Social Media Do's and Don'ts Overview for YEE Club and French American Chamber Event


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This is a social media overview on the top social media sites and how they are different. It then goes into examples of the do's and don'ts of social media as well as examples of successful social media accounts. Please feel free to contact us or on twitter @MicroMediaMktg thanks!

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Social Media Do's and Don'ts Overview for YEE Club and French American Chamber Event

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  4. 4. Facebook is the largest social network and by far the most personal. If you want to promote your business do so through a business fan page not your personal page. Add Facebook icons to your store or on your website so you can be easily found. Maintain your page Fresh with daily updates if possible. Be sure to respond to your fans in a timely
  5. 5. Twitter is the best conversational social site. You can interact with anyone without having met them. Stick to niche topics by following them #miami or #realestate hashtags are to keep up with conversations you can use them for locations or topics but not for people. If you want to speak with a person on twitter search for their unique twitter username and write to them using @MarthaStewart so they see your
  6. 6. LinkedIn is the most professional social website you can use it to network online through groups, email introductions, promotions, and works the best for job postings. If you just met someone at a professional event its best to add them on LinkedIn over other
  7. 7. Pinterest is the picture sharing network. You share images that you like and include a link to the image. Therefore Pinterest generates a lot of traffic. Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Plus Combined. 17.2% of all pinboards are categorized under Home, followed by Arts and Crafts (12.4%), Style/Fashion (11.7%), Food (10.5%) and Inspiration/Education (9.0%)
  8. 8. With Foursquare you can promote your local business through location based and mobile marketing. Basically you can add offers and promote them to nearby customers. They can search for your store or service and find your business. You can incentivize them through promotions on their first visit or promote loyalty for offers after several
  9. 9. Gain local business by promoting in-store deals through mobile apps like Foursquare, connect with industry leaders on Twitter, and monitor keywords in real-time on Twitter to gain new clients and promote brand
  10. 10. Gain thousands of views by promoting posts and sponsoringyour page through Facebook campaigns for more exposure.
  11. 11. Remember the Three Es- Engage- Educate- Entertain
  12. 12. The Dos
  13. 13. The Dos
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  16. 16. Free Tools of the Trade
  17. 17. Stay ConnectedJoin YEE on Facebook at: Media Tips: the Twitter Conversation with Steph: @MicroSteph