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Tips on how and why to use LinkedIn professionally.

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Linked In

  1. 1. LinkedIn: Relationships Matter Kate Dietrick Staffing Specialist InfoCurrent-New York 1156 Ave of the Americas, NY, NY 10036 212-642-4321
  2. 2. What is LinkedIn?
  3. 3. Why should I be on LinkedIn?  Evolving work-in-process resume  Show your worth to your co-workers  Find a job  Relationships matter!
  4. 4. Evolving work-in-process resume  Easy and evolving way to track what you do in each position  Learned a new database? Add it in!  Attended a new conference? Spotlight what you learned.  If you look to change positions, this growing resume will make resume writing easier
  5. 5. Show your worth to your co-workers  By highlighting all you do in your position you sell yourself and your services  Helped a new attorney with research? Add them on LinkedIn so they can see the plethora of things you can do to assist them.  Brand yourself and your position as a vital part of your company
  6. 6. Get a job!  Job postings on LinkedIn  Companies are beginning to post on LinkedIn  Recruiters search LinkedIn to find qualified candidates  Use keywords (“metadata” or “information specialist”) in your summary about yourself that match the type of position you want— these will show up in search
  7. 7. Get a job!  Put a link on your business card  Add url to LinkedIn profile ( so when you hand out cards people have direct link to your detailed professional experience  Research libraries and librarians you admire  Always wanted to work at a certain library? Research their associates, their titles to find how large their staff is  Always admired a certain librarian? Look at their experience to see how they got the job you want.
  8. 8. Prep for interviews  Once you have that first interview, research the company through LinkedIn  Look at profile of who you’re interviewing with, see what their position is to better anticipate questions or to connect on personal level  Look at structure of the staff and the company  Not everyone will be on LinkedIn but it is a good supplement to information on their website
  9. 9. Relationships matter!  Network, network, network!  Connect with colleagues—lead to new position, new leads, new business  Not all job openings are posted  Join groups  SLA-NY group discussion board—post job openings, discuss profession  Recommendations from colleagues help once again to sell your worth