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Expanded Resume


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Expanded Resume

  1. 1. Stephen Boyer • (626) 898-2754 • Stephen Boyer Production / Post Production Experience 2016 KCAL INSURANCE COMMERCIAL – Strangeway Productions, Dir. Andru Davies – EDITOR 2015 A VERY INSTA CHRISTMAS – Awestruck TV, Dir. Nikki Levy – EDITOR DAISY HEAD – Relativity School, Dir. Devon Young – SOUND RECORDIST, SOUND DESIGNER, COMPOSER THE INTERMEDIATE – Cal State Long Beach, Dir. Harry McDonough – SOUND RECORDIST, COMPOSER THE COLOR OF MY SHADOW – Saddle Road Productions, Dir. Ethan Seneker – SOUND RECORDIST, COMPOSER FOUND & LOST – Relativity School, Dir. Emma Touhey – 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA MAYA – Relativity School, Dir. Robert Mosher – SOUND RECORDIST NETFLIX & ANXIETY – Relativity School, Dir. Demitri Makieg – SOUND RECORDIST ERASER – Relativity School, Dir. Tyler Osika – SOUND RECORDIST THEO – Relativity School, Dir. Fernando Del Moral – 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT – Relativity School, Dir. Eli DiFiore – SOUND RECORDIST, SOUND DESIGNER SWEVEN – Relativity School, Dir. Mary Strause – SOUND RECORDIST PERCEPTION – Relativity School, Dir. Johan Erik – SOUND RECORDIST MILLENIAL TALK SHOW (Sizzle) – Danny Rose Media, Dir. Connor Howe – SOUND RECORDIST GOING MY WAY (Sizzle) – Danny Rose Media, Dir. Connor Howe – PRODUCER, EDITOR PLAYING IN THE STREET – Dir. Jennifer Daley – SOUND RECORDIST THE RIGHT PATH – Dir. Taras Bambaev – SOUND RECORDIST
  2. 2. Stephen Boyer • (626) 898-2754 • PLAYHOUSE OF CARDS – Lacuna Clubhouse Comedy, Dir. Nina Kramer – SOUND RECORDIST NOTE – Relativity School, Dir. Robert Mosher – SOUND RECORDIST PLAYING DEAD – Fun Size Horror, Dir. Ned Ehrbar – PRODUCTION ASSISTANT PERFECT – Fun Size Horror, Dir. Taylor Phillips – ASSISTANT EDITOR CONVENTIONAL – Fun Size Horror, Dir. Karen Gillan – ASSISTANT EDITOR SUPER SECRET COMEDY SHOWS (Sizzle) – Knight Owl Productions, Dir. Roberto Ahumada – EDITOR THE GATHERING (Music Video) – Knight Owl Productions, Dir. Roberto Ahumada – EDITOR 2014 EDGE OF EIGHTEEN – Al Jazeera America, Dir. Alex Gibney – CAMERA OPERATOR ON THE LINE WITH SANDY AND HANNAH – Three Heads Productions, Dir. Peter Holden – 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA LUNA – USC, Dir. Abi Corbin – PRODUCTION ASSISTANT PARANOIA – AFI, Dir. Josh Giuliano – PRODUCTION ASSISTANT