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5 factors giving YouTube its marketing edge


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Published in: Marketing
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5 factors giving YouTube its marketing edge

  1. 1. IT’S NOT YOUR KIDS’ YOUTUBE ANYMORE Practice Growth Through Video CARESTRUCK 708-995-1370
  2. 2. Traditional marketing tactics limit video to a single production as an extension of an otherwise static online brochure.
  3. 3. Like paper charts in an age of electronic health records, it's a tactic that has become obsolete.
  4. 4. VIDEO VIEWING BY THE NUMBERS unique visitors check out a YouTube video each month for more than hours of video viewing. YouTube Statistics
  5. 5. VIDEO VIEWING BY THE NUMBERS of all online activity is spent interacting with video. Digital Sherpa
  6. 6. VIDEO VIEWING BY THE NUMBERS Internet users watch at least one video online per day. By 2018, video will represent of mobile browsing. Cisco Systems
  7. 7. The potential to create differentiation through video is proven. Engagement is trackable and return on investment, measurable.
  8. 8. Instead, leverage • Testimonials • Success stories • Clinical advances • Patient Education For a compelling video cast that provokes interactivity and extends engagement.
  9. 9. Factors lending YouTube its marketing
  10. 10. PORTABILITY URL links fit easily into fully integrated social strategies that can be embedded within nearly any medium and viewed universally on mobile devices.
  11. 11. SEO A video following can be directed to a dynamic website to extend engagement and grow the brand footprint. Storyboards build momentum.
  12. 12. TARGETING Comments and discussion can take on a life of their own, and provide unique opportunities to target and learn your audience.
  13. 13. CONTENT Quality media begins with original content that brings stories to life. The sheer volume of healthcare video leaves no harbor for poor quality.
  14. 14. STRATEGY Video itself isn’t a strategy. Growth is sustained through disciplined commitment to a cohesive multimedia plan. Carestruck is helping clients grow by optimizing today’s tools.
  15. 15. CALL TODAY 708-995-1370 Stephany S. Scott Principal Consultant CARESTRUCK Email