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Synopsis48.mark8.31 33.english


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Published in: Spiritual
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Synopsis48.mark8.31 33.english

  1. 1. ¶ 48. Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection; Peter Objects Matthew 16:21-23 Mark 8:31-33 Luke 9:2221 From that time 31 And 22Jesus began to show he began to teach sayinghis disciples that them that thatit was necessary it was necessary it was necessaryfor him for the Son of Man for the Son of Manto go away into Jerusalemand much to suffer to suffer much to suffer much and to be rejected and to be rejectedfrom the elders by the elders from the eldersand chief priests and the chief priests and chief priestsand scribes and the scribes and scribesand to be killed and to be killed and to be killedand on the third day and after three days and on the third dayto be raised. to be resurrected. to be raised. 32 And openly he was speaking the word.22 And Peter, And Peter,after taking him aside, after taking him aside,began to rebuke him began to rebuke him.saying,"God forbid it, Lord;For you, this must neverbe."23 But turning, 33 But turning to and seeing his disciples,he said to the Peter, he rebuked Peter and says,"Get behind me, Satan; "Get behind me, Satan,you are my stumblingblock,because you do not intend because you do not intendthe matters of God, but the matters of God, butthe matters of humans. the matters of humans.