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An Introduction to The Right Brain Entrepreneur- a creative consulting and professional development company that helps businesses tap into their full potential to increase productivity and effectiveness through creative consulting and ground-breaking, scientifically-proven interactive workshops.

to create a permanent shift in how entrepreneurs and companies approach their business by unleashing their inner creativity to unlock their innate ability to bring innovation and fun to any challenge.

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The Right Brain Entrepreneur

  1. 1. “Why Use What’s Left?”
  2. 2. WhoWe AreThe Right Brain Entrepreneur is a professional developmentcompany that helps businesses tap into their full potential toincrease productivity and effectiveness through creative consultingand ground-breaking, scientifically-proven interactive workshops.OUR MISSION:to create a permanent shift in how entrepreneurs andcompanies approach their business by unleashing theirinner creativity to unlock their innate ability to bringinnovation and fun to any challenge.
  3. 3. WhoWe AreWith an extensive background in psychology andthe arts, (BA / Georgetown University and MA /New York University) Stephanie has over sixyears experience as a counselor, art therapistand personal/professional developmentcoach. She is a nationally board certifiedcreative art therapist (ATR-BC) and licensed inthe state of New York (LCAT).Prior to receiving her Masters in Art Therapy atNYU, she spent many years working for largecorporations doing marketing and advertising forclients such as American Express and ClearChannel. Stephanie has developed ground-breaking technology that merges the psychologyof art with business development to createworkplace cohesion and permanent performancebreakthroughs for companies.
  4. 4. What We DoEDUCATE.Understand the neuroscience of your brain in businessand how to harness your innate biological potential to becreative.CREATE.Engage teams in scientifically supported, interactiveteam-building workshops that improvecommunication, productivity, and problem solving.MOTIVATE.Companies have tangible and permanent tools tomaintain creativity, innovation, and effectiveness forlasting, continuous results.
  5. 5. According to a major 2010 IBM survey of more than 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from 60countries and 33 industries worldwide, CEO’s believe that -- more than rigor, managementdiscipline, or integrity -- successfully navigating an increasing complex world will requireCREATIVITY.More than 60% of CEOs surveyed also believe companies need to discover innovative ways ofmanaging an organization’s structure, people, finances, and strategy.However, only 9%of all US publicand privatecorporations in doany product orserviceinnovation.BCG, Accentureand otherconsultancies haveconfirmed thisnecessary globalskill shift.CEOs say that creativity is a crucial leadership skill, but few do anything about it.Why We Do It
  6. 6. Why We Do ItWestern society andeducation trainsentrepreneurs andcompanies to buildbusinesses using mostly ‘leftbrain’ processes, leavinghalf of a brainuntapped, dormant andneglected thus limiting thefull human potential.By tapping into your rightbrain process, harnessingthe power of your entirebrain as a humanbeing, you expand yourability to overcomechallenges, improveeffectiveness, andskyrocket the results ofyour business.When it comes to business education, the right-brain is completely neglected. Mostentrepreneurs approach their business with the left-brain: using logic, numbers andpractical, ‘tried and true’ methods. This is useful and works but is limiting.Tapping into the right brain in a left brain-dominate societygives businesses and entrepreneurs a competitive advantage.
  7. 7. How We Do ItLecture is boring.We aren’t your usual professional development company.Studies show we retain 90% of what we learn by saying and doing.WE OFFER ACTIVE LEARNING: THINKING WITH YOUR HANDS.Our technology is the first of its kind to be used inbusiness development. Our process is based inpsychology and the neuroscience of creativity to improveself-awareness, communication, and team cohesion.
  8. 8. How We Do ItThe brain is activatedthrough hands-on, visual exploration.Teams learn newskills, creativeexpression and expandself-awareness witheffortless fun.Teams interact throughsimple art materials- noartistic talent needed.Creativity is learnednaturally through thecreative act itself.Conversations and engagementexamining the process and the endproduct results in a united businessvision, cohesive teams, and businessbreakthroughs.We start with a short educationalpresentation that explains thescience, psychology and technologybehind the creative act as aprofessional development tool.
  9. 9. Value & BenefitImproved Team Cohesionand Communication.Permanent, positive shift inworkplace culture.Increase inemployee self-expression, creativity andinnovation.Understandbarriers toproductivity, revealing ‘blindspots’ thatinhibit companyeffectiveness.UnifiedBusinessVisionBreakthroughPerformancePlateausCompetitiveAdvantageImprovedProblemSolving
  10. 10. Contact UsStephanie Staidle, MA, LCAT, ATR-BCwww.trbe.orgstephanie@trbe.org917-267-7620