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  1. 1. STEPHAN ORTEGA ELECTRICAL ENGINEER & PROJECT LEAD Innovative ~ Oil & Gas Industries ~ Electrical Engineering ~ Project Management ~ Leadership Disciplined, highly motivated and with great energy, dedicated senior electrical engineer with 10 years of experience in electrical fields with specialization on energy controls, including that within the oil and gas industries. An instrumental member of all teams, passionately provide quality leadership through development techniques, training programs and encouragement to succeed. Analyze and assess data, while providing ongoing monitoring of project processes, providing risk management and solving issues that may arise within those processes, before they happen. Consistently striving to remain abreast industry evolution, continuously research and educate self on electrical discovery and instrumentation tools that expedite processes, fulfill process needs and provide quality assurance in completed project cycles. Areas of Expertise include: Electrical Distribution Systems Industrial Environments Project Management Team Leadership and Development Problem Identification & Resolution Troubleshooting Reporting & Analysis Staff Training & Leadership System Designs Languages Spoken: English (Fluently) Installs Protection & Controls Rig Electrician EXPERIENCE & NOTABLE CONTRIBUTIONS M&I ELECTRIC | AMERICAN ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (AETI) • Beaumont, Texas • 2014 to Present A premium global provider of custom-designed power delivery solutions for the traditional and renewable energy industries. SENIOR TESTING TECHNICIAN | PROJECT LEAD Collaborate with electrical engineers and/or other personnel in identifying, defining and resolving developmental problems, while assembling electrical and electronic systems, developing prototypes according to engineering data and complex electrical principles. Set up and operate testing equipment, evaluating performance of developmental parts, assembly and systems under simulated operating conditions, while recording all results for upper management and executive team delivery. CONTRIBUTIONS & PROCESS DEVELOPMENT: • Influentially lead project management teams of technicians, defining client needs and taking charge in collaborating with teams to outline and assign tasking, according to ability, scope and budget; while developing team abilities and training new technicians. • Commissioned for maintenance and testing of electrical systems and equipment, promoting and maintaining a safe working environment for teams and ensuring adherence to safety policies and procedures. • Globally assist junior technicians throughout multiple AETI divisions around the world, remaining on-call 24- hours a day, advising and troubleshooting with technicians on protection schemes and relaying equipment. • Enhanced switch gear design and functionality of AETI Engineering Department, based on previous skills, abilities and experience of specialized equipment functions. • Increased training and development levels within department, significantly. • Instrumental to department and recruited for Project Lead on every assigned project, including the commissioning of switch gear equipment manufactured by AETI and going off shore to oil rigs to test and PM their electrical equipment. • Construct, test and repair substation relay and control systems, maintaining systems and isolating open and close systems when performing adjustments. • Prepare and maintain records reports, while detaining repairs, as well as when analyzing and interpreting test data in resolving design-related issues. ONCOR ELECTRIC DELIEVERY • Fort Worth, Texas • 2013 to 2014 The largest regulated electric deliver business in Texas, which is also the sixth largest in the United States. PROTECTION & CONTROL TECHNICIAN Provided technical direction, while performing emergency protection system modifications and high voltage switching in restoring electrical service without unsafely exposing the electrical system. Advised technical direction for the transmission work center in areas, such as system operations, breaker and regulator control systems, system fault analysis and fault location and mobile equipment installation, insuring the safe reliable operation of the transmission system. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • Installed protection and instituted control facilities, modifying designs, as needed, testing and calibrating all protection for load serving substations, generation switchyards and interconnection facilities with other companies. • Ensured that appropriate protections were installed safely and without affecting electric service. 5350 Old Dowlen Road #1027  Beaumont, Texas 77706  (832) 205-1275 
  2. 2. • Developed testing plans to test and maintain protective relaying equipment, relaying schemes, and SCADA systems, while providing insurance of systems protection and control facilities operation functioned, as designed, and that system integrity, reliable and secure operation of the ERCOT bulk power transmission grid and the power delivery system. • Monitored and analyzed performance of the protection and control systems, assessing digital fault recorder information, investigating questionable operations, troubleshooting and repairing the protection and control system. • Recommended and advised programmatic solutions as needed to insure ongoing system integrity and reliable, secure operation of ERCOT bulk power transmission grid and the power delivery system. • Developed written protocol and procedure for department, crafting and customizing it directly for personnel, ensuing that construction and maintenance activities are conducted safely without unnecessary system exposure, customer interruption and/or facility interruption. Gained extensive technical knowledge through traditional studies, as well as through direct hands-on experiences, providing teams with exceptional leadership, which reflects a “by-the-book” approach, while handling complexities with experience, dedication and even “outside-the-box” methodologies, as needed. THE UNITED STATES NAVY | NUCLEAR CARRIER, USS CARL VINSON CVN-70 • Houston, Texas • 2003 to 2007 A branch of The United States Armed Forces, dedicated to naval warfare. ACTIVE DUTY AVIATION BOATSWAINMATE EQUIPMENT | AIR DEPARTMENT SUPPLY, LOGISTICS & QUALITY ASSURANCE | ABE3 (E-4) Operated catapult launch and arresting consoles, firing panels, water brakes, jet blast deflectors and cooling panel, directly functioning through utilization of Aviation Boatswainmate equipment and Aviation Launch and Recovery Equipment. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • Demonstrated excellence in organizational maintenance of hydraulic and steam catapults, barricades, arresting gear and arresting gear engines with the responsibility of troubleshooting and resolving all recurring and ongoing hydraulic and steam-operated issues and malfunctions aboard a nuclear carrier. • Collaborated in the successfully launch of department and recovered every single aircraft during, being rewarded with the “Ribbon Of Excellence” for performing duty well. • Ranked at E-4, directing junior team members and was transferred to run all Air Department Supply and Logistics, while serving as a quality check and assurance personnel. • Positively impacted lives of colleagues through leadership, collaboration and motivation. EDUCATION BS, Electrical Power Engineering Technology UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON | Houston, Texas | 2012 AS, Science (High Honors) HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE | Houston, Texas | 2010 Six Sigma Master Black Belt, In Progress Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Six Sigma Lean Certification BOSIET (2018) RigPass TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES Software: Enoserv RTS 7, AutoCAD 2014, Doble 6150, Megger TTR, MTO, DELTA 4100. Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) Hardware: High Voltage Auto Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Breakers (345KV, 138KV, 69 KV, 13.2 KV), Line tuners, Wave Traps, POT/DCB/Direct Transfer Trip Schemes, Protective Relaying Equipment, Relaying Schemes, SCADA systems, ERCOT Bulk Power Transmission Grid AWARDS & HONORS Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal – OCT, 2007 National Defense Service Medal– JAN, 2004 Navy “Excellence” Ribbon– SEPT, 2005 Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal– SEPT, 2005 Good Conduct Award– NOV, 2006 5350 Old Dowlen Road #1027  Beaumont, Texas 77706  (832) 205-1275 
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS The United States Navy – Active Duty National Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa – 2008-2010 5350 Old Dowlen Road #1027  Beaumont, Texas 77706  (832) 205-1275 