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midterm letter


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midterm letter

  1. 1. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY U.S. ARMY CADET COMMAND 5TH APACHE BRIGADE TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY, RED RAIDER BATTALION 3003 15TH STREET, MS 5003 LUBBOCK, TX 79409-5003 13 October 2015 Dear Mr. And Mrs. Sanchez, I know that as a parent I cannot yet relate to how you are feeling by allowing your daughter to enlist in the armed forces. I want to personally thank you for allowing her to make this huge sacrifice that fewer than 1% of Americans choose to make. I understand you are worried about her well being. I want to assure you that she is in good hands. Being prior enlisted myself I can guarantee you that she will be taken care of by her brothers and sisters in arms far beyond any other avenue. I myself enlisted at an early age and I am so thankful. It forced me to grow up faster, learn the true definition of leadership, and gain invaluable knowledge in and outside of the Military. The Military has a very structured chain of command which allows its leaders to watch over and mold your daughter into a future leader herself. Her commitment to pursuing this enlistment reflects her determination to become a Soldier in the United States Army. I may not have adequate experience being deployed overseas but I do have the experience on how to take care of and lead Soldiers. That experience is put into effect every day whether at home in the U.S. or overseas. I have a big heart and as long as your daughter gives me 100% effort I'll show her 110% in return. Trust me enough to take care of your daughter and I can assure you she is in good hands. I myself am still learning and evolving to become better a better leader, an effort I don’t think anyone every stops learning at. Again, thank you for allowing me this opportunity and I look forward to helping your daughter become a future leader in the United States Army. Warm Regards, Stephanie Chang 2LT, USA