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How IoT Is Changing the Internet


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Created and presented by Michael Hathaway and Diane Bernard for the EFF-Austin Meetup on November 17, 2014 at Capital Factory in Austin, Texas.

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How IoT Is Changing the Internet

  1. 1. Internet Of Things How IoT Is Changing The Internet Presented by: Michael Hathaway, Founder, CEO Information Xchange Diane Bernard, Founder, President, FLM TV
  2. 2. A Brief History: The Emergence Of IoT  1969 Arpanet  Networked Servers  1982 TCP/IP ( The Internet)  Networked Computers, Servers  1989 World Wide Web  User Friendly Graphical Interface  2000 Mobile Computing  WiFi  Mobile Data Networks  2003+ IoT  Network Connected Devices  Sensors, Controls, Multimedia
  3. 3. IoT Takes Over
  4. 4. Technology Drivers  Mobile Processors  Smarter, Smaller, Cheaper, Low Power  Open Data Standards  REST API, JSON, XML  Mobile Web App Standards  HTML5  Internet Multimedia Content  Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Pirate Bay  VC and Corporate Investment  Over $1B invested Venture Capital in IoT Startups in 2013
  5. 5. IoT Changes Everything  Security and Privacy  More network connected “things” to attack  More information to protect  Mobile Applications  Too many apps to manage on individual devices  Website Profiles  Too much personal information on too many websites  Digital Content and Service Delivery – Multiple devices receive digital content, apps and services  Revenue Models  New models will evolve
  6. 6. IoT Components App Frameworks Profile & Management Service Platform Premises/Device Mgt Mobile Applications Analytics Web Dashboards Information services User Profile Device Profiles Service Subscriptions Content Management Information Management Permissions Management Messaging & Transactions Security Device Management Connectivity Security/Firewall
  7. 7. New Open Xchange – Digital Content Example… Profile & Management User Profile Device Profiles Service Subscriptions Content Management Service Platform Information Management Permissions Management Messaging & Transactions Security Digital Media Apps Additional Growing Industries: •Agriculture(Crops and Wineries) •Energy: •Property Management: •Smart Homes: (LG, Apple, Samsung) •Automobile: Google, Tesla,
  8. 8. IoT Expected to Grow New Internet Xchange will drive Unique complexities of IoT Needs for both B2B & B2C: -Security -Privacy -Management -User Profile -Economics Synchronizing IoT to user/devices will require a change from current disaggregated system.
  9. 9. New Business Flow & Economics for IoT xChange Universal Technology: Internet Single User Profile: B2B & B2C Preferences, Identification, Profile Management, Contextual Data, Single Application log-in New Global Service Delivery: Event Response, Alerts, Communication, Content streaming, Discovery, Matching, Monitoring New Hardware Management: Security, Privacy, Permission Management, Information Management (Hardware information Xchange) New Revenue Models: Universal payment between all B2B, B2C and C2C running on new IoT Xchange. New Advertising Oppty: HTML5, Contextual data, multiple sources of user data Profile & Information (Profile information Xchange) Hardware Management New Revenue Models
  10. 10. Q & A Thank you