SMART Case Study - Scottish Water


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SMART plays key role in renewal of Scottish Water’s IT.

Collaboration solutions from SMART Technologies are playing a key role in helping Scottish Water to deliver a world-class service to its five million customers.

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SMART Case Study - Scottish Water

  1. 1. SMART story Scottish Water embraces SMART collaboration solutions to serve its five million customers SMART plays key role in renewal of Scottish Water’s IT The Challenges The Solution Scottish Water faces a huge logistical Scottish Water decided to install four challenge as the sole provider of water SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards services to an area of 30,000 square at its head office in Dunfermline, one in miles, covering a third of Great Britain. each of its meeting rooms. Each room From its head office in Dunfermline, was refurbished and equipped with a Scottish Water co-ordinates the delivery SMART Board unit and hub. of its services and the maintenance of its network, which includes 29,000 With these tools, Scottish Water’s miles of water pipes, 31,000 miles teams can use touchscreen commands, of sewers, over 2,100 treatment write in digital ink over any application, works and field teams dispersed across make notes that are recorded as they the country. go, annotate images and amend wording in real time, generate and Collaboration solutions from SMART The Dunfermline head office is home to integrate data and instantly capture Technologies are playing a key role in Scottish Water’s key business planning the flow of ideas. The whole helping Scottish Water to deliver a world- and co-ordinating functions that work collaborative process for Scottish class service to its five million customers. on the delivery of its business strategy; Water’s key decision-makers is faster, investing in infrastructure, continual more engaging and more productive“Innovation is a priority for us and we are improvement of standards for this vital as a result. increasingly exploring new technologies and public service and ensuring value for identifying creative ways of working to deliver money for the Scottish public. At the end of a meeting, presentation future value and further increase our efficiency.” or brainstorm, the results can be Driving up performance levels, creating instantly distributed to all participants, Ronnie Mercer, the right inspirational environment, saving someone the unwelcome task of Chair, Scottish Water finding efficiencies and enabling better, typing up meeting notes. This ensures faster decision-making is critical to a faster, more accurate and complete delivering this. However, the tools record and makes a big difference in Scottish Water is responsible for available for its head office teams to maintaining project momentum. delivering clean, safe and high plan, collaborate and work together quality drinking water to 2.4 million were limited to flipcharts, conventional Scottish Water’s SMART Boards are households and 123,000 business whiteboards and projectors. being put to great use every day by premises across Scotland. Every day, all of the head office departments, Scottish Water delivers 2.1 million litres Scottish Water realised that technology including the senior management, of water and takes away nearly 1 billion had a big role to play, as Mark Grieve, finance and IT teams. Part of the litres of waste water. Facilities Management Coordinator, reason for their popularity, explains explains: “We’re publicly owned and Mark, is their ease of use. Scottish Water is the only publicly- we have to be very careful with what owned water utility in Great Britain we’re doing with public money. It’s “The SMART Boards are being used and the fourth largest water services also very important to us that we are at the heart of our business and our provider in the UK, with 3,700 utilising the best technology that we staff have taken to them like ducks to employees and a turnover of over £1 can in order to improve the way that water. It has created an inspirational billion. we work in terms of productivity, as environment, acting as a catalyst well as creating cost efficiencies.” for better collaboration as well as a Since 2006, Scottish Water has platform for idea generation. Critically, invested £2.4 billion in modernising its it is very simple equipment that is easy infrastructure, including information to operate and can be used by anyone.” technology. SMART solutions are playing a key part in helping Scottish Water to deliver a world class service to its customers.
  2. 2. “The SMART Board technology will be rolled out to Scottish Water’s main offices, all of which will benefit from this technology. This is a huge priority for us. Everyone at Scottish Water is trying to identify where we can make future savings and be more efficient. In this respect, SMART has been an absolute boon to us so far and will prove to be that for many years to come.” “The SMART Boards are being used at the heart of our business and our staff have taken to them like ducks to water. It is very simple equipment that can be used by anyone.” Mark Grieve, Facilities Services Co-ordinator, Scottish WaterSMART Board™ interactive whiteboards have quickly become an essential tool atScottish Water’s head office in DunfermlineScottish Water also benefited from there have been savings from usingtraining sessions to help their staff to the SMART Boards already. Whetherfeel comfortable with the technology it’s the SMART Boards or the SMARTand understand its potential. Mark Bridgit conferencing software, Scottishexplains: “Steljes, SMART’s UK Water’s innovation team has identifieddistributor, did a course of training with where we can make huge savingsour staff, which was fantastic and they in respect of getting the work doneare now getting confident and enjoying quicker here, not having people travelusing the boards. They are now an to meetings and so on. Thisintegral part of the way we work.” is going to be a significant step in cutting costs, as well as ourThe Results environmental impact.”SMART’s technology is not only The Futurepopular, but is also proving to bevery beneficial in terms of business Scottish Water’s transformativeoutcomes at Scottish Water. Mark programme of infrastructure, facilitiessays: “The SMART Boards have had a and IT investment has helped it tohugely positive impact on the quality become one of the very bestof the collaborative experience, the businesses in Scotland, hitting recordcreativity, idea generation and speed levels of customer service, waterand unanimity of decision making.” quality and environmental sustainability, whilst keeping bills low.The impact is being felt not onlyin improved working practices and SMART has played an important rolebusiness decisions, but also in Scottish in that process and Mark is confidentWater’s bottom line. Mark explains that there are further benefits to comethat cost savings that are expected to when the technology is introducedaccrue as a result of Scottish Water’s to Scottish Water’s other main Steljes Ltdinvestment in new technology: offices, allowing for real-time virtual Steljes is a SMART authorised distributor collaboration across the office network: for SMART Technologies“There’s been fantastic feedback our teams and we know that 08450 724 800© 2012 SMART Technologies ULC. All rights reserved. SMART Board, SMART Notebook and the SMART logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SMARTTechnologies ULC in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other third-party product and company names may be the trademarks of their respective owners.