Loving What You See In The Bedroom Mirror_


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Loving What You See In The Bedroom Mirror_

  1. 1. Loving What You See In The Bedroom Mirror?All of us look in the mirror far more times than we would ever admit to doing so just why are weobsessed with how we look to ourselves and perhaps more importantly to others? s this simple vanityor is there something a little more complex going on?A quick Google search shows that vanity is defined as: Excessive pride in or admiration of ones ownappearance or achievements. Is this really the reason why we look in the mirror?Concern about howwe look to others is perhaps a more valid reason- after all,attractive people have several significantadvantages in sociey- consider some of the following:Attractive children are generally more popular and do better in school. They are popular with bothchildren and teachers. Teachers tend to give higher marks, grades and more attention to attractivechildren and have higher expectations which the children tend to live up to. The opposite is also trueso little wonder we are conditioned to care about our appearance from a very early age.Good looking and well presented job applicants have better chances of getting jobs and alsogenerally receive higher salaries. A recent study in the USA showed that taller executives earnedmore than $600 a year per inch in height over the average- staggering in more ways than one!In the law court, people who are attractive are often found guilty less often than people who are lessattractive. Some studies show that sentences are less severe as well.On the silver screen, the heroine is always beautiful and the villain less so- perhaps downright ugly. Ifyou dont believe me, think of Cinderella and the ugly sisters and Snow White and the witch queenand perhaps youll come round to my way of thinking a little.There definitely is a bias in society for people who look attractive so it is little wonder why we spendtime looking in the mirror- its not so much about being vain as in trying to fit in to the deeply held viewthat we seem to have that beauty has advantages.So why am I writing about this in the context of lingerie? Looking good in the bedroom as well asfeeling good about you is really important- not for vanitys sake but for really deeply hidden views onhow we are seen in the rest of the world.If you have a larger figure, you will be all too aware of how you look and feel in your lingerie as mostlingerie manufacturers cater for the smaller figure. Thankfully, there is now a range of eye catching,flattering plus size lingerie from stock for you and your partner to enjoy.Dash Direct