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WebLife Research Credentials Deck

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WebLife Research

  1. 1. Credentials PresentationCopyright © 2012 WebLife Research LLC
  2. 2. About Started in Starbucks after a long swim George Stephan, founder and managing partner Carolyne Berkeley and Stella Grizont, planning partners Rachel Geltman, Video Chat Network (VCN), digital ethnography partner comScore, digital research partner 2
  3. 3. Go Behind the ClicksWebLife Research dives DEEP to uncover FRESHinsights to understand the WHY of online consumerbehavior. Our mission is to help clients developstrategies to further ENGAGE their consumers,increase CONVERSION rates and build SALES. 3
  4. 4. Behavioral Buckets Watching Searching Shopping Socializing 4
  5. 5. WebLife Adds Value Good online consumer tracking services from comScore, Nielsen NetRatings and others WebLife Research complements tracking data with new consumer insights from diary blogs, chat and surf interviews and ideation sessions Insights help marketers: solve online problems, exploit opportunities and develop business building ideas 5
  6. 6. WebLife + comScore Partnering with comScore: 2MM+ online panel participants worldwide Data collection includes: web visitation, demos, online transactions, offline purchasing, etc. Partnership provides unique ability to combine data collection with weblife behavioral insights Joint analysis yields a deeper understanding of the WHAT and WHY of online consumer behavior for better engagement and conversion strategies 6
  7. 7. WebLife + VCN Video Chat Network is a proprietary turnkey qualitative research platform combining video chat technology, social network dynamics and respondents from the US and around the globe VCN provides marketers the means to execute faster, less expensive and richer online qualitative research via webcam 7
  8. 8. MethodologyStep 1: Recruiting Grassroots recruiting via Video Chat Network, comScore and other databases Recruiting through social media networks and other channels 8
  9. 9. MethodologyStep 2: Personal Diary Blogs Personal diary blogs on computers and mobile devices 9
  10. 10. Personal Diary Blogs 10
  11. 11. MethodologyStep 3: Chat and Surf Interviews Follow-up interviews via webcam and desktop sharing to better understand online behavior 11
  12. 12. Chat and Surf Interviews 12
  13. 13. MethodologyStep 4: Ideation Half-day session to present analysis and lead client ideation session Full suite of consulting, branding and digital marketing services available to develop and execute ideas, when required 13
  14. 14. Client Outcomes Better understanding of consumer’s weblife and digital commerce chain Insights into increasing consumer engagement, conversion and sales Insights into online problem solving and opportunity exploiting Ideas for new products and services More relevant messaging Better ROI 14
  15. 15. Services Study design Recruiting Personal diary blogs Chat and surf interviews Ideation sessions comScore data analysis Quantitative testing Branding Digital marketing 15
  16. 16. ContactGeorge Stephan, Managing PartnerWebLife Research233 Spring Street, Suite 801, NYC 10013george@stephanpartners.comT.212-524-8583C.917-848-7972 16