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Micro Media Marketing presented and showed the growth of all of eAccountableOPM's social media platforms. They also showed the different uses for the social media accounts including gaining feedback from their fans and sharing the latest technologies they put out.

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eAccountableOPM Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. MicroMediaMarketing.com
  2. 2. LinkedIn - The Professional Network# of Accounts: 31: CEOs Personal Connections2: eAccountableOPMs Group Page3: eAccountableOPMs Company PageWe post daily discussions through the platforms withover 550+ Connections and counting.
  3. 3. Twitter - The Information Network# of Accounts: 21: Affilitweet2: eAccountableOPMWe tweet daily discussions through the platforms withover 2,200+ Connections and counting.
  4. 4. Facebook - The Social Network# of Accounts: 21: CEOs Personal Contacts2: eAccountableOPMs FanpageWe post daily wall and status through these platformswith over 8000+ Connections and counting.
  5. 5. Really Getting SocialWe show the Facesbehind the brand andgive people realconnections witheAccountableOPM.Durk discussesindustry news andissues every week onthe corporate blogseries, "View fromthe Top."
  6. 6. Google+ - The New Social Network# of Accounts: 11: Durk Prices AccountWe stay on top of the newest trends and social mediasites. This one is here to stay. We promote +1 on theeAccountableOPM website and have setup an account.We are also looking to setup a company account whenit is open to the public.
  7. 7. The Affiliate Summit ForumThe eAccountableOPM ForumWe post daily discussions through the forum withthousands of members from the affiliate marketingindustry and counting.
  8. 8. We Get Real Feedback - AffSurveyAfter Reaching 5000 Fans we began to promote theAffSurvey through Facebook as an incentive andThank You to our Fans we Offered Starbucks Cards.Who doesnt love coffee?
  9. 9. We Are Cutting Edge - AffFeeder 60,412 Impressions
  10. 10. Facebook AdsStart # of Fans: 220 FansCurrent # of Fans: 5,771RESULTS: Within 4 months the page reached over 5500Fans and continues to Grow
  11. 11. Facebook Ads- The ads target over 1.1M people on Facebook- The ads target people that are in his target audiencebased on keywords like "affiliate marketing" thatpeople share on their personal profiles- We get about 40 clicks per day
  12. 12. We Promote Conferences ThroughLinkedIn Ads & Live Tweets- We Promote the Events we are going to attendthrough targeting LinkedIn Ads in 1 week we got over127,000 Impressions- We tweet from events and post live updates- We gain new followers by using the event hashtagsfor example #ASE11
  13. 13. Stay ConnectedFacebook.com/eAccountableOPMTwitter.com/eAccountableOPMFacebook.com/MicroMediaMarketingTwitter/MicroMediaMktgThank You! Gracias! Merci!Services are also available in Spanish.French is coming soon...MicroMediaMarketing.com