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Slide showcases the highlights of Half City, the city-focused social platform (web and mobile) where users share their urban lives
with beatified pictures associated with a specific location(marked by double *).
In a nutshell: HalfCity is a much more social, picture-focused and prettier Yelp with an elegant twist. Visit HalfCity at www.thehalfcity.com

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  • 1. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China, National Census Report 2010http://www.stats.gov.cn/tjgb/rkpcgb/qgrkpcgb/t20110428_402722232.htm2. China Ministry of Education, 2012 Data: http://www.moe.edu.cn/publicfiles/business/htmlfiles/moe/moe_633/201208/141305.html3. Shanghai: Beijing: http://finance.sina.com.cn/crz/20030325/0859324517.shtml Guangzhou: http://city.sina.com.cn/city/t/2010-12-02/211811222.html
  • Half City Pitching Deck

    1. 1. www.thehalfcity.com
    2. 2. What is HalfCity?HalfCity is a city-focused social platform(web and mobile) where users share their urban liveswith beatified pictures associated with a specific location(marked by double *).In a nutshell: a much more social, picture-focused and prettier Yelp with an elegant twist.
    3. 3. HalfCity can be… ··· Your personal travel log. Your pretty urban-living diary ··· ···Your ultimate city guide
    4. 4. HalfCity Keyword: Star Mark  Each picture on HalfCity has a *StarMark,* which is added by the user.  StarMark connects a user with others who have been to the same place. ·····  Users add a StarMark by either choosing an existing one from the database of ········· DaZhongDianPing or creating a new one if it’s not available in the database yet.
    5. 5. The Amazing Star Mark The StarMark can be A City, or Any Location that has meaning to the user. *Bund 18* *Bar Rouge* *Shanghai Music Pavilion* When you click on any StarMark, all pictures that have been take at this place will show up, presenting you an AMAZING collage of a city or a location.
    6. 6. What does HalfCity look like?The DISTANCE betweenwhere you are andwhere the StarMark is ···shows here. The front: When you flip it over:MESSAGE: express whatyou wanna say when youtake a picture. ··· ········ If you’ve got more that you want to say, just put it in ······ the DESCRIPTION section. LIKE IT? ··· Each picture on HalfCity has three “Like Categories”: Yummy. Fun. Pretty. You can choose to like a picture in one category. “Likes” will be counted and hot pictures will be featured in the Category Page.
    7. 7. Target Audience and The Market Size • Target Audience Demographics: – Urban dwellers – Mostly in tire-one cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou) – College students and white collars mainly • Market Size – Urban Dwellers: 665.6 million (49.68% of the entire population) 1 – Shanghai: 23 million – Beijing: 19.6 million – Guangzhou: 12.7 million – Total: 55.3 million, which equals the total of New York+Los Angeles+Chicago+Dallas+Houston+Philadelphia • Market Segmentation (In tire-one cities) – College Student: 1.92 million 2 – White Collar: 8.08 million+ (Shanghai 3M, Beijing 3.97M, Guangzhou 1.11M) 3 – Total: 10M minimum
    8. 8. Market Adoption---Taking off at Shanghai, radiating to other cities in ChinaPart I. Online Strategy1. Social Media Cross-platform Promotion via Sina Weibo(Twitter) and Renren (Facebook) • Sina Wei: 30,000+ followers @半城网 • Ren Ren: 70-80 daily page views 半城网2. Online Campaigns to Boost Brand Awareness In progress: • Social media celeb endorsement: Christoph Rehage, The Longest Way • “China in Foreigners’ Eyes” picture collection campaign • “China in Chinese’ Eyes” picture collection campaign • White board sketches project: “The One Place I Miss Most”3. Regular Online Theme Events to Interact with Users (Shanghai focused) In progress: • Celeb-run Restaurants Recommendation • Historical Architectures that You Pass by Everyday • Hottest Bars on The Bund
    9. 9. Part II—Offline Strategy (Shanghai focused)1. Regular offline events hosted by HalfCity to enhance brand cohesiveness • Themes: film screening, wine tasting, city gourmet hunting, exclusive dining experience etc. • Open to invited HalfCity key users only • Purpose: Fostering quality content creation and enhancing user cohesiveness2. Partnership with local college student groups (photography, hiking and traveling types) • Provide them with a small sum of stipend ($80/semester) and exchange for quality content • College students: mobile and fresh-minded, keen to try new things out • An cost-efficient way to acquire quality content
    10. 10. HalfCity Revenue Models Centered on TRAFFIC, HalfCity relies on three ways for revenue streams: HalfCity Mobile Product 1. Advertisements: • Web platform ads: customized page for businesses • Mobile platform ads: based on your location, HalfCity would recommend popular/ advertised “StarMarks” close to you. WEB 2. HalfCity Membership Card: Your Go-to Card for food and entertainment in Shanghai • The mutual benefits: More customers go to businesses; More benefits for customers. • From businesses: partnership fee is charged based on the size and scale of a business. • From members: a fixed membership fee will be charged, once and for all. 3. Offline Events Ticket Sell: • Big events will be held in Shanghai on a monthly basis. Examples: themed parties, group hiking, holiday balls etc. • HalfCity will sell tickets to users. • HalfCity plans to uses these events to lead urban living trends.
    11. 11. Revenue Projections---Y1 to Y3 Ads: Y 1 Monthly Revenue Projections Daily Active Users(100,000) ×CTR(1%) ×$0.016/click=1000 /day x 30 d= $4800/monthOffline Events Tickets Sell:Event Scale(300 people) ×Average Ticket Price($30) × Margin(50%)= $4,500/month ·········· 27% 27% HalfCity Membership Card: 46% Tier-One Partnership Fee: $160×20 partners + Tire-Two Partnership Fee $80×60 partners=$8000/month 10 Y1-Y3 User Growth Y 1 Monthly Total:$17,300 8 Projection User Number 6 (Unit: Million) 4 2 0 2013 2014 2015
    12. 12. The Team Founder---Shuang Wu Has extensive and profound connections across many areas in Shanghai and Jiangsu province; Talented programmer and fund-raiser. Marketing & PR---Xing Ju Chinese-market savvy; Frontend---Bo He Knows the ins-and-outs of PR; Master of the frontend trio; Best Speaker: IDEA international Worked on the UI and frontend debate tournament. of CityKing, SoLoMo App game; Three-time skydiver; Server---Qian Shen Loves challenges. Graduated as the Top1 student from the CS program at USC; Finished a month-project in two days and got an amazing A; Marketing & PR---Shuze Chen Loves bamboo viper. Chinese Media-savvy; Worked at CCTV and Weber Shandwick; Can turn an idea into reality in seconds.
    13. 13. Thanks so much!Questions are more than welcome. Contact Info: Tel: 408-436-8612 Email: stella.ju@funtongames.com