Social Media Case Study for Bedding Style


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This is a social media case study for bedding style and their growth in less than two months of management from micro media marketing

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Social Media Case Study for Bedding Style

  1. 1. We Like Working with Bedding StyleOur Brand Image and Voice is The Lifestylepeople want. Our new tagline: Your Lifestyle.
  2. 2. Facebook - The Social NetworkBedding Styles Real Fans:Our fans are 74% Female and 54% are between the ages of 25-54We use this to interact with our customers and potential customers tobuild brand loyalty. We post daily wall and status through these platformswith over 1000+ Connections and counting.
  3. 3. The Informational, Professional, andNew Social NetworkWe use Twitter to monitor niche keywords and competitors. On Twitter wehave conversations and make connections in the same industry.The Company Page setup on LinkedIn is to show the size of the companyand to allow people interested in making business deals and connectionsto find Bedding Style.We stay on top of the newest trends and social media sites. Google Plus isbeing integrated into real time search.
  4. 4. Really Getting SocialWe show the Faces behindthe brand and give peoplereal connections withBedding Style. Weinterviewed Peter with our top3 questions in our soon to beblog series, "Behind theScenes at Bedding Style."
  5. 5. Facebook - InterestsWhat do Bedding Styles Fans Really Like?Our fans are into Movies like Twilight, TV shows like Glee, and Music likeAlicia Keys. Many of our fans have kids and are dog lovers. They havecareers in beauty and fashion industries and are educated.
  6. 6. We Give Back to our Fans!After Reaching 1000 Fans we promoted a Facebook Exclusive Offer of 30%off for one week.Who doesnt Love Exclusive Offers?
  7. 7. The Ugliest Bed in America ContestWe are running thiscontest through theWildFireApp used bycompanies likeFacebook to runpromotions. We alsopromoted this conteston the newsletter andwebsite.
  8. 8. Facebook Ads- Start # of Fans: 0 Fans- Current # of Fans: 1000+- RESULTS: Within 1 months the page reached over 1000 Fans and continuesto Grow- The ads target over 1.6M people on Facebook- The ads are shown to people that are in Bedding Styles target audiencebased on keywords like "Tommy Hilfiger" that are in their public profiles- We get about 35 clicks per day
  9. 9. Top 10 Referring Sites from Google AnalyticsIn 1 month Facebook became Bedding Styles #1 Referring Site.
  10. 10. Stay You! Gracias! Merci!Services are also available in Spanish.French is coming