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Library booklet complete


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This was a journal put together for my final project which was based on a urban study of Basseterre, St. Kitts. The requirement was to design a Public Library for the city of Basseterre to house a large collection of books and to accommodate seminar/exhibition spaces as well as light retail shops.

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Library booklet complete

  1. 1. design studio 6a g r a p h i c a l j o u r n a l stephan homer - 0803057 as-3
  2. 2. semester 2
  3. 3. basseterre - urban studyThe 10 days in St. Kitts spent gathering information, tak-ing pictures, making sketches or the urban make up ofthe capital city Basseterre was possibly one of the bettertrips i have taken.Analysis of this city and its physical, cultural, environ-mental, and socio-economical structures changed myaspect on urban planning and raised awareness on theformalities that were done in the past and how citieswere formed in the past.
  4. 4. site plansite 4
  5. 5. Preliminary massing model. Main concept: intersection of geometric forms.Massing model # 2. Con-tinued development of thepiercing of the drum thruthe box.
  6. 6. massingExploration of forms via devel-opmental models. The notion ofconnecting the streets being themain generator for circulationthrough the building creating vi-sual and spatial continuities fromCayon St. to Independence Sq.
  7. 7. Ground Floor PlanThe Basseterre Public Librarysymbolizes the embrace-ment of technology withregards to the building con-struction and materials as itadds to the list of civic build-ings in the historic district ahint a modernization .The ground floor accommo-dates all major public areasas the entire floor acts acovered plaza that is de-signed to be a main gather-ing space.
  8. 8. First Floor PlanThe first floor houses thechildrens and adolescent final designcollections, a computer laband both open and privatereading rooms.
  9. 9. Second Floor PlanOn the second floor is theadult collections area, withexterior reading rooms to thewest and north.
  10. 10. Mezzanine Floor PlanAdditional space wasgaine d from the toweringcore to create the mez-zanine level and this wasused to accommodatestaff training facilities/staffconference area. Also stafflounge and washroomswere located on this floor
  11. 11. Detail 1
  12. 12. Detail 2
  13. 13. Section B-BPreliminary Library Logo Design
  14. 14. Section A-ASouth Elevation