations ◆ Encourage environmentally sustainable behaviours ◆ Specify new storage units ◆ Maximise the value of the new design – verify suitability We regularly achieve filing and storage reductions in excess of 70%. This can be achieved through MovePlan’s proven ENDGAME© approach: Establish existing quantities of filing and storage – physical audit Nurture stakeholder discussion – existing practices Develop change vision – future practices Generate and agree targets for each team – identify hotspots Action implementation plan and reduction programme Monitor progress with each team Evaluate success Filing Storage
  11. 11. Our services 14 Change Delivery Change management is an integral part to best practice across any business operation, but it can be tricky to identify the exact type of service model required. The level of choice available within the workplace change market is staggering, the consequence of the wrong decision far-reaching.
  12. 12. 15 MovePlan’s change delivery service is designed to complement your investment in Workplace Strategy and enterprise alignment. We help you to achieve maximum benefit from your workplace of the future as quickly as possible – turning that vision into reality. The exciting cultural shifts, cost savings and productivity benefits promised can only be realised with significant support and motivation from corporate real estate resources. Workplace transition and moves go hand in hand, leaving resources stretched, exhausted and stressed. Let MovePlan’s experienced team augment your own to the benefit of the whole business. Tailored to each client, areas of change delivery typically include: ◆ Create and/or implement a Change Plan ◆ Develop the Communications Engagement Programme ◆ Co-ordinate learning and education opportunities ◆ Compose and deliver all communications ◆ Host engagement events ◆ Monitor feedback and change success MovePlan’s change delivery adapts best practice change management approaches to the needs of corporate real estate and facilities professionals. We understand that in order to achieve lasting, effective change, you need an approach that is structured, pragmatic, hands-on and successful. We regularly work alongside other workplace strategy and change management consultants to support and enhance their strategy to the benefit of the client. Change Delivery
  13. 13. Our services 16 Space Utilisation Studies It is impossible to determine a new workplace model without having an understanding of how the existing workplace is used. Which areas and facilities are popular, which are ignored? How often are desks occupied and are meeting rooms really as busy as the booking system suggests?
  14. 14. 17 A rigorous space utilisation study provides the empirical data you need to present a strong business case. MovePlan can provide the resources and methodology to conduct the study in a reliable and discreet fashion, using a range of approaches and software. A final report will be prepared and presented back to your team. Whether you’re planning a significant change in workplace model or just keen to identify current status, MovePlan’s expert space utilisation studies will prove invaluable. Space Utilisation Studies
  15. 15. Our services 18 Laboratory Clinical Moves Moving labs and clinical environments can be exceptionally challenging. Complex equipment, hazardous substances, irreplaceable research programmes and passionate, engaged staff provide all the ingredients for an intense and pressurised project. Risk management takes centre stage and the stakes are high.
  16. 16. 19 MovePlan focuses upon safety, continuity of care/research, chain of custody, minimal planned downtime and the seamless transfer of operations. To date, we have moved over 150,000 assets, 45,000 staff and 1,500 labs and clinical spaces. Our logical and methodical approach is popular with scientists, engineers and clinicians, as we seek their input and expert insights to develop the optimum approach. It is our combined focus upon detailed process and effective relationship-building that has generated a high level of repeat business within the sector. We undertake the following: ◆ Develop high level move schedule ◆ Communicate and engage with each lab and clinical department ◆ Collate data – create and verify equipment lists, including weight, dimensions, services, specialist vendor requirements and infrastructure impact ◆ Create the Activity Schedule for each lab and clinical department ◆ Prepare all filing and storage requirements ◆ Manage all environmental, health and safety requirements ◆ Procure, schedule and manage all vendors ◆ Interact with IT, security and road transit authorities ◆ Supervise physical move ◆ Provide pre- and post- move support Laboratory Clinical Moves
  17. 17. Our services 20 Libraries, Repositories Collections The movement of libraries, repositories and collections need to be handled with care, respect, security and due process. Moved rarely, an impending relocation can increase stress levels amongst librarians, curators and custodians. Coupled with design or operational changes, significant move and change management may be required.
  18. 18. 21 MovePlan will manage all detailed planning and engagement with the librarians, custodians and curators, leaving the CRE and FM team to focus upon wider facility issues. MovePlan has significant experience in the movement of books, specimens, medical records and unusual collections. MovePlan will typically address: ◆ Move schedule and timeline ◆ Layout and collection flow ◆ Pitch height and cabinet specification ◆ Book tagging and tattle tape procedures ◆ Asset tracking systems ◆ Preparation for transition to automated systems (i.e. ASRS) ◆ Rare, precious and secure item handling ◆ Book cleaning ◆ Interfiling ◆ Quality control Libraries, Repositories Collections
  19. 19. Our services 22 Communications Engagement Sometimes our clients have an in-house team that can accommodate most aspects of a move, but just need a little extra help with communications and engagement. MovePlan can step in to undertake this role, ensuring your team can remain focused on the detail of the move.
  20. 20. 23 We will tailor a communications and engagement programme to reflect the objectives of your project. Typical services include: ◆ Build and maintain a Communications Engagement Working Group – include corporate communications, HR and other key stakeholders ◆ Creation of a Communications Engagement Plan ◆ Demographic profiling and analysis ◆ Content creation ◆ Social media ◆ Event management ◆ Surveys and feedback ◆ Pre- and post- move support – concierge service Communications Engagement
  21. 21. Our services 24 Strategic Consultancy Occasionally our clients require a tailored service that doesn’t quite align with the standard service lines. In these instances, MovePlan leverages the international knowledge base of its PMPTM PRINCE2TM Project Managers, MBAs, space planners, change managers and corporate real estate experts to tackle any challenge.
  22. 22. 25 Drawing from nearly 30 years of consulting experience across hundreds of organisations in every industry, MovePlan is able to offer strategic advice relating to any aspect of space management, change and move-related planning activities. Examples of strategic consultancy services recently completed include: ◆ Staff impact analysis and feasibility study of different locations ◆ Creation of a change delivery toolkit ◆ Research into workplace models across government ◆ Travel and transport review and analysis Strategic Consultancy
  23. 23. Our services 26 Other services Often, MovePlan’s clients require a range of supplementary services to complement existing provisions and models. MovePlan is adept at fulfilling specific requirements. Typical additional services provided include: ◆ Furniture, Fittings Equipment management (FFE) – existing and new ◆ Inventory Services ◆ Asset Management ◆ Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) MovePlan will develop a solution based upon your needs. Sometimes it’s as simple as an extra pair of experienced hands.We are always pleased to discuss your unique needs.
  24. 24. 27 Our offices UK G09 Clerkenwell Workshops, 27/31 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AT T: +44 (0) 20 7618 8510 I2 Office, Exchange Place 2, 5 Semple Street, Edinburgh EH3 8BL T: +44 (0) 131 306 0185 Republic of Ireland 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2 T: +353 (0) 1 676 6825 USA 245 Park Avenue, 39th Floor, New York NY 10167 T: +1 212 672 1760 225 Franklin Street, 26th Floor, Boston MA 02110 T: +1 617 217 2831 401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200, Chicago IL 60611 T: +1 312 822 3386 39555 Orchard Hill Place, Suite 600, Novi, Metro Detroit MI 48375 T: +1 248 465 8616 Our Services
  25. 25. Our services 28 Asia Suite 901, Level 9, Hong Kong Club Building, 3A Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong T: +852 3125 7624 Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, 10 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018983 T: +65 6818 6132 Australia Level 29 Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia T: +61 2 9375 2217 Level 27, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia T: +61 3 9221 6308
  26. 26.