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  1. 1. CommasBy: Wayne Jaramillo and Stephen Trujillo
  2. 2. • Comma: A punctuation mark (,) used to separate sentence parts.• A comma can be used to separate two independent clauses which are joined by a coordinating conjunction.Ex: The boss got mad yesterday, today he fired Bob.Ex: There was a disaster drill yesterday, we all hid under our desks.
  3. 3. •A comma can be used to separate words or groups of words in a sentence.Ex: Tomorrow bring your paper, pencil, binder,and calculator we are having a math test.Ex: Pigeons, crows, chickens, and turkeys are allof avian species.
  4. 4. •We can use a comma to separate adjectives of equal rank modifying the same noun.Ex: For Halloween my brother wanted to be aghoulish, creepy, scary, vampire.Ex: We went to the store to get meat, vegetables,and seasons to make dinner.
  5. 5. •A comma is also used to separate an introductory clause or long phrase from the rest of the sentence.Ex: After the long wait, we finally got into therestaurant.Ex: After yesterday I never wanted to see anothercandy again, but mom brought home a big bagfull.
  6. 6. •A comma can be used to, set off non-essential material in a sentence.Ex: The fire, however, was out before we thehouse got warm.Ex: my mom, with, my aunt went on vacation.
  7. 7. •When writing a street address and dates use commas to separate citys, towns, states, and dates.Ex: When I moved to 257B, Tribal Road 1708, Bosque Farms, New Mexico 84322 on August 25, 2011, I had a hard time adjusting.
  8. 8. Work cited pageMerriam Websters pocket dictionary, Pocketreference library, (page 68)The university of New Mexico 2011-2012academic weekly agenda (back pages forpunctuation).

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