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How to bring the IT organization closer to business: out of CAPEX, OPEX into generating money for the corporate

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It is the IT world

  1. 1. It is the IT world How to bring IT org closer to the business?opitConsulting - Stephan Katz - proprietary & confidential 1
  2. 2. Opening the big fix Identify what is that ONE change we need to make first How does that change makes Hello World more competitive? How do we apply that change? “It is not enough to do your best; you must KNOW what to do, and THEN do your best” -- DemingopitConsulting - Stephan Katz - proprietary & confidential 2
  3. 3. Success stories within the account applying TOC Thinking Process 300% increase in defect throughput in less than two weeks From 15-17 a day to 47-50 a day Turnaround Hello World deployment process after one week A source of constant complaints turned into a non-issue Increased projects throughput by 50% in three monthsopitConsulting - Stephan Katz - proprietary & confidential 3
  4. 4. Some ground rules Avoid of "we know" to reach a breakthrough There is always a myriad of possibilities awaiting for a grab Change is acceptable as long as it is a good change How do we know that a change is a good change? Come up with simple practical solutions Avoid fixing everything, everywhere and everybody at the same timeopitConsulting - Stephan Katz - proprietary & confidential 4
  5. 5. Strategy Hello World can outperform its Hello World strategic The business becomes more rivals only if it can establish a positioning means a mesh of prosperous as a result of IT DIFFERENCE that can be unique activities that cannot be preserved easily replicated by rivals Operational Effectiveness (OE) Therefore, Hello World ITs YES, it is delivery of projects. What is Hello World throughput is measured by IT Every initiative turns into a production floor? ability to deliver projects faster project and better than its competition Based on Michael E. PorteropitConsulting - Stephan Katz - proprietary & confidential 5
  6. 6. Core conflict cloud IT Wants IT Need Process Of OnGoing Improvement a stable set of project a clear work stream flow requirements and of work steps towards priorities per its final assembly organization capabilities rformance Conflict Business wants IT to Common Objective Per deliver innovative Have an ever projects faster and better flourishing company while IT wants to retain sound operational stability Time As time progresses performance is moving in one direction UP As time progresses performance Business Wants Business Need is moving in one direction – market share dynamic IT that is able to turn quickly the latest Increase UP! Beat the competition, concept while keeping through fast TTM and sound operational stability DDP © Growth vs. StabilityopitConsulting - Stephan Katz - proprietary & confidential 6
  7. 7. Roadmap to breakthrough Addressing the Delivery Model The problem The Solution The Actions Desirable Effects ++ Side Effects Undesirable Effect Solution Action Desirable Effect Desirable Side Effect Provide the ability to Lavishly assign top Customer Experience is Business is confident with produce initiative projects resources: business and IT Project are delivered below par IT ability to deliver faster and better projects during Concept between 5-7 months initiative projects than the competition development Undesirable Effect Solution Action Desirable Effect Desirable Side Effect IT provides professional Provide the ability to Clear and concise Business better High degree of services to the Business effectively work multiple, Business Requirements understands system requirements churn during Concept simultaneous projects (BR) capabilities Development Undesirable Effect Solution Action Desirable Effect Desirable Side Effect Quality goes down as a Downstream SDLC steps Zealously focus on the Increase quality only from result of high WIP, bad Use Critical Chain Project receive a full-kit to Critical Chain of tasks and the mere fact that bad- multi-tasking and ever Management (CCPM) effectively perform their resources multi-tasking is avoided changing of priorities tasks Undesirable Effect Solution Action Desirable Effect Before jumping to Below par of Due-Date- solutions too fast, use the Reduce WIP and bad Higher percentage of Performance (DDP) Thinking Process multi-tasking Due-Date-Performance methodology and tools Undesirable Effect Solution PM focus Desirable Effect To protect "ourselves", Apply 50/90 estimate rule Focus on full project estimates given are vastly Implement a process of Monitor buffer penetration completion rather than cushioned affecting TTM on-going improvement Subordinate buffer resources individual task completion DDP Due-Date-Performance WIP Work In Progress WITCE What Is The Customer Experience CCPM Critical Chain Project ManagemetopitConsulting - Stephan Katz - proprietary & confidential 7