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Trust Building in Teams - Case Study


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Trust building in teams - A case study on Indian automobile company addressing interdependency, collaboration and trust building in teams.

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Trust Building in Teams - Case Study

  1. 1. CASE  STUDYTrust  Building  in  Teams STEP  CONSULTING
  2. 2. Introduc3on • Trainees: A  car/truck  company’s  product  team • Focus  Areas: Interdependency  and  trust  building   • Expected  Outcomes:    Collabora?on    Common  vision  and  goalshBp://
  3. 3. Program  Objec3ves • Increase  bonding  and  interac?on  between  team   members  for  beBer  performance  at  workplace • Build  close  rapport  and  trust  amongst  colleagues   and  create  a  founda?on  for  cross  func?onal   interdependence • Realize  the  importance  of  stepping  out  of  comfort   zones  for  individual  and  organiza?onal  goals   • Create  a  collabora?ve  mindset  and  a  sense  of   belongingness  amongst  the  par?cipants  by   understanding  the  need  for  collabora?on  and   interdependencehBp://
  4. 4. Our  Approach In  order  to  influence  the  behavior  of  an  individual  we  Embedded  in   need  to  challenge  their  beliefs.Human  Mind Our  outbound  methodology: • Helps  par?cipants  explore  their  behavioral   paBerns  and  reac?ons  to  various  situa?ons   • Assesses  the  conduciveness  of  their  iden?fied   behavioral  aBributes  or  traits  in  a  given  situa?on   • Provides  opportuni?es  to  iden?fy  and  challenge   the  beliefs  guiding  their    behavior
  5. 5. Program  StructureThe  par?cipants  will  be  placed  out  of  their  comfort  zones  and  they  will  accomplish  the   Our  skilled  and  experienced  trainers  facilitate  par3cipants’  course  objec?ves  by  doing  and   learning  in  a  physically,  intellectually  and  emo3onally  safe  reviewing  their  experiences. environment  for  the  par3cipants  to:The  Program  uses  an  adventure-­‐oriented  “learning  by  doing”  approach  through   • Be  fully  immersed  in  the  ac3vi3es  the  use  of  interac?ve  &  Experien?al  Methodologies  like  Adventure  Based  Learning,   • Understand  self  and  othersAc?vi?es,  Games  &  Simula?ons  . • Try  out  and  explore  new  roles  and  behavior • Share  and  discuss  the  experience     • Transfer  the  experience  to  the  workplace • Create  an  agenda  for  future  ac3on
  6. 6. Our  Approach WIN  WIN  MODE   BUILDING  &   ESSENTIAL  ELEMENTS   EXPERIENCING  TEAM   FUNCTIONING MAINTAINING  TRUST OF  CROSS  FUNCTIONAL   SYNERGY INTERDEPENDENCEAssocia?on  of  overall   Ini?a?ng,  building  &   Importance  of   Concern  for  team  goalssuccess  with  co-­‐opera?on   maintaining  trust  within  &   Communica?on  for  collec?ve  &  communica?on across  teams goal  achievement Interdependence  &   Collabora?onAchieving  Win-­‐Win   Taking  responsibility  for   Interpersonal  sensi?vitysitua?ons each  other Working  in  High   Individual  Contribu?on  for   Performing  TeamsGaining  an  organiza?onal   Enhanced  output  as  a  groupperspec?ve
  7. 7. Results  &  FeedbackIt  was  a  well  managed  training  programme.  Every  game  &  ac?vity   “It  was  a  great  experience  had  it’s  own  importance;  every   through  the  different  types  of  program  was  related  with  spirit  &   games.  Also  involvement  of  teamwork.   people  was  very  useful.”   Sa3sfac3on  Ra3ng
  8. 8. Step  Advantage Focused  on  behavioral  development  in  groups  and  individuals Specialize  in  customized  experience  to  suit  organiza?onal  challenges Diverse  team  of  HR  specialists,  Process  Facilitators,  OD  specialists,  psychologists,  game   designers  &  adventure  enthusiasts Interven?ons  across  all  levels  of  the  management   (workers-­‐execu?ves-­‐management-­‐top  team)  and  across  the  en?re  organiza?on In-­‐house  capability  to  provide  end-­‐to-­‐end  solu?ons  for  outbound  development   interven?ons  across  the  country Interna?onal  standard  safety  measures Ongoing  research  in  experien?al  games  &  ac?vi?es  and  their  customiza?on  to  enable   stronger  learnings  (validated  by  professors  in  the  OB  area)
  9. 9. Step  Consul?ng  Pvt.  Ltd. 011  –  41023030-­‐34 hBp://www.stepconsul? hBp://StepConstul? @Step_Consul?ng  LinkedIn FacebookhBp://