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A. B. C. of STEM CELL therapy Dr. Sharda jain Lifecare Centre


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A. B. C. of STEM CELL therapy Dr. Sharda jain Lifecare Centre

  1. 1. A. B. C. of STEM CELL therapy DR. SHARDA JAIN Director LifeCare- Reecure Stem Cell therapy DR. RAJESH DHALL Director : LifeCare- Reecure Stem Cell therapy Sr. Consultant Anesthetics: Lifecare IVF PCH /PMC
  2. 2. The fascinating world of STEM CELL THERAPY – a medical revolution
  3. 3. We are sure there are a lot of doubts plaguing your mind about STEM CELL BANKING and STEM CELL THERAPY. Let us help you to Lifecare ReeCure erase these doubts. This PPT contains answers to all your questions and aims to put your mind at ease to counsel your friends, family members & patients. If you want to know more, feel free to call us Dr. Sharda Jain M: 9650511339 Dr. Rashmi Jain Dr. RajeshDhall M: 9810424082 M: 9810110405
  4. 4. WELCOME TO “LifeCare - ReeCure Centre” for Stem Cell Therapy on 6/01/2014
  5. 5. 12 December 1992 12 August 2012 6 January 2014 LifeCare –ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL therapy GROWTH OF LIFECARE CENTRE Global Therapy & Research 3 January 2015
  6. 6. Board Of Directors Dr. Sharda Jain Dr. Sharda Jain Graduate from LHMC, Post graduate from PGIMER, chandigarh spend 2 decades as teacher at PGIMER & LHMC & known Guru in gynaecology. She is entrepreur with a wealth of 22 years in brand building of lifecare centre. She has proven track record as a founder, chief promoter of Lifecare Centre. She has been founder chairperson institute of Pushpanjali crosslay Hospital with its entire super specialties. Dr. Sudhir Jain Dr. Sudhir Jain MBBS – KGMC ,MD, PGIMER chandigarh is known Guru of pathologists & has been instrumental in setting up of good pathology departments at Nigera , Maduguru university, Batra Hospital , Metro Path Lab in Delhi. morbid path lab , PCH, Onquest, Lifecare Centr, Chacha Nehru Hospital Delhi He his lent his valuable support & technical expertise to many of has colleagues & students to set up good path labs in India. Dr. Rajesh Dall MBBS, MS (anesthetia) MAMC,. Leading anesthetist of east Delhi. DNB Teacher Dr. Rajesh Dhall
  7. 7. Board Of Directors Dr. Jyoti Agarwal MD. Gynaecoligist, Gold medalist Hardonian She has been a Gold medalist throughout, has lent her valuable support & technical expertise to build Lifecare Centre/ Lifecare IVF. Par excellent in Ultrasound & IVF beside being a Gynaecologist of repute. Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar MD MRCOG (UK) is an alumni of Lady Harding Medical College. She has 20years of Experience of working in reputed Govt. Hospitals of Delhi and Abroad in Oman & Republic of Ireland as an Obstetrician. She has joined the Esteemed and experienced Team of Lifecare Centre in October 2010. Dr. Jyoti Agarwal A young dynamic individual with 18yrs post MD experience, trained at prestigious King George’s Medical College, Lucknow, is Lab Director of Lifecare IVF Pvt Ltd. sinceApril 12. Her special interest is in the field of Clinical Embryology. She has done her Basic Embryology Training at National University of Singapore ,advanced ICSI & Laser Assisted Hatching training at KMC ,Manipal. She is a member of ESHRE and believes in continuous up gradation of her knowledge & skills. Dr. Aruna Saxena Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar
  8. 8. C E R T I F I C A T E S
  9. 9. Sources of Stem cells & Procedures of Stem Cell therapy LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  10. 10. Bone Marrow Menstrual Blood Hair Follicle Adipose Tissue LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy Cord Blood Umb. Cord Cells
  11. 11. The success of stem cell therapy depends on LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  12. 12. • Hematopoietic cell – CD 34,Cd 45 • Mesenchymal stem cell - Mesenchymel types are – CD 29, - CD 73, CD 90, CD 105 etc….. •Mononuclear (MNC) count Cells type for treatment LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  13. 13. Technology behind our success • Differentiation with different cluster coding/desire cells type ( as per disorder) through culture.. (Mesenchymal types are - CD 73, CD 90, CD 105 etc . .. . . • Multiplication up label of required cells quantity.( near to 1.5 Cr.) • Composition of all cells like Mnc, Hsc is
  14. 14. Proprietary technology Quality Control Analysis for counts, viability,purity and potency Unique, Proprietary & 20 Patents LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  15. 15. Indications
  16. 16. Potential uses of Stem Cells Indications LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  17. 17. Disease treated by stem cells • Cardiovascular Disorders • Acute Myocardial infarction • Cardiomyopathy • Heart Failure • Buerger’s disease • Coronary • Heart Disease • Liver Disorder • Liver Cirrhosis • Bone Disorder • Achondrodysplasia • Osteorthritis •Osteogenesis imperfecta • Non healing fracture of bone • Neuro – muscular Disorder • ALS • Alzheimer’s Disease •Autism Cerebral palsy • Multiple Sclerosis • muscular Dystrophy • Spinal cord injury • spinal muscular atrophy • Stroke • Parkinson’s Disease • Kidney Disorders • Chronic Renal Failure • Lung Disease • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) • Diabetes • Type I • Type II • Eye Disorders • Macular Degeneration • Retinitis Pigmentosa • Corneal Ulcer
  18. 18. Cardiovascular Disorders • Chronic Heart Failure • Myocardial Infarction • Cardiomyopathy • Buerger’s Disease LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  19. 19. Neuro-Muscular Disorders • Cerebral Palsy • Multiple Sclerosis • Parkinson’s Disease • Spinal Cord Injury • Stroke •Alzheimer’s Disease • Muscular Dystrophy • Spinal Muscular Atrophy • ALS LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  20. 20. Liver Disorders • Liver Cirrhosis LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  21. 21. Bone and Cartilage Disorders • Osteoarthritis • Non-healing fractures • Osteogenesis Imperfecta • Achondrodysplasia LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  22. 22. Haematological Disorders • Acute Leukaemia • Chronic Leukaemia • Myelodysplastic Syndromes • Marrow Failure • Thalassemia • Myeloproliferative Disorders • Lymphoproliferative Disorders • LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  23. 23. Haematological Disorders • Phagocyte Disorders • Inherited Platelet Abnormalities • Other Inherited Disorder • Inherited Metabolic Disorders • Histiocytic Disorders • Inherited Erythrocyte Abnormalities • Inherited Immune System Disorders • Plasma Cell Disorders • Other Malignancies LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  24. 24. Other Disorders • Diabetes • Eye Disorders • Anti-Ageing LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  25. 25. Our Focuses is on “No Hope Diseases” • These disorder range from numerous congenital or neurodegenerative disease like multiple scleriosis, ALS and Muscular Dystrophies to the more familiar and commonly occurring disorder like strokes, Diabetes, Myocardial infarctions, osteoathiritis, liver cirrhosis etc. LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  26. 26. MUMBAI • Breach Candy Hospital • Jaslok Hospital &Medical Research Center • Grant Medical College & J.J.Hospital • Nowrosjee Wadia Hospital • K.E.M Hospital and Seth G.S Medical College • Dr.I.H Hiranandani Hospital • Lilawati Hospital • Nanawati Hospital • BANGALORE • Delhi • Lifecare centre IVF Centre • Sehgal Nursing • LUCKNOW • Ajanta Hospital • Udhyan Health Care Affiliated with Leading Hospitals LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  27. 27. • Mesenchymal stem cell cord blood, Bone marrow, Dental pulp, Menstrual blood. • Hamatopiotic (Cord blood) CD 34 & CD 45 count •Mononuclear Cells (MNC ) LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy We Specalised in procuring
  29. 29. Administration of Stem Cells • SIMPLE & CONVENIENT PROTOCOLS • POSSIBLE WITHIN THE CONFINES OF our ONE’S OWN CLINIC & IVF Centre OT • MOST OFTEN formalities COMPLETED IN A DAY OR TWO LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  30. 30. In Simple words What is the Procedure Of Stem Cell Therapy ? LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  31. 31. • Simple procedure Bone Marrow Aspiration from Iliac Crest • Stem Cell therapy (2-5 sitting) After 3 days – 3 months LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  32. 32. Our USP • Accurate treatment protocols for “relevant disorder” • Special emphasis on “NO HOPE DISORDERS” • ReeCure has treated over 1500 cases of varied diseases • Noteworthy patient Testimonials • Same charges across india LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  33. 33. Case Studies and Testimonials (real life success stories published in leading newspapers across India.) • Diabetes • Cardiac Failure • Autism • Alzheimer’s Disease • Spinal Cord Injury • Cerebral Palsy and many others….. Our Partner have
  34. 34. Future of Stem Cell Medicine • The Indian market potential slated to be in the range of US$ 500 million. • More than 45,000 people across the world receiving stem cell transplant every year. • Potential to reduce pharmaceutical R&D by 25% each year, with savings of up to US $25 million in each drug market. • Potential to be the next revolution in the field of medicine. LifeCare – ReeCure Centre of STEM CELL Therapy
  35. 35. ADDRESS 35 , Defence Enclave, Opp. Preet Vihar Petrol Pump, Metro pillar no. 88, Vikas Marg , Delhi – 110092 CONTACT US 011-22414049, 42401339 WEBSITE : E-MAIL ID &