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Fact and Opinion


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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Fact and Opinion

  1. 1. Factsand Opinions Stephanie Raney
  2. 2. A fact is something thatcan be checked or proven.
  3. 3. Fact…• Apples are healthy.• Cows are a type of farm animal.• I have ten fingers.
  4. 4. Which sentence is a fact?•That is a very cute dog!•The dog has four legs.
  5. 5. An opinion tells what someone thinks or feels.
  6. 6. Opinion…• My backpack is better than yours.• Football is the best sport ever!• Dividing is so easy.
  7. 7. Which sentence is an opinion? •This bird is yellow. •Birds make the greatest pets.
  8. 8. Remember… FACT OPINIONSomething that Can this be Something that Is this whatcan be proven proven? tells how someone thinkstrue. someone thinks or feels? or feels.