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Synopsis49.mark8.34 9.1 english


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Published in: Spiritual
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Synopsis49.mark8.34 9.1 english

  1. 1. ¶ 49. Mark 8:3-9:1. Giving Ones Life for the Gospel Matthew 16:24-28 Mark 8:34-9:1 Luke 9:23-27 34 And summoning the crowd with his disciples24 Then Jesus said he said 23 But he was sayingto his disciples, to them, to everyone,"If someone wishes "If someone wishes "If someone wishesto come after me, to follow after me, to come after me,let him deny himself let him deny himself let him deny himselfand let him take up and let him take up and let him take uphis cross his cross his cross day by dayand let him follow me. and let him follow me. and let him follow me.25 35 24For whoever should wish For whoever should wish For whoever should wishhis soul to save his soul to save his soul to savewill destroy it; will destroy it; will destroy it;and whoever should and whoever will and whoever shoulddestroy his soul destroy his soul destroy his soulon account of me on account of me on account of me and the gospelwill find it. will save it. this one will save it.26 For what will 36 For what will 25 For what willa person be profitted it profit a person a person be profitted,if the entire world to inherit after inheritinghe should inherit, the entire world the entire world,but and but destroying himselfto have his soul to have punished or being punished?be punished? his soul?or 37 ForWhat will a person give what should a person givein exchange for in exchange forhis soul? his soul?For 38 For whoever 26 For whoever should be ashamed of me should be ashamed of me and my words and my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation
  2. 2. this onethe Son of Man the Son of Man also the Son of Manis about will be ashamed of him will be ashamed ofto come when he should come when he should comein the glory in the glory in the glory of himof his Father of his Father and of the Fatherwith his angels. with the holy angels. and the holy angels.And thenhe will repay each oneaccording to his deeds.28 9:1 And he was saying 9:27 to them,"Amen I say to you that "Amen I say to you that "But I say to you truly,there are some there are some here there are someof those here standing of those standing of those present standingsome who really wont some who really wont who really wonttaste death taste death taste deathuntil they should see until they should see until they should seethe Son of Man the Kingdom of God the Kingdom of God.coming having comein his Kingdom. in power.