SES - Portrait of a Modern Marketer: Hipster Meets Data Geek


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How can we survive the vast technological and lifestyle changes of today? Marketers must connect their inner hipster with their data geek side.

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SES - Portrait of a Modern Marketer: Hipster Meets Data Geek

  1. 1. 11/12/2013 1 Portrait of a Modern Data-Driven Marketer: 4 Ways to be Customer Centric Stephanie Miller VP & CLO, DMA @stephanieSAM Data geek, or marketing hipster?
  2. 2. 11/12/2013 2 Part Scientist, Part Artist Image Source:‐modern‐ marketer‐part‐artist‐part‐scientist‐infographic.html Data Creative Optimize  performance Write & Curate Predict the future Be social Create a  clear  dashboard Render on every  mobile device Illuminate KPIs Send email Turn data into  insights Win awards Which Comes First? Mad Man! Math Man! Creatives benefit from  improved insights,  informed  (and predictive) personas,  better strategic direction and  lots of proof that their  brilliance works! Quants benefit from real time  data inputs and messaging that  engages and feeds the analytics  engine(s).   
  3. 3. 11/12/2013 3 intent & content Ways to be Customer Centric.
  4. 4. 11/12/2013 4 Adopt a customer-first attitude. Ways to Be Customer Centric There is no try.  Only Do. ‐ Yoda
  5. 5. 11/12/2013 5 Customer Centricity.  Customer First. News Flash: People only care about themselves.
  6. 6. 11/12/2013 6 The way they act,  you’d think each customer was a different person!
  7. 7. 11/12/2013 7 1.Keep Running 2.Data‐driven shoes 3.Partner Strengthen relationships by optimizing life stage communications. Ways to Be Customer Centric
  8. 8. 11/12/2013 8 Lather, Rinse, Repeat Messaging Next Best Offer Retargeting ScoreLTV Recency BehaviorsOnline Offline Motivations Loyalty Life Stage Customer Profile High Value Demographics
  9. 9. 11/12/2013 9 1.My Macy’s 2.Omnichannel 3.Macy’s Magic Read more on DMA Advance: CMO Views on Omnichannel »91.7% Adds Real Value »82.4% Plan on Investment Source:  Winterberry Group, 2013 “Taking Cues from the Customer”
  10. 10. 11/12/2013 10 Be the steward of data for your organization. Ways to Be Customer Centric One Question.
  11. 11. 11/12/2013 11 Marketing Data Governance Strategies »79.3% »31.9% Source:  DMA study and whitepaper The New Rules  of the Road.  Visit Job #1 in Data Stewardship Reactive Proactive
  12. 12. 11/12/2013 12 “With great power, comes great responsibility.” ‐Uncle Ben Privacy & The Bottom Line: A “Love” Story » Marketer says “cool” but policymaker says “creepy” » Consumer trust is essential to our modern, social, digital lifestyles Source:  DMA Infographic.  Download at or   ping smiller@the‐ or @stephanieSAM
  13. 13. 11/12/2013 13 New Research on the true value of the  Data Driven Economy Manage content curation with data- driven insights. Ways to Be Customer Centric
  14. 14. 11/12/2013 14 Effective Digital Experiences »Enjoyable »Easy »Useful Source: Forrester Research, Top 10 Ways to  Improve Digital Experiences = Content Automation Experience Content  Credibility
  15. 15. 11/12/2013 15 New Reality: Consumers can quickly “sweep” and filter email messages they don’t find interesting. In fact, that process is automated. Even permission-based messages are marked as “spam.” Ways to be Customer Centric. 1. Adopt a Customer-First Attitude 2. Strengthen Relationships by Optimizing Lifestage 3. Be the Data Steward 4. Manage Content Curation with Data Driven Insights
  16. 16. 11/12/2013 16 Making the Transformation 1. Protect the Core • Guard against business disruption • Identify quick wins • Lather, rinse & repeat 2. People, People, People • The CMTO • Content Curator • Data Scientist 3. Focus on Customer Best Interest • No data management or technology in the world will protect you from bad decisions. Thank you! » Stephanie Miller » VP, Member Communications & Engagement & CLO » DMA » » @stephanieSAM » Read DMA Advance: » Join DMA! » Get the Research:
  17. 17. 11/12/2013 17 Advancing & Protecting Responsible Data-Driven Marketing