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Shapeshifter Culture


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Shapeshifter Culture: Undermining Hegemony with Social VR

Published in: Technology
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Shapeshifter Culture

  1. 1. Shapeshifter Culture Undermining Hegemony with Social VR
  2. 2. Personal Pantheons Shapeshifter culture is a term for the emerging behaviors cultivated in social VR, where the body is replaced by an avatar whose form and functions the wearer has absolute control over.
  3. 3. What is needed for a shapeshifter culture? -Agency -less control over how users choose their form = better -means of creation and skill levels -redefining the psychological aspect of body ownership
  4. 4. Spimes and Material Culture -Objects that can materialize and dematerialize -Self-Propagating resources -Design Driven Reality -No systems to manage allocation of resources; resources are unlimited. -Gift Economics
  5. 5. -Obscured physical exterior; mental and creative presence -Leveled playing field of social interaction -Cultural Diffusion -Subverting current cost of entry and making VR accessible *you do not need to be rich, but you do have to search. Class and Hegemony
  6. 6. Exalted Perception -Freedom to philosophise about a deeper relationships with reality, rather than defending a place in society -Reconsideration of human-machine symbiosis and the digital world’s real world impact -Simulating the society we want to live in, without waiting on policy or law -Expanding definition of identity
  7. 7. @_liooil --------------------------------------------------------- Portland Immersive Media Group