Feasibility studies for innovation in space


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Feasibility studies for innovation in space

  1. 1. Technology Strategy BoardDriving InnovationFeasibility Studiesfor Innovation in SpaceCompetition for fundingJanuary 2011
  2. 2. Feasibility Studies for Innovation in SpaceCompetition for fundingSummary This competition will focus on feasibility Each project will culminate in a short report studies that: and, where relevant, a demonstrator.The Technology Strategy Board is to K accelerate the development of Projects will also present theirinvest up to £2m in feasibility studies to innovative commercial technologies achievements at a public ‘Collaborationstimulate innovation across the space for space Nation’ event to be held in autumn 2011.industry, ensuring that small and micro K lead to new services which exploit data This competition activity complementsbusinesses in the UK are well-equipped gained from space-based systems three feasibility studies competitions beingto respond to society’s greatest current K lead on to identifiable commercial run concurrently in the areas ofand future challenges. opportunities or will position UK technology-inspired innovation, digitalThe competition builds on the growth organisations to access other public/ services and nanoscale technologies.opportunities identified in the Space private funding where this is requiredInnovation and Growth Strategy, and will for further development.exploit the facilities and open innovation Backgroundculture of the International Space The competition is co-funded by South The Technology Strategy Board becameInnovation Centre (ISIC). East England Development Agency a partner in the British National Space (SEEDA) which will co-fund collaborativeFeasibility studies should last up to three Centre (BNSC) in January 2009 and took projects that:months and each cost no more than on responsibility for UK European Space£33,000 in total. We will fund 75% of the K have at least one industrial partner in Agency (ESA) satellite telecommunicationsproject cost (up to £25,000). Projects the SEEDA region and satellite navigation R&D programmes,may be collaborative or carried out by K demonstrate the potential for significant and other aspects of innovation in UKa single company. impact in the south east of England. civil space. We lead activity related to innovation in space that supports the economic growth opportunities identified in the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy. We also play an important role in engaging the space industry and UK space capability in addressing broader challenges and growth opportunities across a wide range of emerging markets. The Technology Strategy Board is supporting the transition of BNSC to the UK Space Agency, which will be fully operational on 1 April 2011 and is responsible for all strategic decisions on the UK civil space programme. SEEDA has committed funding to the International Space Innovation Centre to support R&D activity that drives economic growth in the south east. Scope Feasibility studies should be aligned with the objectives of one or more of the following strategies and programmes: K Recommendations of the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (see www.spaceigs.co.uk)02 | Technology Strategy Board
  3. 3. Feasibility Studies for Innovation in Space Competition for fundingK Priority research themes identified in the robotics and exploration Funding allocation and National Space Technology Roadmaps K Autonomous systems application process to be published in January 2011 K Robotics The Technology Strategy Board hasK SEEDA regional economic strategy K Novel power sources. allocated up to £2m to fund feasibilityK European Space Agency programmes studies that address the technical such as Advanced Research in access to Space challenges and align with the technology Telecommunications Systems (ARTES), K Significant cost savings in satellite areas described above. The total project Integrated Applications Promotion, platform design and manufacture costs can be no more than £33,000 and Global Navigation Satellite Systems K Miniaturisation and exploitation of the Technology Strategy Board will award (GNSS) Evolutions, Climate Change micro-electro-mechanical technology grants at 75% (up to around £25,000) to Initiative, Aurora. in space suitable projects.Proposals must fall into one or more of the K Novel mission concepts leading to new The key criteria for assessment will befollowing five market areas: commercial opportunities in earth market potential, commercial impact and observation or telecommunications potential for success in the next steps ofSatellite telecommunications K Innovation launch solutions. development. Projects are strongly encouraged to exploit and build on theAddressing market opportunities for Applicants are encouraged to review the capability of the International Spacetechnology or applications in: scopes of concurrent feasibility studies Innovation Centre (either at Harwell or theK Satellite broadband competitions in technology-inspired ISIC ‘spokes’). innovation, digital services and nanoscaleK Broadcast The competition is a single-stage process technologies, to assess the most relevantK Transport competition in the case of cross-cutting that will open on 10 January 2011 andK Security technologies. See www.innovateuk.org. close at midday on 10 february 2011. Applicants will be informed of the outcomeK Environment. If you have any specific queries about the of their application by 28 february 2011. scope of this competition please email your A competition briefing will be held inSensing questions to: competitions@tsb.gov.uk London on 19 January 2011 to explainK Monitoring the planet – environment the process and we strongly recommend and climate that applicants attend.K Commercial earth observation Looking for partners to work on Further details can be found in the your project? Go to _connectK Security and defence (security related Guidance for Applicants for this competition (https://ktn.innovateuk.org/web/iis_ applications should not be subject (available from our website after you comp) to find collaborators and to any classification restrictions). have registered for this competition). networks.This includes innovative new detectors – note that aLL deadlines are at 12 noon.visible, infrared and microwave, andoptical and microwave systems – bothactive and passive. Key datesposition, navigation and timingK Services that exploit the potential Competition opens 10 January 2011 of satellite navigation Competition briefing 19 January 2011K Integration of satellite navigation Competition closes 10 february 2011 capability into other products or servicesK Novel techniques to enhance the Successful candidates informed 28 february 2011 security of commercial satellite Deadline for delivery of reports 17 august 2011 navigation services – encryption, protection, interference detection. Collaboration Nation event autumn 2011 Technology Strategy Board | 03
  4. 4. Feasibility Studies for Innovation in SpaceCompetition for fundingFurther information Competition helpline: 0300 321 4357The feasibility studies supported under thiscompetition may develop into submissionsto a follow-on competition, which is under Email:consideration for later in 2011. competitions@tsb.gov.ukTo apply for funding through thiscompetition and to get further details you Publicitywill need to register your interest via the The Technology Strategy Board frequentlyCompetitions section of our website at publicises the results of competitionswww.innovateuk.org. and this includes engagement with theIt is important to allow enough time to media. All applicants will be given aregister, to read the 70-page Guidance for chance during the competition process toApplicants and prepare your application. opt out of any publicity. Willing applicantsNote that registration can take 48 hours. will be asked to provide an agreed form of words for use in publicity material. E-mailUploading your application form at least The Technology Strategy Board is a pressoffice@tsb.gov.uk with any queries.24 hours before the deadline will give business-led executive non-departmentalthe Business Support Team time to public body, established by theresolve any problems. See the FAQs Government. Its role is to promote andat www.innovateuk.org under support research into, and developmentCompetitions for more information. and exploitation of, technology and innovation for the benefit of UK business, in order to increase economic growth and improve quality of life. The Technology Strategy Board North Star House North Star Avenue Swindon SN2 1UE Telephone: 01793 442700image credits:Cover: EADS Astrium, DMC International Imaging, ESA/P Sebirot www.innovateuk.orgPage 2: DMC International ImagingPage 3: EADS Astrium © Technology Strategy Board November 2010 T10/088Page 4: Surrey Satellite Technology Limited Printed on 100% recycled paper.