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  1. 1. John Stephen Brownlee (李文軒) 自我介紹
  2. 2. 個人資料 小時候都住在一個小城市。 人口三千三百 Grew up in small town in Texas (pop. 3300) 音樂背景:9歲時開始學鋼琴,高中時學小號,大學時學大提琴 Thorough background in music (began playing piano at the age of nine, played trumpet in high school, started cello at university) 高中第四年我和一個朊友都開始自學日文,這時才發現自己熱愛外語 我們高中唯一的外語課程是西班牙語,學了好幾年的我到目前為止莫名其妙的 還不會西班牙語。像學英語的中國學生一樣。 First became interested in foreign language through independent study of Japanese in high school (formally took Spanish classes) 上大學之前對中國或中文沒有絲毫了解,上大學之后才開始學中文。因中文科 都沒有足夠的位置這個原因要等到第二個學期才能夠讀中文101。 Second semester of freshman year – began studying Chinese
  3. 3. 學業有關內容 Valedictorian of high school class (高中GPA最高的) 美國高中畢業生之最高榮譽 National Merit Scholar Finalist Received university honors every semester of enrolled at University of Texas at Austin (德州州立大學優等生之一,各學期) Member of Phi Beta Kappa honors society(優等生社會 )
  4. 4. 海外經歷Studied abroad after three semesters of Chinese study (one of which was self-taught andlater credited by university)中文第三個學期學完以后就去中國北京南京兩個項目留學過六個月 Jan2011 – CET Intensive Chinese Language Janterm Program in 北京 Feb– Jun 2011 – CIEE Intensive Chinese Language and Culture Program in 南京
  5. 5. Activities 活動AIESEC Information Management team 信息管理Council on At-Risk Youth, Webmaster 網頁設計University of Texas at Austin Electronic Music Club, Club FounderLearner Web, Volunteer Computer Literacy Coach 計算機輔導員Learn To Be, Volunteer tutor 輔導員University of Texas at Austin Honors Housing, Hall Representative 寢室代表者Participated in multiple international programs: (國際性活動)-PALS Program, Friendship Program, Texas IntensiveEnglish Program, Chinese Language Circle