Question 3


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Question 3

  1. 1. Question 3:The media institution that would distribute my media product… By Stephanie Acar
  2. 2. The Thinking Process…• As part of making a thriller film I also have to take into consideration who will advertise and distribute my film. Realistic thoughts about who will distribute it must occur if I want to succeed in getting my sequence opening into the public eye as it’s only a low budget film. Even though I had access to reliable equipment and sophisticated editing facilities, the films advertisement counts for half the budget as the market for films is so open; many people are trying to sell their product.
  3. 3. The Thinking Process…• I chose to create a film production company for my thriller; ‘Skyline Productions’ as well as having ‘Candi Studios’ as my distributor. I chose to use low budget, independent companies such as these as I know high-end entities such as ‘Paramount’ or ’20th Century Fox’ wouldn’t invest in such a low budget film. Usually these production companies tend to budget high, Hollywood cinema films – not student, home films like ‘The Diary of Sarah-Louise’.
  4. 4. The Thinking Process…• In using my college’s resources, my film was able to gain a cinematic screening in North London whereby 140 students were able to watch my film on the big screen, and the film gained an extremely positive response. As well as this outlet into the public eye, my film has been made viral, with promotion on sites such as: Vimeo, Blogger and Facebook. My film also gained a limited release of 250 DVD’s which would gain good publicity and put my film into the public eye. It may also be released onto YouTube in due course which will measure the amount of views we can gain, indicating to us whether we have a deep enough audience to gain funding to produce the rest of the film past the 2 minute opening.
  5. 5. ‘The Diary of Sarah-Louise’• As an aspiring filmmaker, If my film were to gain enough popularity over the net after successful advertisement, to take it past the category of a ‘Local’ film and onto becoming a ‘British’ film, I would wish for my film to gain funding from the BFI or private investors or even have involvement with Film4 Productions; a British film production company owned by Channel Four Television Corporation. After showcasing my film at film festivals around the UK I hope this would allow my film to gain a predominantly wider UK audience.
  6. 6. Distribution…• With my film gaining popularity within the media I believe it could gain enough status to be seen by Film Four/BBC films. Fellow British film ‘Fish Tank’ Directed by Andrea Arnold managed to win the Jury Prize at 2009 Cannes Festival and later went on to win BAFTA for Best British film in 2010. The film was funded by BBC films and managed to earn a worldwide total to $1,986,709.• This is highly different to lets say a Hollywood movie, such as the worlds most successful film, Avatar which grossed an astounding $2.7 billion worldwide. This high standard is unlikely to be achieved from my short film opening as it doesn’t have well-known actors, superb special effects and superior film making.
  7. 7. The Target Audience…• As my film is still a low budget film, I am going to interview a low number of people from the screening at the cinema, to gain a detailed understanding of their thoughts on the film.• My target audience for my thriller is between the ages of 15 – 40, roughly 70% of them being female due to the romantic thriller sub-genre to my thriller. I have a lot of this age group around me and on the internet so it won’t be hard to do self advertisement and analysis to the correct target audience.
  8. 8. The End 