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Learning Management System

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. SCHOOLOGYStephanie NoblesECOMP6203
  2. 2. SCHOOLOGYInexistence since 2007Used by 20,000 schools/districts use this LMSStable-issues solved quickly
  3. 3. WHAT IS SCHOOLOGY?A learning management systemStarted by three college students trying to share lecture notes.*Teachers can have a calendar, communicate with students/parents, give online tests/quizzes, scoring/grades, trac k dates, and professional learning.
  4. 4. AVAILABLE TOOLSLinkto Google DocsCreate & OrganizeMoodle Cloud Based/OpenKhan Academy sourceExamviewDiscussion boardblogging
  5. 5. COLLABORATIONTeachers can create, authenticate, use course enrollment tools, manage lessons, organize material, search, integrate, use for extracurricular activities, professional development, blog, and share material with other teachers.
  6. 6. COLLABORATIONStudents can watch Khan videos at home then class time can be used to do practice activities.Students can track grades and safely collaborate with other students.Students can work even after school hours with other students
  7. 7. OTHER ELEMENTSTime saving for teachers and studentsResource availabilityWhiteboardCustomized themes, look, and feelIntegrate tools and featuresSafe to use by Truste
  8. 8. OTHER ELEMENTSIncreased storageThe district can manage SchoologyOffers priority supportFree!! But, some custom features are at costNo software required
  9. 9. TECH SUPPORTCan ask questions and support in the Community Support AreaCan use feedback/supportSpecial 24/7 tech support set up because of Hurricane Sandy
  10. 10. TESTIMONIALPennsylvania Cyber Charter School*on of the most successful cyber charter schools in US*pleased with technical capabilities and vision of the Schoology team
  11. 11. TESTIMONIAL CONT.*families and teachers love Schoology*very attentive to needs of cyber school and vision of the school