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surprise for megan


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Published in: Travel, Art & Photos
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surprise for megan

  1. 1. Megan and Stephanie’s Imaginary Trip to Yellowstone
  2. 2. Emerald Pool I show you where I went last time
  3. 3. We discover the scary things I talked about
  4. 4. I get scared near this one too, you look in
  5. 5. “ Nature at its best is in this park” we say
  6. 6. We see Bears!!!! So cute!
  7. 7. They are everywhere!!!!!!
  8. 8. “ Geyser Time!” I say
  9. 9. They are all humongous we observe
  10. 10. Buffalos live here we can’t get too close “Megan stay back!”
  11. 11. We hike down by Yellowstone Lake
  12. 13. Isn’t the old faithful lodge cool?
  13. 14. From the parking lot
  14. 15. The restaurant inside
  15. 16. Old Faithful Goes off every hour and people from near and far gather round to see it go off! It sits in front of the lodge
  16. 17. We Buy some postcards for our families
  17. 18. We also buy 2 posters of the most famous geyser of all
  18. 19. Look at the Yellowstone river
  19. 20. Look how it flows 
  20. 21. We go to the Grand Canyon Of Yellowstone
  21. 22. The geysers continue in the evening
  22. 23. We continue down the boardwalk
  23. 24. We watch the Sunset on the Pools
  24. 25. Old Faithful at night is amazing
  25. 26. Before we leave we stop at mammoth Hot springs
  26. 27. Too hot to touch so we head back home to Boise
  27. 28. In your green Chevy Cavalier
  28. 29. The End (kinda)