Stella Phoenix Windows Data Recover 6


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All new Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery helps you recover just about everything. Regain lost files, folders, documents, photos, music & other important files.

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  • With the help of an effective and reliable Windows data recovery software you can recover your all deleted data from damaged or formatted Hard drive of Windows operating system.Get more detail info click here:-
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  • If you need Windows Data Recovery Software. Before purchase or free download read review and comparison table . For read comparison table click
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Stella Phoenix Windows Data Recover 6

  1. 1. WindowsData RecoveryStellar Phoenix6®Recover Just About Everything
  2. 2. One Solution for Multiple ConcernsWith Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 youcan recover Just About Everything. From files, folders,documents, music, photos, videos, emails to criticaldata on RAID servers; Stellar Phoenix Windows DataRecovery v6 is ONE solution for all data recoveryrequirements.My kid has scratched an important CD!How do I get my data?I have accidently deleted someimportant files from my computer.Can I get them back?My RAID has failed & I want to recovermy data. Can I get it back?I want to run recovery on a differentdesktop, can I access that remotely &recover files?Common FAQs
  3. 3. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6All new Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery helps you recover just about everything. Regain lostfiles, folders, documents, photos, music & other important files.Why Stellar Phoenix? It’s SIMPLE Do – It – Yourself Recovery Tool Recover LOST OR DELETED files & folders documents, emails,photos & video even after FORMATTING or emptying recyclebin Recover from internal & external STORAGE DEVICES Access any computer AROUND THE WORLD & recover lostdata Full recovery of deleted E-MAILS Recover from RAID 0, 5 & 6 (Software RAID Also Supported)Tech EditionWorks with :Product Highlighters
  4. 4. ‘‘ ‘‘I accidently deleted all of our honeymoon videos from Costa Rico. They were on the internalmemory of a Cannon Vixia camera. As soon as it happened, my heart sank. I figured that theseprecious memories were lost forever. I downloaded the Stellar Data Recovery software, and itactually recovered all the videos directly off of the camera. It worked perfectly! Thank you verymuch! I highly recommend this software. Jason Hiltabide.You saved my life. I accidentally formatted an internal hard drive that contained thousands ofphoto images including our honey moon! My first attempt was a free software called photo recbut it did not recover most of my raw data. Then I purchased Stellar Phoenix Windows DataRecovery and it works beautifully. Thank you very much! Ken Wakita.‘‘I swore, I slammed the counter, I cursed myself for "letting" the camera continue processingwhen I knew it was deleting 8G of photos - "Grandpas 79th b-day, my daughter and niece"sleeping" over reading with the flashlight under the covers! Precious moments - my girls firsttaffy apple! A heartfelt thanks to your team and for your software in recovering my memories!It would be priceless - but you also made it affordable! Sincerely, Helen Brooks.Customer Speak
  5. 5. This option recovers data from burnt orinaccessible CD, DVD & Blu-Ray DiscsClick on this option to specifically recoverphotos, music & video filesGet back your deleted emails with thisoptionUse this option to recover data from anyvolume or driveRecover data from logically corrupt orinaccessible RAID 0, 5 & 6 array with thisoptionData RecoveryProduct FunctionalitiesProduct FunctionalitiesTech Edition
  6. 6. Use this option toquickly scan & recoverlost data from volumesthat have inaccessiblefiles or folders.Data Recovery Quick RecoveryProduct FunctionalitiesProduct Functionalities
  7. 7. In case you want torecover files & folderswhich were deletedearlier, accidently ordeliberately, use thisoption. You will be ableto recover files evenafter emptying recyclebin.Product FunctionalitiesData Recovery Deleted RecoveryProduct FunctionalitiesProduct Functionalities
  8. 8. This option willperform an extensivescan of the selecteddrive & givecomprehensive datarecovery results.Through this optionyou will get access toalmost all your lostdata.Product FunctionalitiesData Recovery Advanced RecoveryProduct FunctionalitiesProduct Functionalities
  9. 9. Product FunctionalitiesUse this option incase you arelooking atrecovering onlyspecific file types.This featurequickly scans theselected drive &gives greatresults.Data Recovery Raw RecoveryProduct FunctionalitiesProduct Functionalities
  10. 10. This option can be used incase an entire volume hasbeen deleted due to virusattacks or accidentaldeletion or any other form ofcorruption.Product FunctionalitiesData Recovery Search Lost VolumesProduct FunctionalitiesProduct Functionalities
  11. 11. Data RecoveryEasily recover files on anysystem anywhere aroundthe world through a remoteconnection. The softwarealso provides you an optionto save the recovered file onremote system or hostsystem.Product FunctionalitiesRemote RecoveryProduct FunctionalitiesProduct Functionalities
  12. 12. Save an exact image of your hard driveas a separate image file on your disk.Use this option to make exact replicaof your hard drive on another disk.Use this option to know the health ofyour hard disk.Advanced OptionsProduct FunctionalitiesProduct FunctionalitiesProduct Functionalities
  13. 13. Extended RAID SupportDeleted E-mails Recovery Improved Deleted FileRecoveryRemote Data RecoveryAccess any system around theworld through a remote connectionand recover important dataGet back all your e-mails that weredeleted accidently or deliberately &save them as a new PST file.Recovery of Deleted File Recoveryusing Journal entries in NTFSRecover logically deleted files fromRAID 0, 5 & 6 arrays easily.Product FunctionalitiesWhat’s New in Version 6
  14. 14. Product FunctionalitiesVersion Comparison
  15. 15. Product FunctionalitiesLicense Comparison
  16. 16. Product FunctionalitiesStellar Awards
  17. 17. Since 1993, Stellar is a customer oriented data recovery solution providerbringing back smiles after critical data loss situations. With a strong presencein USA, Europe and Asia; today we are nearing 2 million happy customersspread across 170 countries. Our customers include large corporate giants aswell as individual users.We understand the importance of your data and need for a quick & securerecovery. Our Phoenix Data Recovery tools are equipped to recover and repairinaccessible files, photos, databases, emails and videos. Our Data Safety &Erasure tools help you secure your information and wipe confidentialfiles, preventing data leakage.Product FunctionalitiesAbout Stellar