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Taking AJAX to the Next Level


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Slides from ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Talk
Slides from MIX 09 talk by Stephen Walther. Demonstrates ASP.NET AJAX client templates and controls. .

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Taking AJAX to the Next Level

  1. 1. Web Application Experience in 1993
  2. 2. Brendan Eich’s Home Page (the inventor of JavaScript)
  3. 3. Super Fancy Ajax Application
  4. 4. renders once Ajax Calls (services)
  5. 5. renders • Controls • Code • Work postback Web Server Web Browser
  6. 6. renders • Controls • Code • Work sneaky postback Web Server Web Browser
  7. 7. • Code renders • Work • Controls sneaky postback Web Server Web Browser
  8. 8. Clean separation of content and behavior
  9. 9. for (var i=0;i < data.length;i++) { row = quot;<tr>quot;; row += quot;<td>quot; + data[i].Title + quot;</td>quot;; row += quot;<td>quot; + data[i].Director + quot;</td>quot;; table += row; } $get(quot;movieBodyquot;).innerHTML = table; (Evil)
  10. 10. movieView.set_data(data); <tbody id=quot;movieBodyquot; class=quot;sys-templatequot;> <tr> <td>{{ Title }}</td> <td>{{ Director }}</td> <td>{{ DateReleased.localeFormat(quot;Dquot;) }}</td> </tr> </tbody> (Good)
  11. 11. (impediments to a perfect future)
  12. 12. {{ CompanyName }} <span>{binding CompanyName}</span> <input type=“text” value=“{binding CompanyName}” />
  13. 13. Embrace the client-side! For better performance and a better user experience, start writing client-side ASP.NET AJAX applications.
  14. 14.
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