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Conventions of genres


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Conventions of genres

  1. 1. Conventions Of Genres.<br />
  2. 2. Action Genre.<br /> Action films, are commonly known for their big budget explosive scenes such as fights and chases with non stop action and fast paced rhythm, these films often contain famous stars such as ‘Bruce Willis’ and ‘Jason Statham’ they each appear in films with high action rating, huge explosive scenes and overall full action. These films have to be face paced to ensure the audiences entertainment but to do this there are other aspects which are needed these include, props, costumes, lighting etc...This genre of film also has stereotypes such as the main characters often being male, they are presented as the dominant hero of these films, with this comes the stunts and heroic moments almost to impress the audience of their bravery, this may be because these sort of films are often aimed at younger males from teens to middle aged men, therefore by having a lead male character the audience can relate to them. To add to this within this genre of film there are other sun-genres.For a high paced action film, the lighting and sound effect and music have to be right in order to create a paced atmosphere, the lights have to be bright and in your face in order to confuse you and make you shift your eyes around the screen, but to also add to the bright flashing lights there needs to be a fast paced rhythm to the music and sound effects, the music is often fast beat to show the adrenaline rush of the main character , such as loud music with lots of base to emphasise the panic and action. The sound effects are often that to add to the impact of crashes and gun shots louder as if to hear the metal actually pierce from the gun, all this is used to create a bigger dramatic impact on the audience, the music loud to surround them to make them feel as if they are experiencing it themselves.<br />
  3. 3. Characters and costumes are important in the creating of any film and in action as said earlier they are often strong buff male characters to fit with the target audiences demands, and throughout the actions films with the fighting and chasing the costumes are often that of average day clothes just ripper and torn to emphasise the amount the character has gone through, with this are make-up such as bruises, gun shot wounds etc, all add to the impact to the audience, actions often include blood and gore adding another challenge to the main character therefore reinforcing the idea that they are brave and strong. To some extent this would be possible to achieve with the right makeup, however ripping clothing and using fake blood could add to the cost of the film, these are also included in prop for a high action packed movie it would involve having weapons and cars something which is difficult to do in a college environment as action is constantly about the chase and the rush of the film. Other than weapons and vehicles action films don't usually have any other props other than everyday surrounding objects.Action films are films which can receive both good and bad reviews, often depending on if the film could actually happen, such films as “crank” take reality too far however this was given a good reception by the audience but things such as the army being involved in a chase can be considered to far fetched. This would be possible to create as I could use real surroundings and events around the world to develop my storyline.Finally the dialogue of a movie which is action packed is normally abrupt and abusive, such as swearing and violence, this would be quite inappropriate for a college film as the language of these films normally means the certificate of age is normally 15 or 18.<br />
  4. 4. To conclude this genre of film, overall after assessing the aspects of action films it would be quite difficult to construct this sort of film, technically it could be constructed using special effects and sound effects however with the equipment I have to work with it would be difficult to produce an action film up to the highest standard. Not only this but there are issues with safety and access to locations, there would be issues in creating a high action paced film as there is not much I could do to create a disaster that needed resolving or creating a chase or fight, these stunts would to be to dangerous to perform, and could cause health and safety risks. However, the music and sound effects would be easily constructed as they can be downloaded and manipulate using the computer software at college. Along with this the costumes and characters could be easily gathered, the only issue would be yet again the action criteria as the characters would have to be strong and confident, sometimes these are harder to find in a college environment, on the other hand the characters could be edited and effects could be used to bring them up to the right criteria. Another issue would be the lighting if filmed in day light then it would work however at night we would have to use big effective lights in order to see the shot and getting these might be difficult. Overall to produce a good quality action film it would be difficult to achieve, to some degree I would be able to create a part action film by adding effects but it wouldn't have as much fast paced action as typical films but as said earlier it could fall under one of the sub genre action films such as “action-comedy” or “diehard scenario” both have a limited amount of action and are based around other genres as well. <br />
  5. 5. Romantic Genre.<br />Romantic films are commonly known for their love stories/affairs between a leading man and lady, follow their struggle to be together or just the journey they travel to find love, they are often full of love and compassion, showing the heart filled storyline of two peoples affections for one another; this genre of film are often slow paced to show the long journey of love or the fairytale story of a man meeting a woman. All film genres have sub-genres which include the main genre and other types of film as does romantic films such as “Rom- coms” or “chick flicks”, these are the two most common types of romantic films.This type of film is often created for a target audience of teens to middle/older women, as stereotypically women are for seen as the “romantic” type. These films often contain little action, it is usually about following a love story therefore the everyday lives of a couple or two people in love, with slow paced editing switching for example from one of a lonely woman in her own world to a man again in the same position, this therefore setting the storyline. To do this sort of film scenes it wouldn't involve as much construction as other films such as lighting or props it relies more on the dialog and body language of characters. As said earlier this type of film usually has two main characters a man and a woman who have fallen in love or are telling their story etc, and with this I would have to have a couple that would show body language of people in love therefore having shots of them looking in each others eye or the woman looking up at the man etc, the lighting would be bright and almost spotlight the main characters to show they are the story line. The costumes could be anything from simple to wedding dresses or even dresses and suits to show their passion for each other. Costumes and characters can either break or make a film as the main characters have to captivate the audience therefore having a strong male character with a “damsel in distress” would cause the audience to feel empathy towards her.<br />
  6. 6. To make a set romantic props and lighting would play an important part in the making of a movie such as having a candle lit dinner to show the passion and romance between two people, in romantics movies it is often about the was two people show love and often related to events such as valentines or Christmas where they give gives or celebrate. A romantic film could easily be constructed but it all depends on the people I am able to film, as some people tend to be shy, this is not the only problem that might occur if developing a romantic film, the different scenes would have to be set up and filming in a real restaurant may be difficult or even trying to film a couple together may be difficult. Technically making a romantic film would be easy to do as there would not be very many special effects or sounds effects, as most of film would be natural as love is considered to be natural not only this but the lighting as well would want to look bright but natural, the lighting would have to be bright to highlight the romance of the scene, not only this but the music would be quite light (soft, violins piano etc..) this is all possible via the computers at college using the garage band to create a soundtrack and filming in the daylight to give the dreamy affect to the film. The dialog of the film would simply be quite “cheesy” as a romantic film is often “cheesy” as that's what makes it romantic that two people are in love etc..Overall this movie could easily be constructed for my own movie with the right angles of camera and the right cast it could work I would just have to make the “romance” look real by adding a soundtrack or have shots of two people in love etc..<br />
  7. 7. Horror Genre.<br />Horror films are genuinely about evoking the audiences fears into the film, they consist of terrifying and captivating the audience into nail-biting scenes. Often filmed in various mysterious location as to set an eerie scene these films are usually slow paced as if ticking down to the shocking finale. These films can be constructed in two different ways a fast paced chase with a mystery behind the chase or slow paced with a eerie atmosphere, often these films have monsters or are combined with sci-fi for example “Freddy vs. Jason” or “alien”. Yet again all this is created by the good use of lighting and costumes along with the other techniques used. Horror films often take it over the edge with aspects of reality mixing nightmares with monsters etc, they also use real life phobias to capture the audience and have them on their toes.As with other genres of films there a sub genres such as “teen terror”, “slasher” and “serial killers”, all involve the aspect of creating a terrifying atmosphere for the audience. The target audience for these types of films are often widely based from teens to middle aged of any gender, as they often vary on the storyline, but they are always intended to startle the viewer to make them jump etc.These films often rely on costume, props lighting and music to keep the audience captivated without the music the suspense isn't built up however if the music gets faster it normally alerts the audience that something is about to happen, this is the same with costumes without the costumes or effect for the monsters or whatever is the main character then it wouldn't scare the audience the costumes can be dark and grim as if to resemble death but also so in the dark they cant be seen, horror’s are normally filmed in the dark, as something jumping out from the dark when un expected can startle the audience which is what intended. The lighting is mostly dark throughout the film unless to highlight the “bad guy”. Costume lighting and music combined together create suspense and build up the tension up until the shocking finale.<br />
  8. 8. Adding to the earlier point that costume is important to a horror film if the attacker was dressed normally then the audience would have nothing to be scared by, and the more creative the costume the more the impact of the audience for example a monster with blood dripping from its mouth would scare people more than a man in a hoodie. This also applies to the lighting if films in the daylight it is more of a happy atmosphere and in a horror the atmosphere is set to be eerie and creepy.Sound effects are always important in any sort of scary movie be it thriller or horror as the noises add to the mystery and this leads the audience to imagine there worst fears are in the movie, sound effects such as screams or shouting often indicate something terrifying is happening so this just adds to the scariness.Body language and characters are just as important as any other aspect of the film making if the character is laid back and not bothered by the event or the suspense then the audience will just think it is normal and will not have got into the film or storyline enough to be startled, horror movies need to captivate the audience or else they will not follow or understand the plot. This would be easy to re-create if making my own horror movie as filming in the dark people are naturally scared so there body language will show that or someone actually terrified, and filming in a location such as woods or a dark deserted place will instantly add to the drama and intense atmosphere.<br />
  9. 9. Concluding the research into the horror genres of films, it would be possible to develop and construct , there are aspects which wouldn't work if I was creating a horror movie such as the combination of sci-fi as this would mean buying the costumes or makeup in order to create a sci-fi character or environment, however creating a natural horror such as a setting of being in dark woods would be easy to do as I live near these surroundings any way. Overall a horror film would be possible if filmed at the right time and if I use sound effects to create a big enough suspense for the audience, the only issue would be creating the right sound track to build up suspense. Without the right music or sound effects the film will just look average the music builds up tension and creates almost a heartbeat up until the big finale.Adding to this costume and makeup can easily be put together to create something new, as not all horror consist of monsters or aliens some can just be average people or even having people act as if they are possessed is easily done with the right body language and camera angle the person/character can look intimidating and can scare the audience. Not only this but the movie doesn't actually have to show a monster or a thing attacking the characters within the movie often leaving it a mystery can help captivate the audience as they watch to find out what it is so often leaving a film on a cliff-hanger can lead them to create their own storyline to what the “thing” was.<br /> Overall this film genre could be created using the right equipment and techniques, however if the music and costume aren't right it could lead to the audience not being interested or the suspense building up at the wrong time.<br />
  10. 10. Comedy Genre.<br />Comedies are deliberately created to keep the audience amused and keep them laughing throughout the film this is often done by exaggaterating situations and events, this is also done through the body language of a character and the relationships between the characters, for example in the films “get smart” and “Bruce almighty”, the characters are always acting immature or trying to do things they cant therefore creating laughter. Films in this style traditionally have a happy ending as they were one of the first styles of film and often were the genre of silent movies such as “Charlie Chapman”, this genre of film vary quite a lot depending on the type of movie from adult humour which could involve sex, or spoofs which are mockeries of actually films such as “epic movie”, spoofs are often created to exaggerate the film, these are very popular with teens.Comedies rely completely on props costumes and narrative, without these it cannot be considered funny, practical jokes are often performed with props such as the typical “whoopee cushions” etc... Comedies also often have to conflicting characters or a character trying to impress another but failing each time for example in “American pie” a boy always tried to impress a girl but humiliates himself each time. Without the right characters and costume the cast might be taken to seriously , however usually a character who is uptight or serious is normally the joke of the film. Not only do the cast have to have the right attitude and dialog to make the audience laugh but in some cases there target age is also the age the cast portray such as “inbetweeners” is aimed at teenagers as then the viewers can relate to the embarrassment and laugh knowing it could happen to anyone.Music can also be used to create suspension in these sort of films, often sound effects are added to exaggerate the comedy just as falling over and the crash and bang. The sound effects can easily be constructed using computer software so this could easily be produced.<br />
  11. 11. Comedies as said before can appeal to any type of audience, as they can go from simply gags to spoofs this means that a comedy can use a variety of costumes and props, often the language and dialog can be quite abrupt. The dialog would obviously be full of jokes or the narrative of a exaggerated story, his could be quite difficult to do as different people have different sense of humour and to get the right joke for the target audience could be difficult to achieve not only this but finding the people to let you film them while they joke. Not only this but it may be difficult to find the right costumes and props to make the audience laugh, as comedians often have a range of outfits or props such as in “Bruce almighty” the special effects are the aspects that make the audience laugh and it may be difficult to produce special effects to that level of high standard, as I only known how to use programmes such as Photoshop and final cut. Overall a comedy would be to difficult to produce to a high standard of film as the effects and prop’s, costumes etc needed would be too costly or would be to hard to find, as a comedy appeals to certain audiences. On the other hand it could be possible if concentrating on a particular type of comedy with a particular target audience such as inbetweeners movie for example which appeals to a certain audience such as teenagers/ students of the same age at the cast.<br />