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Post Production.pptx

  2. PRINT ADVERT • As the foundation for this print advertisement, I used this picture of a ball being kicked in the snow which I took with a DSLR camera. • I believe that it is an effective image to use for my advert. • For what I want to do with the advert, I made the image black and white so that it displays the correct tone and makes the elements that I will add to the image stand out and become more apparent. • I think that it fits the psychographic of the audience that it is targeting which is teenagers and young adults.
  3. PRINT ADVERT • The first things I added to the image was the NHS Logo and a football to the image. • The protagonist kicked a ball when the picture was taken however it wasn’t in frame. I added a ball into the picture with motion blur effects and it was believable and fit into the advert. • I added the NHS Logo as this is the client of which the advertisement is for. • I added further elements to the advert such as the Better Health logo. • The reasons for adding this are obvious as the advert is for promoting a healthier lifestyle for the UK population. • I also did some adjustments to the protagonist to make him stand out more against the background.
  4. PRINT ADVERT • I then added the slogan to the advert, which was “Don’t Quit, Get Fit” • This is the plain text added to the advert without any drop shadows or colours added to it. • For the text, I installed a font from which was a bold font. • The bold font is effective in the advertisement has it stands out and is sharp. • I added various effects to the text to make it more visually appealing.
  5. PRINT ADVERT • This is the finished product for my print advertisement. • I think that it is effective at promoting a healthy lifestyle to the British population. • It appeals to the British population by including football which is by far the most popular sport in the UK. • The advert also fits alongside existing advertisements created by and for the NHS’s Better Health Campaign.
  6. PRINT ADVERT • This is my 2nd advert that I made. • It follows many of the same principles and techniques that I have shown in the former advert. • I like this advert as it is more visually spaced out and tidy compared to the other advertisement. • I have blurred the background to ensure that it isn’t taking the focus away from the viewer it also looks appealing to the viewer which also helps the advertisement. I have used a simple and easy to read font to ensure that the main focus of the advertisement can be legible to a wide range of viewers. • I have obviously used the NHS logo and the Better Health logo to show what the advertisement is advertising.
  7. PRINT ADVERT • This is the picture I chose for my 2nd advertisement. • I chose it because its quite active therefore it has a better chance of motivating someone to become active. • I then added a NHS logo to the advert to show what the advert is advertising. • This is important to keep in the advertisement as it keeps it in line with all existing products that advertise the NHS.
  8. PRINT ADVERT • To further allow the advertisement to fit in with the existing products, I also added the campaign logo in the bottom right of the advertisement. It is the perfect size as it does not intrude on the rest of the advert, however it remains readable and clear to see. • Furthermore, I created a motion blur effect to the background of the advertisement. This is to mainly look appealing to the main psychographic of the audience which it is targeting, but it also serves a more important purpose, as it allows the text of the advert to remain more readable. • I chose “Unconditional Fitness” as it motivates the idea of getting the exercise that your body needs no matter what the weather is.
  9. PRINT ADVERT • This is now the finished product. The final touches that I added to the advertisement is a icicle to the text, I added this to add some personality to the advert and the text more grounded with the theme and point that it is trying to get across. • Additionally, I adjusted the contrast and brightness of the protagonist in the advertisement to make stand out against the background more.