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Staying Relevant - Winning in Today's Inbox


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Customers and prospects want a more personalized and relevant experience in their inbox, just like they’re getting in the apps they use, the sites they visit, and the social networks they frequent.

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Staying Relevant - Winning in Today's Inbox

  1. 1. STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov) Staying Relevant What it takes to win inside today’s inbox
  2. 2. Hi {First Name}, • 10+ years in email marketing • Owned web consultancy since 2000 • Mostly B2B focused • Used to be a big deal on Google+ • Currently I help enterprise companies launch and run customer and employee advocacy programs • Ask me how I got scooped up by Sprout Social – it’s a crazy story! STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov) Stephan Hovnanian Content Solutions Architect Bambu by Sprout Social
  3. 3. What is Relevance? STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov) Source: Merriam-Webster
  4. 4. Relevance in Email Marketing STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov) You satisfy their needs Their perception of your brand goes up They accept more content from you New business opportunities!
  5. 5. How do we create relevance? STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  6. 6. Empathy STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  7. 7. Empathy in Email Marketing STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov) The Right Content Segmented Audience Personalized Experience Empathy
  8. 8. How to balance subscriber empathy and business goals (a.k.a. Super-Secret Campaign Workflow #1) STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  9. 9. Super Secret Campaign Workflow #1 1. What business goal am I trying to achieve when I send this email campaign? 2. How does the content I send help me achieve that goal? 3. Who is most likely to act upon that content when I send it to them? 4. How do I get the list of these people? 5. If I can’t get that list, what data do I need to collect first? STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  10. 10. Example 1. GOAL – 5 consulting leads 2. CONTENT – Blog post with strong call to action 3. SEGMENT – People who have clicked on similar content 4. QUERY – Cherry-pick links from last 3 months’ campaigns 5. DATA – N/A, I’ve already got this STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  11. 11. Segmenting Your Audience STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  12. 12. Types of Email Segments • Interest based • Location based • Transaction based • Engagement based • Content based STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  13. 13. “Don’t create email segments just because you can, create them to help you meet a business goal.” STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  14. 14. Personalizing the Email Experience (a.k.a. Super Secret Campaign Workflow #2) STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  15. 15. Super Secret Campaign Workflow #2 • Did I meet my goal? • If my subscriber took action from the email, was the subsequent experience a delightful one? • Was the “ask” in my email reasonable? • Was the “ask” in my email clear? • Did the expectations I set match the “ask” for the subscriber? STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  16. 16. Example (redux) • CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW – Sell 5 consulting packages with an email about a blog post, sent to people who have engaged with that type of content in the past 3 months. • QUESTION – How do I personalize the email to maximize my opportunity for success? • ANSWER – Send more than one email! STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  17. 17. Email A – Sales Pitch • Primary Segment – Interest (Marketing) + Engagers (High) • The “ask” – Read a blog post then hire me • Clarity – Focus on blog post, use a button and text link • Expectations – VIP style email, sweeten the deal STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  18. 18. Email B – Newsletter • Primary Segment – Engagers (Medium) + Content (Video) + Content (Blog) • The “ask” – Read a blog post because it’s important to you • Clarity – Focus on blog post, use a button and larger text • Expectations – Focus is on being a resource to them, but if someone’s ready to buy they’ll have every opportunity STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  19. 19. Email C – Reengagement • Primary Segment – Engagers (Low) • The “ask” – A list of links to articles you’ve been missing • Clarity – Simple and passive to rekindle the relationship • Expectations – Low on my part, conversational style STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  20. 20. What you can do right now STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  21. 21. What to do next • Set up a brand champion segment • Create a campaign with a goal • Work backward to create your email campaign • Look at your newsletter to see how you might repurpose content to become more relevant STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  22. 22. You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov)
  23. 23. STEPHAN HOVNANIAN (@stephanhov) Thank you!