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SAT Newsletter 2-23-15 final


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SAT Newsletter 2-23-15 final

  1. 1. Monday, February 23, 2015 SATA weekly news publication that reinforces Team Susquehanna’s pursuit of nuclear excellence SAT replaces Focus Newsletter: Objective? To shift reader expectations, target station goals, share achievements Rausch appointed EPRI Nuclear Power Council Chair Article Contact: Chip Palazzo Nuclear Communications (570-542-3149) PPL Senior Vice President and Susquehan- na’s Chief Nuclear Officer Tim Rausch has been ap- pointed chairman of the Electric Power Research Institute’s Nu- clear Power Council. The Electric Power Research Insti- tute (EPRI) is an independ- ent, non-profit organization that conducts research, de- velopment and demonstration relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public. The Nuclear Power Council (NPC), which Tim will lead, sits at the top of EPRI’s nuclear adviso- ry structure and advises EPRI on industry needs and strategic priorities for research and development, including major objectives and timelines. It also oversees the research and development activities of EPRI’s research programs, including the review of re- search priorities, funding and budget allocations. “Tim is an ideal fit for this role. His diverse back- (Continued on page 4) The Susquehanna Focus newsletter is being retired, folded into SAT—a fresh Station newsletter which begins its run today. “We’re excited to introduce SAT as a re- placement to the old Focus Newsletter. It will align our most well-read publication with our new focus on performance improvement at the Station,” said Nuclear Communications Supervisor Chip Palazzo. “As we push ourselves and the Station toward nu- clear excellence, our publications must reflect that new standard.” Changes you can expect to see include: (Continued on page 2) Tim Rausch, CNO, Susquehanna New EPRI Nuclear Power Council Chair PPL Susquehanna reintroduces veteran Shift Managers to Station In the coming weeks, you’ll be reintroduced to Susquehanna Station’s Shift Managers and the Crews they lead as part of the Station’s effort to re- inforce what it means to be an Operations-led or- ganization. “The Sta- tion’s continued recovery effort hinges on the reali- zation that the or- ganization is truly Operations-led,” said Shift (Continued on page 3) Carl Young, Shift Manager, Leads Ops ‘Alpha’ Crew
  2. 2. Monday, February 23, 2015  New Publish Date: Once per week on Monday’s; Information must be received no later than 5 pm on Thursday to guarantee placement  Focus Area Connection: Each story that applies to a Focus Area will include a graphic that visual- ly connects it to its representative Focus Area  Team Member Story Suggestions: Got an idea for a story? Send it (in bullet format), your name and contact info to communications box ( We’ll contact you to discuss perspectives and content  Improved Web Presence: In the coming month’s, we’ll be developing a new way to post content, photos and videos, as well as improved search capabilities (by word, not just headline) on the intranet. “Nuclear Communications hopes that these changes help meet the needs of the Station as we make changes that improve and enhance communications onsite,” said Chip. “A Quick Hit Communications Survey was sent to the Station this morning—please provide feedback so that we may continue to im- prove communications here.” Focus replaced by SAT (Continued from page 1) Special Focus Team Visit begins: Mike Levitan leads Assist Visit With a team of 14 industry professionals on site for this week’s INPO Spe- cial Focus Visit, Team Leader Mike Levitan is sensitive to the fact that Team Sus- quehanna might feel like it is undergoing an evaluation. At the Entrance Meeting this morning, he reassured those in attendance that was definitely NOT the case. “This is our second visit to Susquehanna and I know we brought a lot of people, but it is truly an assist visit,” Mike said. “We will likely be back with a smaller team prior to the full evaluation in November to conduct a pre-evaluation work-up.” At this morning’s entrance meeting, attended by most of the INPO Special Focus Team and a cross-section of Susquehanna leadership representatives, Plant Manager Bob Franssen said the INPO visit presents a great opportunity for Team Susquehanna to learn and improve. The Special Focus Team visit will last through Thursday, Feb. 26. Each mem- ber of the Special Focus Team has a full calendar of meetings, interviews and observations already scheduled. Additional meetings and interviews may be scheduled throughout the week. On Friday, Feb. 27, INPO’s Special Focus Oversight Board will convene at Susquehanna to review information gathered by the Special Focus Team and provide insight to Susquehanna Senior Lead- ership. Mike Levitan, Team Lead INPO Special Focus Visit Engineering’s GREAT Catch: Roseland review uncovers Single Point Vulnerability Article Contact: Julie Perry Equipment Reliability Manager (570-542-6508) The arrangement for the temporary feed to T-10 pro- posed by PPL Electric Utilities (EU) created a Single Point Vul- nerability (SPV), a failure of which would result in a loss of T-10 and T-20 simultaneously (Loss Of Offsite Power or LOOP). Susquehanna Roseland Line Project has numerous upgrades to the switchyards (SWYD) at Susquehanna, one of which is rebuilding the T-10 SWYD to include a new extra transmission line from the 230kV SWYD across the river from the old Stanton transmission line out of the 5W breaker. To make this upgrade and rebuild the T-10 SWYD, a temporary feed must be put in place since the entire T-10 SWYD will be de-energized - beginning Friday, February 27, running through Friday, March 27. The temporary line is the 230kV Stanton line, being routed outside of the T-10 SWYD using temporary conductors that tie directly into the T-10 feed. responsible engineers Nate Houtz Steve Berger Ron Collier executive summary Continued Page 4
  3. 3. Monday, February 23, 2015 Shift Managers reintroduced to Susquehanna Station (continued from Page 1) Operations General Manager Kevin Cimorelli. “The Station is really focused on behaving as an Ops- led organization, and I think reintroducing the Station to our Shift Managers (SM’s) is a great start,” said Kevin. In addition to upcoming stories about Station SM’s in the SAT Newsletter, other high- visibility activities will be launched including a se- ries of banners, to remind team members which of the six SMs is driving the Station forward on any given day. One quick look at the DLAP cover page will tell you, and soon, you’ll see who’s on duty by viewing the EOOS sign outside the South Building— updated each morning so you’ll know immediately which SM and crew is on duty. In the coming weeks, you’ll see information about the remaining three SMs and the crews they lead. Banners will be hung around site to con- tinue our familiarization pro- cess. As always, let Nuclear Communications hear your thoughts by emailing them to SSESCommunica-
  4. 4. Monday, February 23, 2015 Team Susquehanna in Action: Wanted—Food Drive Volunteers Article Contact: Kristen Chapin NA-YGN Food Drive Coordinator (570-542-1081) Team Susquehanna and North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN) members are look- ing for volunteers to help de- liver food for the United Way food drive. The drive takes place eve- ry Saturday at 8 a.m. Food items are to be picked up at the Berwick Giant Grocery Store and Dalo's Bakery, then delivered to the Berwick Sal- vation Army. An hour or two of your time is all that is required. Any help is appreciated whether it is one Saturday or a once a month commitment. The food drive will continue throughout 2014. The optimal number of volun- teers is two per day, but one person can get the job done. If you have any questions, or concerns please feel free to e-mail or call Kristen Chapin (ETN 254-1081). SAT is a weekly publication, issued on Mondays, written for Team Susquehanna members to help us understand our performance gaps, the actions we’re vigorously taking to close them, and to recognize our achievements in pursuit of nuclear excellence. “We prepare and execute with excellence: Team Susquehanna” SAT ground across operations, maintenance, engineering, training, and quality complements EPRI’s broad re- search portfolio,” said EPRI’s Chief Nuclear Officer Neil Wilmshurst. “Moreover, through Tim’s previous en- gagement with EPRI and other industry organizations, he has developed an acute sense of the value that re- search and technology can bring to safe, reliable, cost-effective nuclear plant operation.” Tim was selected by nomination and endorsement from the NPC and approval by the EPRI Nuclear Sector Vice President / Chief Nuclear Officer and his term is three years. His responsibilities as NPC Chair will include interfacing with EPRI regularly, providing advice on issues pertaining to technical activities, research priorities, and overall Nuclear Sector strategy. He will attend and chair NPC meetings twice per year, serve as chair of the NPC Executive Committee as well as a liaison between the NPC and the EPRI Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and attending RAC meetings, as necessary. Congratulations, Tim, on this tremendous industry achievement. Rausch to serve EPRI as Nuclear Power Council Chair (Cont. from page 1) Identification: The SWYD engineer was reviewing Tech Specs as a result of the upcoming evolution for the T-10 SWYD work. In this review, the team questioned whether the temporary con- figuration provided both a “qualified” and an “independent” supply for the Startup transformers. A solution was identified as opening 2W breaker for the evolution which would mitigate the potential for the 2W pro- tection scheme to cause a LOOP for the plant by opening all feeding breakers to T-10 and T-20. Actions taken: EU and Station Management (Site Design Supervisor) were promptly informed that morning and a meeting between Ops and Work Management was scheduled within the hour. EU Management and SRP project lead immediately began evaluating the proposed solution from SSES EU confirmed that the proposed SSES solution was viable and began studies with TCC Transmission Planning to ensure adequate grid parameters to support the new configuration. For more information, contact Equipment Reliability Manager Julie Perry at 570-542-6508. Engineering’s GREAT Catch! (Continued from page 2) Kristen Chapin NA-YGN Food Drive Coordinator
  5. 5. Monday, February 23, 2015 Onsite this week: