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Building Private Business Value - Summary


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Building Private Business Value - Summary

  1. 1. Building Private Business Value
  2. 2. Who is Boardroom Metrics? Accomplished Executive consultants delivering boardroom level value creation since 1994 – Metrics (MEASURE) • Private Business Value, Board Effectiveness, People – Advisory Services (PLAN) • Strategy, Coaching, Governance – Accomplished Executives (DO) • Interim Leaders/Managers, Subject Experts, Coaches
  3. 3. The Wave – Business Transfer… The most important business demographic wave of the 21st Century.
  4. 4. The Owner Challenge
  5. 5. Private Company Value Equation Role of the Owner Role of the CEO V = P ST Value = Profit that is Sustainable and Transferable “When they can be sold, many successful private businesses sell for less when their success isn’t transferable and sustainable to new owners.”
  6. 6. The Sell for More Owner’s Process Step I Step 2 Step 3 Assess Build Value Transfer PROJECT - Assessment / Plan Professional Chairman - Coaching CEO / Owner : Engagement Owner : Focus Owner : Successful Exit Accomplished Executives 3rd Parties as needed
  7. 7. Sell for More Step I: The Assessment Deliverables : • Industry Research • Assessment report for All Business Areas – Define success: Owner Objectives – Finance: Profits, Cash flow, Processes – Revenue: Marketing and Sales – Delivery: Operations – Administration: Human Resources and Legal • Owners Report – SWOT – Scored Drivers, Categories and Findings Analysis – Value Dashboard and Estimator – Action Plan
  8. 8. The Sell for More Step 2 and 3: The Professional Chairman Holds owner accountable for value, CEO for performance. Sounding board, coach, facilitator. Meets regularly with owner, CEO on plan progress.
  9. 9. Steps 2 and 3: : Using the Performance Dashboards Customizable, based on the goals, performance indicators and tracking requirements defined by the owner and the management team! (eg: cash, delivery, revenue, profitability)
  10. 10. Step 3: Options and Opportunities Pursuit of: Professional Chairman • Sale • Merger • Acquisition • Go public Due Diligence • ESOP • Transfer to child Owner Wealth Advisor M&A/Other Professionals
  11. 11. Why ? • Private Business Focus and Board Room Mentoring experience since 1994 • Proven, End-End Value methodology with Innovative tools for post assessment owner value in addition to the “sell for more” report and plan • Team of Accomplished Executives – experienced, selected, trained – breadth and depth in many industries – proven leaders in all functional roles
  12. 12. builds private businesses that sell for more. Toronto (416) 573-9396 Ottawa & Montreal (613) 836-9414