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This project is from a Fall 2012 course at USC highlighting transit oriented development in Inglewood, CA. My project focused on transitions in scale and program.

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Project_Inglewood TOD

  1. 1. Stephanie ByrdBoardwalk InglewoodUSC Sol Price School of Public Policy 531L: Urban Design Lab Fall 2012
  2. 2. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Base Map: Existing Conditions Disconnect Issues - North side of Florence is disconnected from Ce n ti n Downtown because of the rail line ela - Crossing Florence is dangerous because of no Av e clear pedestrian pathway ve eA lor en c Scale Issues F E - Large big box store against the single family housing - High speed roads (Florence and La Brea) surround walkable Downtown N Hillcrest Blvd Program Issues - Not enough housing to accommodate a TOD e - Numerous vacant buildings and lots Av Gr ac e - Vacant block (D3 lot) - Insufficient green space Downtown N La Bre a Project Site Ave N Market St Single Family Residential N Locust St Ave W Flor ence Multi Family Residential Commercial E Regent St Institutional (School and Cemetery) N La Brea Ave Recreational (Park) Civic Use (Government Facility) Light Industrial E Queen St Parking Lot or Structure Railroad Tracks E Manchester Blvd N 250 feet Stephanie Byrd
  3. 3. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Site Plan: Boardwalk Inglewood New Connective Measures - Continue streetscape of Market Street Ce n ti n - Recess and cap rail tracks between Centinela ela and La Brea Av e - Increase walkability with defined pathways - Provide a “Downtown Boardwalk” with canopies, public art, paving, and landscaping ve c eA en Flor E New Scaled Development - Increase variety of housing downtown - Scale gradation of program and soft vs. N Hillcrest Blvd hardscape for ease of understanding site - Selectively demolish repetitive program and vacant buildings for public space New Public Space at sit e Av St ran n io e T ac Gr - Increase public and green space downtown N - Increase use of local businesses with plazas La - Connect local businesses through alleys Bre a - Expand civic center with flexible plaza space Ave - Reinvigorate historic theater with plaza space Housing Block Single Family Residential N Market St N Locust St A Multi Family Residential Ave W Flor ence A Commercial Office Block Mixed Use (Commercial and Multi-Family) E Regent St Institutional N La Brea Ave Entertainment Block Recreational Civic Use Hardscape Commercial Block E Queen St Light Industrial Iconic Canopy Structure Parking Large Scale Public Art Railroad Tracks Tree-Lined Street Furniture E Manchester Blvd N 250 feet Stephanie Byrd
  4. 4. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Circulation Plan: Pedestrians Connections Existing Vehicular Circulation - Florence and La Brea are the highest speed Ce n ti n streets in the surrounding area ela - Two existing parking structures, one on La Av e Brea, the other on Locust e Proposed Vehicular Circulation e Av enc - Add underground parking structures to newly lor EF developed lots - Extend alley system in newly developed lots N Hillcrest Blvd Existing Pedestrian Circulation - Park and Cemetery paths are both used for recreational uses - Walkability is the most improved on Market Street at sit e Av St ran n io e T ac Gr Proposed Pedestrian Circulation N La - Cap rail tracks to ease access from the North Bre - Add large crosswalk across Florence for safety a Ave and increasing walkability - Design elements to string the TOD site to Downtown (canopies, paving, hard/softscape) - Program alleyways to encourage use N Market St N Locust St Ave W Flor ence parking structure E Regent St N La Brea Ave parking structure Pedestrian Access E Queen St Vehicular Access parking structure New Underground Parking Structures E Manchester Blvd N 250 feet Stephanie Byrd
  5. 5. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Precedent: Boardwalk Design Cleveland, Ohio Perk Park redesign (2012) - Variety of spaces - Streetfront canopy acts as buffer - Different tree groupings signify different uses and spaces - Incorporated lighting to provide 24-hour use Chicago, Illinois Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo (2010) - Iconic structure - Provides sense of arrival - Programmable space - Incorporated lighting to provide 24-hour use Lattice Canopy Tree Canopy Buffer Canopy Colored Canopy Stephanie Byrd
  6. 6. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Precedent: Alleyway Design Los Angeles, California Green Infrastructure for LA (2008) - Mission: Transform uninviting, concrete corridors into safe, green, community spaces - Players: The Trust for Public Land, City of Los Angeles’ Community Redevelopment Agency, Bureau of Sanitation, USC’s Center for Sustainable Cities - Techniques: Pavement in light colors; street signage and lighting to bring people in; native plants; storm water capture from streets Chicago, Illinois Green Alleys (2006-2007) - Mission: Improve storm water management - Players: Chicago Department of Transporation - Techniques: Use local, recyclable materials to repave streets; install lighting; create a book of manageable options for improvements Different Paving Tree-Lined Continue Canopies Continue Plaza Stephanie Byrd
  7. 7. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Precedent: Street Furniture and Features Bilbao, Spain The Garden that Climbs the Stairs (2009) - Different textures and materials in the planter - Draws attention to the site - Can be about moving up and down the stairs or resting - Uses both the vertical and horizontal plane - Acts as linkage between spaces Madrid, Spain Plaza de Santo Domingo (2007) - Incorporate landscaping in furniture - Plays with ground plane - Added green space Material Changes Plane Changes Paths B Business Incorporation Stephanie Byrd
  8. 8. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Precedent: Plaza Design Chicago, Illinois Federal Center Plaza (1959-1974) - Iconic sculptural art - Open space for farmer’s market and large gatherings - Low benches and raised planters marking the edges of the plaza Be’ersheba, Israel Ben-Gurion University Square (2009) - Strips of concrete and greenery - Incorporated lighting to provide 24-hour use - Sporadic seating arrangements - Non-linear pedestrian paths Public Art Projects Plaza Furniture Greenery Access Points Stephanie Byrd
  9. 9. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Site Section A-A: Undulating Levels New Connective Measures - Public art projects direct visitors in and out of plazas, allowing for easy Downtown circulation - New alley in between Market St and Locust St eases vehicular circulation New Scaled Development - Scale of projects grow as the get farther away from the single family residential neighborhood and closer to the Civic Center New Public Space - Plaza spaces welcome visitors with greenery, street furniture, and public art - Underground parking structures free up the ground plane for buildings, open space, and greenery Existing Commercial La Brea Ave Office Towers Market St Mixed Use Development Alley Apartment Complex Locust St Existing Residential 50 ft Stephanie Byrd