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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6


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Recover just about everything, ranging from files, folders, photos, music, videos etc. One tool is all you need to get back virtually everything after almost all instances of data loss. Get Back lost data from volumes that are corrupt, damaged, deleted and even reformatted.

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  • Mac Data Recovery offers a range of free additional utilities (such as imaging, cloning) that sets it apart from other tools in the competition. The software comes in two separate versions: 'Demo' and 'Full'. Demo version gives you a free hands-on experience with the tool, while the Full version enables you to perform successful recovery.
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  • Kernel Recovery for Mac Data Recovery Software is a excellent Mac Data Recovery Software. You can try Kernel Recovery for Mac Data Recovery Software to recover your all deleted, formatted, damaged or corrupted data. This software also recovers data from iPods, memory cards and external devices. For more Details visit here.
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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6

  1. 1. 6
  2. 2. With Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6 You can regain virtually everything like files, folders, documents, music, videos etc., that were either rendered inaccessible due to severe volume corruption or lost due to accidental deletion or formatting. It is one solution for all your data recovery requirements. How can I recover files or folders deleted during a specific time span? I am unable to start my Mac, how do I recover data from this hard disk? I have another OS installed on a partition in my Mac, can I recover files from there? Can I recover accidentally deleted pictures from my camera? One Solution for Multiple Concerns
  3. 3. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6:Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6: Recover just about everything, ranging from files, folders, photos, music, videos etc. One tool is all you need to get back virtually everything after almost all instances of data loss. Get Back lost data from volumes that are corrupt, damaged, deleted and even reformatted. Why Stellar Mac Data Recovery?Why Stellar Mac Data Recovery? It’s SIMPLE – DIY Recovery Tool Recovers Lost & Deleted Files & Formatted Volumes Up-to 30% Faster Recovery Engine Boot Camp support - Recover Data From File Systems of Other Popular OS in Mac Machine Scans ALL Known & Unknown File Types Fully Supports > 2TB Hard Drives Recovers Data From CD, DVD, USB Drives & Blu-rays Works with :
  4. 4. ‘ ‘ I'd just like to say THANK YOU for your program!!! I never spend money on programs, and I mean EVER! But the videos that I lost were special to me and I needed them back. I tried a few free programs but they didn't get everything back for me. Then I found this program and a week after losing my videos, I finally have them back and couldn't be happier! Thank you SO much and I am going to recommend this program to anyone else I know who loses pictures and videos like I did! ‘ ‘ My wife has been logging the sayings of our 7 grandchildren for the past 8 years. Recently, when I upgraded her operating system to 10.3.9 that file was on her desktop and had not been backed up. We thought if was gone forever. Needless to say, we were distraught. Thanks to you and your wonderful Stellar Mac Data Recovery I found it and successfully recovered it. A great value and the ease of its use is remarkably easy and seamless for the non-GEEK type such as me. You are to be commended. You saved a 41 year marriage. Customer Testimonials ‘I just bought your software and it really saved me. My original external drive was formatted for mac files then I accidently partitioned it for PC format today. That is when I lost all my files and data. Fortunately with your program it rescued them. As per your instructions I copied the rescued files to a new external hard drive.
  5. 5. Recover Data Quick Recovery Product Functionalities
  6. 6. Recover Data Deleted Recovery 6 Deleted Recovery: You can recover intentionally or accidently deleted files easily even after emptying trash. World’s first software that recovers original file names. Product Functionalities
  7. 7. Recover Formatted Media: You can recover data and files even after you have initialized & formatted your hard drive or any other storage media. It is a DEEPER SCAN that takes a little longer but delivers great results. This option is also helpful to recover lost files. Recover Data Recover Formatted Media Product Functionalities
  8. 8. 8 Recover Lost or Deleted Volumes: You can recover volumes that were lost due to any corruption or malware attack. Use this option also when you have accidentally deleted a volume while managing partitions with disk utility or any other partition manager. Recover Data Search Lost Volumes Product Functionalities
  9. 9. Photo Recovery: You can recover lost photos & videos from digital cameras, camcorders & corrupt memory cards. You can recover photos from all kinds of memory cards like SD cards, Micro SD cards, Compact Flash card [CF media cards], External Hard Drives etc. Also, recover deleted RAW picture files taken with SLR Camera. Photo Recovery Product Functionalities
  10. 10. 10 iPOD Recovery Feature DetailsProduct Functionalities
  11. 11. 11 Optical Media Recovery: You can recover data & files from optical media that is no longer recognized by Mac. It works even on scratched or corrupt DVD, CD and Blu-ray discs. Optical Media Recovery Product Functionalities
  12. 12. 12 Create Image: A useful feature when your hard drive or storage media has developed a lot of bad blocks. In such cases, you can create image of the entire drive or the affected volume and then safely scan the image using Stellar Phoenix to get back data. Product Functionalities Create Image
  13. 13. New Advanced Boot Camp Support Recover deleted data from Windows OS installed in Mac system Improved Support for FAT File System This Version has more advanced capabilities & delivers richer stronger recovery results All New Support for NTFS, exFAT Finds lost data more accurately with no duplicity from external hard drives & other volumes with NTFS or exFAT file system Improved Deleted File Recovery More powerful to recover accidently deleted files even after emptying trash What’s New in V6
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  15. 15. Awards & Reviews
  16. 16. Since 1993, Stellar is a customer oriented data recovery solution provider bringing back smiles after critical data loss situations. With a strong presence in USA, Europe and Asia; today we are nearing 2 million happy customers spread across 170 countries. Our customers include large corporate giants as well as individual users. We understand the importance of your data and need for a quick & secure recovery. Our Phoenix Data Recovery tools are equipped to recover and repair inaccessible files, photos, databases, emails and videos. Our Data Safety & Erasure tools help you secure your information and wipe confidential files, preventing data leakage. About Stellar