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1960 Election - MAT Technology Module

MAT Technology Module

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1960 Election - MAT Technology Module

  1. 1. 1960 Election – Kennedy v. Nixon GRADE 11 MAT TECHNOLOGY MODULE STEPHANIE BUECHEL
  2. 2. Importance of Technology Technology is used more and more frequently by students today so it’s important to utilize it in the classroom to engage your students. This topic, specifically, shows students the power of technology – both it’s advantages and disadvantages. The question this unit will aim to address is how did television, especially, influence the results of the 1960 election?
  3. 3. Internet Sources & Reliability • Teachers as well as students should focus on having reliable sources in their teaching • To find reliable internet sources people should use these rules ->
  4. 4. Blogs
  5. 5. Podcast  National Public Radio  Don Gonyea (Author/Speaker)  “How JFK Fathered The Modern Presidential Campaign”
  6. 6. Videos
  7. 7. Internet Resources to Help Teach   has information available on many different topics but for the election of 1960 it has videos and texts written by historians to help summarize the information students are learning in terms that they will understand.  New York Times  The New York Times is amazing for primary sources as all of its archives are online. This particular link goes to what the media said about the presidential candidates of 1960 after the election and secondary information goes into the effects on the election because of this.
  8. 8. Internet Resources to Help Teach  CNN  This is another great secondary source that links to a historian’s take on the 1960 elections. CNN also did a video series on the “Race to the White House” in 1960 that is linked here for students to review the material on as well.
  9. 9. Essay Outline - Kidspiration This organizational tool will allow students to begin brainstorming for their essays throughout the unit. Essay topic: What is the effect of the media on presidential elections? Use specific examples from the 1960 Election between JFK and Richard Nixon.
  10. 10. Teaching Materials Online Meet the Press Role-play activity where students will be able to be journalists, campaign managers and candidates and will see the effect of the press on election coverage & results Interactive Election Map Students can see just how Kennedy beat out the Nixon. They can see all of the data and statistics on here as well.
  11. 11. Teaching Materials Online Mass Media & The Political Agenda Lesson plan that includes a word document and PowerPoint for teachers to use to show students the effect of media on politics Webinar: Do Presidential Debates Matter? This is a webinar provided by PBS that allows students to look at influential presidential debates and see if the debate really impacted election results.
  12. 12. Subject-Specific Website is an amazing resource for teachers new and old. There are lesson plans, recommended research sites, quizzes, videos, lesson plans, PowerPoints and anything else a history teacher could need! This page is all about Kennedy and the beginning of her resources is about the election. There are quizzes, videos and primary sources on here anyone can use!
  13. 13. Websites to Support Teaching Topic JFK Library  This source has lesson plans about political debates and why JFK may have won due to the advice he received and his visual presence on the television. It comes with primary sources and debate score sheets for students to fill in! PBS  This source includes materials that will help students study Presidential debates and be able to hold their own mock debate at the end of the unit showing understanding of the electoral process!
  14. 14. An App for the Classroom Appletree Originally meant to be a communication between teachers and parents, teachers can use Appletree for students as well! This app allows teachers to send updates, messages (like texts) and post on a calendar for students to see what is coming up!
  15. 15. You may also view this presentation at – link below Click me for SlideShare