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We invest in continuously improving operational efficiencies to lower client operating costs. The result is satisfied clients that grow their business with us.

We invest in continuously improving operational efficiencies to lower client operating costs. The result is satisfied clients that grow their business with us.
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Senior Account Executive – Sales & Business Development Risk Management Services Edit

Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Outsourcing/Offshoring industry

September 2011 – Present (1 year 3 months)

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1 Banking

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Senior Account Executive – Sales & Business Development Risk Management Services

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie in the financial services industry. It has been a pleasure seeing her develop her professional sales and business development expertise. Stephanie is extremely organized, hard-working and thoughtful in her approach. I have received many compliments from clients stating their sincere appreciation for her work and attention to detail. She is an outstanding individual who makes sound, well thought-out business decisions and has superior relationship skills. I would recommend Stephanie for a sales and business development position in any company; and I am confident she would be a key part of their future success.” June 20, 2012

1st Michael Borrelle, Senior Vice President, Client Development, Quatrro Risk Management, New York
was a consultant or contractor to Stephanie at Quatrro
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Quatrro Risk Management
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Running, biking, and tennis.
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Quatrro Risk Management

  2. 2. 2WHO IS QUATRRO RISK?•  Provider of fraud management solutions that add value across the full transaction cycle to financial institutions and payment processors  •  Fraud analytics and operations is all we do  •  Proven track record; global client base with asset ranges from $200 million to $2 trillion •  Currently maintain ten locations across four countries •  US HQ in Chicago; global HQ in Gurgaon, India •  Have consistently demonstrated dramatic results for some of the industry’s largest financial institutions
  3. 3. 3WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?•  Optimize your investment in technology through our expert analysis to reduce fraud significantly•  Consistently beat industry averages across a broad range of metrics•  Replace lost interchange revenue as a result of recent regulatory changes, including the Durbin Amendment•  Achieve eligibility for debit card transaction adjustment of up to $.01 per transaction per Regulation II of the Durbin Amendment
  4. 4. 4WE’RE ALL ABOUT RESULTSHELPED LARGE MULTINATIONAL BANKSAVE $187 MILLION IN THREE YEARS•  Improved fraud detection rate from 72% to 93%•  Reduced fraud loss from $3.4 million to $57,000 per quarter•  Increased fraud savings from $3 million to over $21 million per quarter
  5. 5. 5WE’RE ALL ABOUT RESULTSHELPED TOP NATIONAL BANK SAVE$141 MILLION IN THREE YEARS•  Consistent fraud detection rate of over 92%•  Within two quarters, reduced fraud losses by more than half•  Major reductions in average loss per account and bad blocks•  Delivered a return of $30 for every $1 spent
  6. 6. 6HOW DO WE ACHIEVE THESE RESULTS?WE KNOW FRAUD CAN’T BESOLVED BY TECHNOLOGY ALONE•  Fraud is an ever-changing threat that resides in multiple channels•  As hackers grow more sophisticated, your solutions must evolve as well•  Many institutions rely on technology alone to combat fraud•  But no matter how advanced, technology can only solve a fraction of the problem
  7. 7. 7THE HUMAN ELEMENT IS KEY•  The best way to protect against fraud loss is to combine good technology with skilled analysis•  Our core strength and key differentiator: the judgment our risk specialists bring to the analytics equation•  Dedicated team of Six Sigma-trained analysts for every client•  This critical layer of human intelligence across the full transaction cycle is the key to managing risk effectively and optimizing your technology platform•  Continuous analysis of data is critical to identify trends and constantly evolving threats
  8. 8. 8AN ARMY OF EXPERIENCED,HIGHLY SKILLED DATA ANALYSTSOur risk specialists add value at every step of the cycleThey specialize in:•  Analyzing and resolving cases•  Making real-time decisions based on system alerts•  Rewriting transaction processing rules to keep your institution ahead of evolving threatsThese skills are essential to mitigating risk, improvingfraud detection rates, and increasing profitability
  9. 9. 9OUR EXPERT ANALYSTS: SCANOur analysts will scan your activity 24/7, utilizingvarious instruments across all banking channels•  Check •  ATM•  Credit Card •  Phone•  Online Banking •  Branch•  ACH •  Wire Transfer
  10. 10. 10OUR EXPERT ANALYSTS: REVIEW•  Identify suspicious activities•  Correlate suspicious activity with customer behavior across multiple channels•  Detect anomalies to spot ‘outlier’ transactions•  Assess security and risk impact•  Enforce policy•  Implement learning in real time
  11. 11. 11OUR EXPERT ANALYSTS: DECIDE•  Evaluate whether false positive or not•  Allow transactions•  Trigger additional authentication•  Block transactions
  12. 12. 12YOU FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS,WE’LL MANAGE YOUR RISKWe identify and combat all fraud types, including:•  ID Theft •  Lost/stolen cards•  Cross-border fraud •  Card-not-present fraud•  Account takeover •  Skimming and counterfeitingEven if you have separate core systems for each product set, we canconnect these subsystems to manage cross-channel fraud usingyour existing fraud tools.
  13. 13. 13WE AUGMENT, NOT REPLACE,YOUR EXISTING TEAMSAND TECHNOLOGIES•  Our solution is designed to complement and enhance your current anti-fraud operations, technologies and workflow•  We work with your internal teams and the platforms you already have in place•  We handle the labor-intensive parts of managing fraud so your internal staff can focus on their core missions•  We offer 24/7 support across all shifts—especially beneficial during peak transaction periods
  14. 14. 14KEY CAPABILITIESANALYTIC EXPERTISE•  Behavioral Scorecard Development•  Revenue Optimization•  Portfolio Segmentation•  Bureau Management•  Forecasting•  MIS Automation•  Basel Modeling
  15. 15. 15KEY CAPABILITIESPORTFOLIO MANAGEMENTTRANSACTION ADVISORYMONITORING SERVICES•  Credit Cards •  Credit Policy and Strategy Review•  Prepaid Cards •  Risk-based Pricing Strategy•  Chargebacks •  Collections and Recoveries•  Merchant Operations •  Fraud Risk Management•  DDA Transactions
  16. 16. 16WE’RE EASY TO WORK WITH•  Our solution is platform-agnostic and scalable•  Implementation is relatively simple, not labor-intensive like a software installation•  A few phone calls with your IT team is all it takes to establish data access and usage protocols•  Demands on your staff are minimal; our experienced analysts require no additional training•  We’re flexible—you can utilize our services 24/7, during high demand periods or any other schedule you choose
  17. 17. 17YOU RETAIN COMPLETECONTROL OVER YOUR DATA•  Your data never leaves your servers; Quatrro accesses and reviews it remotely•  We require only a secure connection; you retain complete control at the source•  No new technology investments required
  18. 18. 18SECURE, ROBUSTTECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTUREQuatrro Risk offers:•  ISO 27001, DPA and PCI DSS 2.0 Certified•  Secure and converged Gigabit Speed LAN•  Perimeter and LAN secured with industry leading IPS & Firewalls•  State-of-the-art Secure Operating Center with industry leading controls•  Centralized IT Support accessible via telephone, email and service portal
  19. 19. 19YOU PAY ONLY FOR RESULTSQuatrro Risk will reduce operating costs and offers an innovativepricing model with:•  No up-front capital investment required•  Shared risk and reward model to deliver the highest value and promote a strategic partnership•  Ensures deployment of best-of-breed solutions•  Improve profitability within one month from deployment
  20. 20. 20WHY QUATRRO RISK?WE’LL DECREASE FRAUD LOSS ANDINCREASE PROFITABILITY RIGHTAWAY AND FOR YEARS TO COMETRACK RECORD OPERATIONALOF SUCCESS EXCELLENCE•  Deep domain experience •  You don’t need to invest in new across the payment industry technology, hire more staff, or endure a long ramp-up period•  Reduce average fraud per account by 4x and increase •  We can scale up easily, improve fraud saves by 15x your bottom line quickly, and evolve with you to combat•  Clients average 70% increase in emerging threats productivity and 50% decrease in process costs