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Ready to stay/ Ready to move on: Career advice & planning for the future for Baby Boomers and GenXers


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Staff development/ professional development for academic librarians. Includes links and resources for keeping abreast in the field.

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Ready to stay/ Ready to move on: Career advice & planning for the future for Baby Boomers and GenXers

  1. 1. Staff Development / Professional Development by Stephanie (Sara Leah) Gross, Mentor ACRL/NY* Spring 2017
  2. 2.  Articulate personal goals for next 3-5 years  Identify current skills in working order  Identify desired skills required immediately or in near future  Determine whether to acquire mentor or SIG  Select 1-3 top PDCE learning opportunities  Assess readiness to downsize, retire, transfer if desired, available
  3. 3.  Are we too complacent?  Who (s. or pl.) might be responsible?  Are we siloed???  What are ways to circumvent this?  Goals to be achieved…
  4. 4.  Culture: Amateurish/Heimish v. Worldly  ALA Library Bill of Rights  LACUNY, ACRLNY Codes of Conduct  US Social Contract (diversity, freedom of religion, expression, i.e. 1st Amendment, etc.)  Issues of privacy  Issues of censorship  Broaden horizons ; Exit echo chamber
  5. 5.  1199SEIU contract: $100/yr. professional membership  1199SEIU contract: Training & Employment Fund $850/yr. (see: and-services/training-and-employment/)  1199SEIU contract : TEF degree plan (see:
  6. 6.  Yeshiva University Libraries : budget (TBD)  Additional funding: Scholarships & Grants  Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians: institute-academic-librarians ($3,625)  ACRL annual conference:  LACUNY Institute 2017: ter/ “The Future of Librarianship: Exploring what’s next for the Academic Librarian” – Trends & Issues
  7. 7.  Library Juice Academy   ALCTS  Library Journal  Library2.017  SLA  ALAeditions  Vendors (e.g. bepress)
  8. 8.  Relevance to current position  Relevance to possible position  General enrichment for members of the profession  Guidelines for straight time, especially if workshop  Possibilities for sharing learning outcomes
  9. 9.  Webinar vs. Workshop? Exposure to outside  Hands-on  Network building (collegial)
  10. 10.  Concept presented in WebJunction webinar February 13, 2015: ement.html  "Set one training goal each week achievable in one hour." This simple directive was given to every staff member of one Utah library in September 2011. The result just one year later? A sustainable, positive culture transformation. The mechanism, called “Self-Directed Achievement,” is a consistent, agile, individualized approach to staff development in a climate of constant change. It champions the basic library principle of lifelong learning. It is achievable for every individual with any level of expertise. And its impact will ripple through your organization from the staff work room to public lounge areas. Following this webinar, you will understand the model, mechanics, individual accountability, and supervisory responsibility involved in this remarkable method...and you’ll want to do it too. Presented by: From Tooele City Library (UT), Jami Carter, Director; Steve Peay, Library Supervisor; and Rachel Gull, Library Supervisor.
  11. 11.  Maurice Coleman (SLA/webinar): “T is for Training”  Heuristic: Train at point of need  What is required??  For the academically /technically curious  SWOT : Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  12. 12.  Library patron instruction  Customer service (UX: surveys, assessment & evaluation)  Library learning & information commons  ACRL Library Information Framework  Excellence in Instruction (pedagogy in H.E.)  Technical skills: Teaching with Canvas, Skype,code, etc.  Technical skills: T/S Dublin Core
  13. 13.  Trends and related positions  Embedded librarian  Personal librarian (sr. capstone/honors)  Outreach librarian  IR (Institutional Repository) librarian  First-year student retention librarian
  14. 14.  The new social learning: a guide to transforming organizations through social media. (2010) Tony Bingham, Marcia Conner [sharing, peer-to-peer]  Workplace learning & leadership: It’s a book! Paul Signorelli, et al.
  15. 15.  The TechSet (NealSchuman/ALA): http://www.neal-  Facet publishing:  Library careers: Libraries Unlimited:  Chandos Publishing: ogue
  16. 16.  A librarians guide to an uncertain market. Jeanette Woodward  Pre- & post- retirement tips for librarians Ed. Carol Smallwood (both ALA editions)  How to stay afloat in the academic library job pool. Ed. Teresa Y. Neely ; Foreword by Camila A. Alire. ALA Editions.  Mentoring A-Z. Julie Todaro ALA Editions.
  17. 17.  Goodreads  LibraryThing  LinkedIn (groups and individual connections)  Twitter (subject, author specific)  Facebook (organizations, groups, events)  ALAConnect
  18. 18.  Stephanie L. Gross, librarian, mentor, educator  E-Reserves, L303, 646.592.4044 ;  Twitter: @NYLibrarians  Blogger:  WordPress:  LinkedIn: