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A Design for an Orbital Assembly Facility


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Design for orbital vehicle assembly facility, by Simon Feast and Alan Bond of Reaction Engines Ltd.

Published in: Technology, Business
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A Design for an Orbital Assembly Facility

  1. 1. A Design for an Orbital Assembly Facility Simon Feast Alan Bond
  2. 2. Outline • Why the need for it? • The Problems with On-Orbit Assembly • Design Constraints / Layout and Assembly
  3. 3. …Why the need for it? An integral part of the Space Transportation Infrastructure Function • Vehicle Assembly and Maintenance Facility (A Stepping Stone for High Energy Space Missions) • Assessment and Repair Area for Vehicle Departures/Arrivals • Propellant Storage
  4. 4. Ideas from the Past
  5. 5. The Main Problem with On-Orbit Assembly Parallel Orbit In-Plane Orbit