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Customer L yalty                                                                                         A customer-centri...
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is proud to                                                      presentCustomer L yaltyMarketing SummitA customer-centric...
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Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit Brochure


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The Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit taking place January 28-30, 2013 in Orlando, FL is THE summit for learning successful customer loyalty frameworks. Speakers include: The Orlando Magic, Barnes & Noble, & Winn Dixie / BILO Stores, among others.

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Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit Brochure

  1. 1. is proud to present January 28-30, 2013 • Orlando, FL Customer L yalty Marketing Summit A customer-centric approach to In the year of customer loyalty the multi-channel world program renovation, our conference will give you a look into what drives successful decision makingGain Insights From: Piper Rosenshein Anthony Perez Mark Anderson Director of Vice President of Director of Sales, Retention Business Strategy Promotion and Marketing The Orlando Loyalty Barnes & Noble Magic Zale In a world of target marketing, rewards cards and savings clubs, how do you set yourself apart from every other card on your customers key-ring? With thought-provoking presentations from world leaders in customer loyalty, youll learn to throw out the conventional customer loyalty playbook and equip yourself with the tools to break the mold with your customer loyalty approach. Learn how to make unique value-driven relationships with your customers in ways that set you apart. Next generation practices for getting your customers to act: Segmenting data to predict Creating brand The debate on short and deliver on changing uniformity despite sale, flash sales needs language differences Leveraging the Tailoring your message by Tapping into power medium and customer gamification of social media to build advocacy Localizing at scale Media Partners:To Register: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit
  2. 2. Customer L yalty A customer-centric Marketing Summit approach to the multi-channel world. January 28-30, 2013 • Orlando, FLDear Customer Loyalty Leader, Key Takeaways:The ways in which we reach out to and connect with our customers   Hear case studies that will provide you with insightsare always changing. from industry leaders who have overcome the majorWith online customer reviews, discount emails, social media promotions and over-saturation of reward obstacles within the cards on their key-rings, the modern consumer has every tool necessary to find value in every   Actionable information, learn best practices andpurchase. When it comes to ensuring that you engage your customers and provide the kind of innovations that will not only enrich your view ofpersonalized, valuable experiences that they seek out, can you say the same? customer loyalty, but be applicable to your own marketing and programs.Do you have the right tools?   Network with leaders within the industry: makeWhether you are currently developing your customer loyalty program or are looking for the best way to lasting connections with future partners or tradeupdate and maintain your existing plan, you want to ensure that your program can overcome all of the key ideas with other participants in a relaxedmajor hurdles of targeting your best customers and retaining their business. Modern day customers are setting.dealing with the never-ending presences of social media, email inboxes overflowing with promotional   Explore every aspect of customer loyalty fromemails for club memberships or limited time offers from your competitors. Rather than becoming just localizing your marketing to gamifying theanother deleted email, learn how to stand out and deliver the kind of experience that they will judge customer experience. No matter what approach youeverything else against. Learn to keep up with the fast paced trends in customer loyalty and customer decide to take, this conference will be able toexperience by staying ahead. inform your decisions.Are you making the right connection?   Throw-out the playbook by getting a better understanding of what makes the best customerThe key to repeat business is providing a unique and engaging customer experience from start to finish. loyalty approaches truly successful. Go beyondAt this year’s Next Generation Customer Loyalty Summit you will learn how to hook your customers results to the thought-process that led to keyand ensure that you can retain their business by making the kinds of personalized connections that last. decisions.In a world with a wealth of avenues to communicate with your customers: email-marketing, socialmedia, promotional partnerships, and web-based advertising, it has become absolutely crucial that younot only have great service and product, but also know the best way to present them to your customer About the Organizerbase. Customer Management IQ provides news, research,Can you afford not to? training and networking for over 50,000 customerAsk yourself, with everyone upgrading and improving their approaches to customer loyalty, can you management executives. It’s a forum for sharing ideas,pass up a chance to give yourself an edge? With such fierce competition in our fast-paced world, every best practices and solutions within the businessinnovation could be a game-changer. Don’t get left behind. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando. community. For more information visit: www.customermanagmentiq.comSincerely, Sponsorship And Exhibition Opportunities IQPC has been hosting events developed for SeniorJose Martinez executives for more than thirty years. We serveProgram DirectorCustomer IQ, division of IQPC businesses representing over 15 industries at more than 1500 conferences around the globe. Our client list includes corporations like Ricoh, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Walmart, Carlson, Mercedes Benz, ABNWho Should Attend? AMRO, IBM, Cisco, Wachovia, Pfizer, Chevron Texaco, Cingular and T-mobile just to name a select few.Leaders from Customer Loyalty Programs and Marketing. All customer insight, customer Senior executives travel from around the world to ourexperience, customer loyalty, marketing, customer strategy, digital marketing, customer events looking to garner best practices and concreteengagement, and customer retention professionals would benefit from attending this solutions to assist them in improving theirevent. Whether you are a customer loyalty veteran or new to the space, there is something organizations. IQPC provides many different platformsin the agenda for everyone! for sponsors to increase their market share and awareness to their target audience through leveraging different sponsorship opportunities involved with our Join our Customer Management IQ, an online community features new, articles events. Please contact our sponsorship team: and exclusive podcasts from other customer-centric leaders. to discuss which package will best help you achieve your marketing goals.To Register: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit 2
  3. 3. Day One: W rkshops January 28, 2013 9:00 AM -12:00 PM (8:30 Registration & Coffee)A How to Build a Successful Loyalty Program What you will learn: Benefits of attending: In a world where every company is investing in loyalty programs and the • Insights into the best practices for acting on customer data customer’s inbox is flooded with discount offer emails, how do you build • Learn what trends can lead to meeting customer needs before the a program that hooks your customer and provides value? In this session, market passes you by we’ll explore what separates a good program from a successful • Go beyond points and rewards! Learn to imbed your loyalty program program. Learn how to best understand customer behavior data and as a cog in your customer service machine segment your audience into targetable markets. Discover best practices for coupling a loyalty program with customer service and tools to help you get in-front of your audience and deliver the level of service that they expect.12:00 Luncheon and Networking Break 1:00 PM – 4:00 PMB Keeping the Pace: How to Manage and Expand Loyalty What you will learn: Benefits of attending: With social media and review sites allowing any customer experience to • Useful knowledge for all, whether new to loyalty programs or in need affect future business and the growing popularity of loyalty programs, of a boost managing your customer loyalty and maintaining a high-level of service • Perspectives on loyalty programs that clue you in to a holistic and accessibility is the key to retaining your customers. Our experts will approach to customer relationships walk you through the process of updating your customer loyalty approach, expand your exposure, and maximize the relationships you build with your base. Successful loyalty programs often go beyond points and rewards to improving the customer experience. This session will help you implement the best tools and practices to achieve this goal. $289 Average annual value of each customer relationship lost to a competitor or abandoned. Source: Genesys Report – The Cost of Poor Customer Service “You dont earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day." – Jeffrey GitomerTo Register: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit 3
  4. 4. Day Two: Main C nference January 29, 20137:00 Registration & Coffee This panel will bring together experts in the field of building customer loyalty and each will provide a different perspective on the important8:00 Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks factors that must be considered when creating or updating your approach to loyalty. • Gain the knowledge needed to make timely and informed decisions in8:15 Do We Know Our Customers as Well as We Think We Do: Using the Right Data to Drive Decisions key situations that can lead to rapid growth • Get fresh perspectives on what works in customer loyalty and why! Anthony Perez, Vice President of Business Strategy, The Orlando Magic The greatest successes in business and in creating customer relationships 12:15 Networking & Luncheon Break are driven by understanding what the customer wants, when they’ll want it, and the easiest way to provide them with it. Companies are just 1:30 Loyalty Success Story-Case Study inundated with customer data: transaction histories, social media tracking, Henry Ferris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Winn- and the like, but do we sometimes follow the wrong data when we are Dixie/BILO Stores making decisions? Is there a better approach that let’s us profile our customers’ likes, dislikes, and needs, allowing us to target the right people This presentation will walk you through the inception and and improve their experiences? This presentation will bring you out of the implementation of a highly successful loyalty program. Learn how our world of collecting customer data and into the world of actionable data. expert increased the customer interactions and increased profits through Go beyond discounts and points to understand how store layout, the usage of this highly effective loyalty program. Our presenter will presentation, cleanliness, service speed, and other factors affect your explore the highs and lows of managing the customer loyalty program, customer experience. Gain insights into how to turn your data into a how they identified and acted on opportunities for growth and providing personal connection with your customers that increases your profits. a seamless customer service that has been identified as an industry leader. • Discussion on turning data into real-world change in customer • In-depth case study of the life of a loyalty program • Learn how to integrate your loyalty program into your company’s experience • Gain a better understanding of how promotions and customer whole approach toward customer service interaction can intermix to establish a loyalty connection 2:15 Maybe You Can Pick Your Friends9:00 Understanding Customer Behaviors: A major trend in loyalty approaches and programs is the increased usage Location, Location, Location of points that are redeemable at multiple locations and business outside of your own company, as well as multiple promotional partners on the Nicolette Tellinghuisen, Director of Customer Loyalty, Wingstop web and in physical events. This presentation is a discussion of how to Restaurants best reach out to partners based on the customer data you have gained Modern customers walk a fine line between wanting the products and and how to best position your loyalty program and company for long- services of major brands and a desire to have a personalized local term success. Following our discussion of the value of these partnerships, experience. Localizing your products and services to target specific our subject matter expert will provide you with an insightful discussion of customers in geographical locations allows you to hone your message and the expansion of loyalty rewards and promotions that will inform your really get at the heart of the customers’ needs. In this presentation we’ll approach and help you add real value for your customers. • Perspectives from an industry leader and how and when to best pursue explore the right and wrong ways to localize your service, the dangers of stray data, and the potential of localization as an effective relationship partnerships across industries to add to your loyalty program • Gain the knowledge needed to make timely and informed decisions in building tool. • Insights into the best practices of localizing your services, products, and key situations that can lead a rapid expansion in customer usage and offers to best reach your customers exposure • Perspective into the pitfalls that localization approaches may encounter and how to best work around them 3:00 Networking & Refreshment Break9:45 Networking & Refreshment Break 3:45 Segmentation: The Basic Elements of Customer Data Piper Rosenshein, Director of Retention Marketing, Barnes & Noble10:30 Charming Charlie Loyalty Case Study With the wealth of customer data available to any marketer, the goal of Kim Lewis, Director of CRM, Charming Charlie using customer segmentation to increase loyalty becomes a question of Charming Charlie is one of the biggest retail success stories in the last perspective. The dilemma becomes knowing how to look at your data in decade, but its phenomenal rate of growth has forced it to build enterprise a way that it communicates what differences exist in your customer body CRM systems on the fly while expanding at a furious rate. Hear how this and reveals how to communicate with them more effectively. This dynamic womens fashion accessories retailer, founded in 2004, used presentation will lead you through what our subject matter expert advanced CRM capabilities to create a new loyalty program, drive traffic to identifies as the keys to a successful segmentation and marketing stores, and integrate customer touch-points into an effective cross-channel strategy for building customer loyalty. By drawing on relatable situations strategy. This presentation will look into the building of a loyalty program and obstacles that every marketing attempt encounters, this presentation from scratch as well as the effectiveness of using loyalty programs to track will present actionable strategies and approaches for tackling any loyalty customer behavior and drive customer action. campaign. • Discover real world solutions and best practices for any segmented11:15 Panel Discussion: Building a Loyalty Program - campaign • Uncover the best tracks for segmenting any customer group into Getting from Here to There targetable customer profiles and engaging large swaths of customers Mark Anderson, Director of Sales, Promotion and Loyalty, Zale Bill Gullan, President, Finch Brands 4:30 Close of Conference Day Two David Slavick, President, DAS Loyalty ConsultingTo Register: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit 4
  5. 5. Day Three: Main C nference January 30, 20138:30 Registration & Coffee 12:00 Networking & Luncheon Break9:00 Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks 1:15 Silicon Valley Bank Case Study Jane Stackpole, Head of Market Strategy, Silicon Valley Bank9:15 Goat Butter and the Not-So-Secret Ingredients of Loyalty This presentation will walk you through the inception and implementation of a loyalty program within the financial world. David Rompf, Director of Loyalty and Engagement, Learn how our expert increased the customer interactions and The Economist maintained a high level of satisfaction in this fast-paced world. David Rompf is no stranger to customer loyalty and when it comes Our presenter will explore the highs and lows of managing the to creating a recipe for customer engagement and loyalty there customer loyalty program, how they identified and acted on are secret ingredients that will add the kick you need to succeed. opportunities for growth and providing a completely unique This presentation will take you through his own personal story that experience for its customers. • In-depth case study of Silicon Valley Bank involves goat butter and unlikely customer service successes. • Learn how to integrate your loyalty program into your9:30 Increasing Category-Specific Shopper Loyalty company’s whole approach to business Through a Multi-Channel Application of Quality Function Deployment (rQFD™) to Retail 2:00 Lost in Translation: Ensuring there are No Borders for Your Message Kyle Herman, Ph.D., Manager Quality Systems, Nestle Purina The world is getting smaller every day. As technologies bring the PetCare Company globe closer together, companies must learn how to efficient place Retail Quality Function Deployment (rQFD™) is a shopper-centric tool their brand and convey their value to customers across multiple for defining, assessing, and benchmarking perceived quality of a language and cultural gaps. This presentation will explore one given product category shopping experience. rQFD™ provides company’s journey that broke down barriers and succeeded in shopper perceptions of what is important relative to the specific bridging those gaps. From being sensitive to imagery and category, as well as how each banner performs relative to its category language cues to keeping your brand and loyalty values ringing competition on shoppers’ wants & needs. Nestlé has deployed true regardless of language, make this presentation your first stop rQFD™ in 8 product categories and across 19 global markets. on your brand’s trip around the world. • Insight into how to take note of image, message, and cultural rQFD™ is a means for: • Differentiating from other manufacturers, while increasing cues that will lead to your customer loyalty program overcoming credibility with the retailer as the category expert language and cultural barriers • Engaging the retailer multi-functionally and at multiple levels, • Discussion on the future of loyalty and experience being a cross- while promoting strategic discussions in addition to channel, multi-cultural undertaking conversations about tactical issues • Increasing customer integration through joint optimization of 2:45 Networking & Refreshment Break the retailer’s category execution (retail activation) 3:30 Social Media Case Study10:15 Networking & Refreshment Break Social media is changing the way we interact with customers.The avenues of social media are two way streets. Companies can11:00 Personalizing Every Aspect of Interaction: provide valuable experiences to convert or reward loyal customers The Bottom Line and fans can identify the problems they are having with the brands and services directly to the company. From musical artists Kerry Bodine, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester and directors providing their social media fans with insider access Retailers across the country are beginning to implement rewards to their work before the general public to the sites like Foursquare programs that personalize the customer experience from how you providing advertisements and special rewards to customers are made aware of special promotions, all the way down to the checking in to certain locations, social media is changing the way bottom line: price. Our subject matter expert will explore the we interact with customers. It is this conversation that is the major trends in successful personalized marketing, showing you opportunity to provide instant customer service and build more the multiple areas of your marketing and loyalty campaigns that personal relationships with your customers. In this presentation can be tweaked to provide that extra level of customization that we’ll discuss ways that social media can be leveraged to increase allows you to really add value where it would benefit each and retain a wide customer base and constantly innovate the way customer to the point of building a relationship with your brand. you approach customer loyalty by seeing how our subject matter While there may not be any secret formula to unlocking the expert navigated these uncharted waters! • Gain insights from a company that has successfully leveraged perfect personalized campaign, a more complete understanding of the many elements that you can consider when creating an their social media approach to increase their profits • Learn how to improve your own social media presence and approach and how to make sure they work for you may lead you to discovering a formula of your own! strengthen your own program via your social presence. • Holistic view of the multiple approaches of personalized marketing 4:15 Close of Conference Day Three • Gain insights on the life-cycle of customer interaction and how to best tackle the touch-points that lead to increased loyaltyTo Register: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit 5
  6. 6. is proud to presentCustomer L yaltyMarketing SummitA customer-centric approach to January 28-30, 2013 • Orlando, FLthe multi-channel world.YES! Please Register Me For: (Email this form to or fax to 646-378-6025)K All Access K Conference Only K Workshop(s) K A K BName ___________________________________________________________ Job Title _________________________________________________Organization_____________________________________________________ Approving Manager________________________________________Address _____________________________________________ City_______________________________________State___________Zip________Phone________________________________________________ E-mail_______________________________________________________________K Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events.K Check enclosed for $_________ (Payable to IQPC) Charge my K AmEx K Visa K MasterCard K Discover Card #______________________________________Exp. Date___/___CVM Code______K I cannot attend, but please keep me informed of all future events. 13076.003/D/SGRegistration Information Please note multiple discounts cannot be combined. Corporate Register and Register and Register and Standard A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not accompanied by Pay by Pay by Pay by Price credit card payment at the time of registration. Practitioner Oct 26th Nov 16th Dec 14th MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IQPC Main Conference $999 $1,199 $1,599 $1,799 * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6.35% sales tax. Team Discounts: For information on team discounts, please contact IQPC All Access $1,799 $1,999 $2,399 $2,599 Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684. Only one discount may be applied per registrant. Workshop Day $549 Special Discounts Available: A limited number of discounts are available for the non-profit sector, government organizations and academia. For more*A corporate practictioner is someone who is looking for solutions and will directly benefit from the information, please contact customer service atcontent provided in the the program 1-800-882-8684. Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase - Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 937332641 Advisory & Register and Register and Register and Standard ABA/Routing #: 021000021 Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: Solution Pay by Pay by Pay by Price 13076.003 Providers Oct 26th Nov 16th Dec 14th Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes Main Conference $1799 $1,999 $2,399 $2,599 lunches and refreshment. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. All Access $2,599 $2,799 $3,199 $3,399 For IQPC’s Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy, please visit Workshop Day $549 Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction, please contact Customer Service at*Advisory & solution provider is someone who can offer products and service to enhance the corporate 1-800-882-8684 to discuss your specific needs.practicioners operations at their perspective organizations. ©2012 IQPC. All Rights Reserved. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of IQPC. Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and common law principles.To Register: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit 6