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Social Media and Social Networking for Librarians


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Presents well-known social media sites for librarians and tips on social networking. Short resource list at the end.

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Social Media and Social Networking for Librarians

  1. 1. Social Media & Social Networking for Librarians Sandbox lessons before "the real thing"
  2. 2. Stephanie (Sara Leah) Gross Librarian, Electronic Reserves Yeshiva University
  3. 3. Social media Media that promotes the sharing of thoughts, material (including print and electronic sources) First well-received s.m. were web pages, wikis and blogs of the Web1.0 technology.
  4. 4. Research on Internet use: Research Center--American Life Pew Nielsen Company time spent online Nielsen Company S/N rankings
  5. 5. Most popular: Chat/Text IM (SMS, MMS)--Text Google Talk, Yahoo!IM Conference: Variety of devices: PC, Handheld (e.g. Blackberry, cellphones, ultraportable notebooks)
  6. 6. Some examples: http://www.newyorklibraryclub.o rg At best: Have moved at least to Web2.0 (interactive) presence. Minimally: Anarchronistic, but still useful.
  7. 7. Tutorial? Help? Association of Jewish Libraries-- Hidden wealth of resources: FAQs, bibliographies, links, expert advice
  8. 8. Bookmarlets Portable, Mozilla Firefox XMarks (formerly Clipmarks) Some bookmarking systems (e.g. Google) integrate personal bookmarking with Delicious Delicious---Favorite for librarians (also Magnolia). Made "tag cloud" popular. Based on
  9. 9. Organization: URLs, tags, share or not, bundles Search within network: Hashtags: recent convention to facilitate finding pertinent material, esp. conventions, symposiums, etc. (e.g. #NEAJL09, #AJLChicago2009)
  10. 10. Other popular Sharing sites Facebook--USA #1 (c Jennifer Freer, business reference librarian (Fan page) YouTube--clips, channels, instruction, DIY Flickr--pictures, now vids Twitter--microblogging, mark
  11. 11. Twitter conventions: Follow someone with whom you wish to have a conversation. SLG--Personally follow or subscribe to RSS feeds in order to keep abreast of IT/KM. Many feel only converse if have something to say, or questions to ask.
  12. 12. Twitter : microblogging Short postings of 140 characters, often including link or "ReTweet" of information. Links shorts via TinyUrl, (metrics), Expert advice:, WikiHow, Wikipedia, YouTube
  13. 13. When to use Twitter: Email: For correspondence (individual or community [blast]). Contacts good starting point for networking. Twitter: for bulletins, oftentimes subject-specific, e.g. Calendar, blog, updates Problem: Difficulty getting
  14. 14. Facebook Great for: Keeping in touch with valuable contacts Events (announcing, inviting) sharing Clubs (now Fan Pages) Fundraising
  15. 15. Facebook apps Visual bookshelf weRead ReelSocial YouTube Flickr (Picnik)
  16. 16. Other valuable e-groups Google Groups: Librarians without Boundaries Yahoo! groups--free of charge, have moderator (e.g. AJL- NYMA, Sara Marcus) NEW (Do not need to be a memb er: ALAConnect
  17. 17. NY Librarians Meetup Must request to join Very findable on the Web Once registered, get to other groups, e.g. NY Hebrew Language Profile filters for each group. Oftentimes personal v.
  18. 18. LinkedIn Most professional social media venue for promoting yourself, esp. SILS students with second careers. NYLM hosting LearnIn with InfoCurrent recruiter rep who "stalks" potential librarians through LI.
  19. 19. Bibliography Morvile, Peter. Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become. O'Reilly Media, 2005. Anderson, Chris. The Long Tale. Hyperion, 2006. Ellyssa Kroski Web 2.0 for Librarians and Information
  20. 20. Bibliography (cont'd) SmartComputing-- (monthly popular mag for intermediate IT/KM) Subscription provides Technical Support account, email alerts, reviews, DIY, and online Q&A usergroup. Liz Lynch Social Networking website, booklets, books, seminars