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The GoSmarter project


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Bringing automation to business.
Steph Locke, Nightingale HQ CEO
@theStephLocke @nightingalehqai

Why automation matters to SMEs
- 5.6million SMEs in the UK impacted by the pandemic
- 80% of repetitive tasks can be automated
- 60% of consumers use social media daily
- 63% of sales is wasted on non-selling time 
- 64% of users expect 24-hour service 
- 3.6% of manually processed invoices contain human error

SMEs can benefit from automation, and especially the integration of AI into automation, to help offer a better digital experience to customers and staff.

Introducing GoSmarter
Plan: Identify which tools you need
Do: Use our free app to set the tools up
Learn: Use our free training to help you make the most of the tools

A starter kit with six smart business tools
Process automation: Automate repeatable business tasks and processes at a fraction of the cost. 
Social media listening: Monitor your brand across all social media channels and engage your audience more effectively.
Supercharge sales: Make more sense of customer data, boost sales leads and get actionable insights for your sales team.
FAQ chatbots: Give your customers instant responses to FAQs 24/7 while cutting your customer service team's repetitive workload.
Invoice processor: Take back control of processing invoices with automatic flows that increase accuracy and save time.
Productive meetings: Support remote teams with more productive meeting management and follow up. Drive action, not notes.

Mia Hatton - Letterbox Lab
“The FAQ Chatbot helped us deal with unprecedented demand for our products during COVID 19 and on a 24/7 basis. It was a lifesaver for our business.”

Become a Supporter:
Simply share: Present GoSmarter to your network via your social, blog, or newsletters 
Add to benefits: Include GoSmarter in the bundle of services your members get
Co-host a webinar: Host an Automation for SMEs' webinar for your community 

Bringing automation to business.
Learn more and get on the waitlist at

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