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Case study: EDF Energy created a Collaboration Hub using SMART Meeting Pro Software and SMART Boards, building a highly effective and well-used collaboration space, popular with different teams and with the potential to be introduced to other EDF Energy offices.

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SMART Case Study - EDF Energy

  1. 1. EDF Energy, London/UKEnhanced Collaboration and Trainingfor EDF Energy Embedding processes and collaboration environment, the challenge guidelines into hearts and minds for EDF Energy was to deliver the same benefits within their own offices, as EDF Energy runs an internal control Simon describes: improvement programme, disseminating EDF Energy’s corporate standards and “The sessions at Ernst & Young were helping departments to improve their a great success and we were very understanding of the processes and impressed not only by the SMART guidelines that need to be followed. Boards themselves, but also the whole Simon Vickers, Internal Control Manager collaborative environment within which for EDF Energy, explains how EDF Energy they were used, which was a world initially chose to deliver the training away from the traditional office setting.” component of this programme in the SMART Board-equipped collaboration “Our task was to find a framework space at Ernst & Young’s offices: through which we map out the processes that flow down from the “I was responsible for designing a higher level processes at a company series of scoping, planning and training level, identifying how they can add value sessions that would raise awareness of for a business unit, ensuring that the the key principles of our internal control processes are properly linked together processes and guidelines, which cover and that everyone understands the risks both mandatory activities and additional managed by those processes. However, guidance. We wanted to embed these we wanted to move away from the into people’s hearts and minds, rather traditional environment used for process than relying on traditional training mapping, which in a typical meeting methods, so we used a dedicated room relies on flip charts, sticky notes collaboration space at Ernst & Young’s and rolls of paper.”EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest London offices. This collaboration spaceenergy companies and is the largest is very different to the typical meeting The Collaboration Hub:producer of low-carbon electricity. A room and equipped with several SMART Engaging, dynamic and creativewholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Board interactive whiteboards. We ran collaboration sessionsGroup, EDF Energy generates around about a dozen sessions there and foundone fifth of the UK’s electricity, employs them really effective.” The solution for EDF Energy was to15,000 people and supplies electricity create its own ‘Collaboration Hub’, withand gas to 5.5 million residential A SMART Board interactive whiteboard the Crawley office being the chosenand business customers. As well as is a touch-enabled interactive display location, complete with two SMARToperating power stations and wind that allows users to write and draw in Board 885i interactive whiteboards,farms, including eight nuclear power digital ink and to move and manipulate with Meeting Pro™ software, mobilestations, EDF Energy is planning a new objects and diagrams using touch- seating and a magnetic whiteboardgeneration of nuclear power plants. enabled gestures, either on unlimited wall. A third SMART Board was installed whiteboard pages or in any software in another meeting room in Crawley,EDF Energy has installed SMART applications. Two people can work whilst a SMART Board has also beenBoard® interactive whiteboards in on the board at the same time, installed in the innovation room ofthe ‘Collaboration Hub’ at its Crawley simultaneously writing, drawing or EDF Energy’s Exeter office. As Simonoffice, where it supports a number moving objects, and all outputs can also Vickers explains: “We wanted to createof business functions, including be instantly saved and distributed. a true collaboration environment inits internal control improvement the Crawley office. Having convertedprogramme. EDF Energy also has a Having experienced the benefits of the it from a regular meeting room, weSMART Board in its Exeter office. SMART Boards within Ernst & Young’s deliberately ensured that the hub is used
  2. 2. as intended; for genuinely collaborative “The benefits of the SMART Boards, Challengeworking where everyone can work both in the Collaboration Hub in our To deliver a more collaborativetogether and contribute in an open, Crawley office and in the innovation learning and working environmentcreative way. The hub is not owned room of our Exeter office, have been to support EDF Energy’s internalby any one department; it is a resource immediately obvious. What is more, control improvement programmefor the whole company. For anyone after a couple of months we surveyedrequiring a space for brainstorming and users to find out how effective they Solutionfreethinking, the hub is here for them. It thought the Collaboration Hub was A purpose-designed Collaborationis very well used at present, for example, in meeting objectives. 91% said Hub in EDF Energy’s Crawley office,the team behind EDF Energy’s smart they found it very useful; the equipped with SMART Board interactivemetering programme are making very remaining 9% found it fairly useful.” whiteboards and Meeting Pro softwaregood use of the space.” Other EDF Energy locations around ResultSMART’s Meeting Pro software is the country and a new campus A highly effective and well-usedalso very well suited to EDF Energy’s collaboration space, popularrequirements, with the ability to Simon Vickers can see the benefits that with different teams and witheasily convert handwriting into text, SMART’s visual collaboration solutions the potential to be introducedto annotate any document, a drag- can deliver across EDF Energy’s extensive to other EDF Energy officesand-drop feature for shapes that network of UK offices, utilising SMART’sfit in with EDF Energy’s process Bridgit® software that can link up twomapping terminology and the ability or more SMART Boards for real-timeto instantly save and distribute the remote collaboration: “The Crawleyoutputs from a collaboration session. office was the right starting point for us but I’d like to see facilities of this91% said they found it very useful type in other EDF Energy locations around the country. We’ll certainly beAccording to Simon Vickers, the considering the benefits of SMART’sbenefits have been immediately evident Bridgit software, which would allowin delivering engaging, dynamic us to collaborate remotely. There isand creative collaboration sessions: great potential in us being able to“Everyone took to using the SMART deliver training remotely across multipleBoards very quickly and easily. There locations or collaborating in real timehas also been a significant boost in from different offices.”staff engagement, both ‘on-the-day’,where everyone can walk up to the “EDF Energy is also establishing a newSMART board and contribute, and campus near Bridgewater, Somerset,afterwards where they can immediately which will serve as a major location forsee the tangible output of their work, research, development and training, not Steljes Ltdinstead of waiting a week or two just for our nuclear programme but in Steljes is a SMART authorised distributorfor someone to write up notes.” supporting all parts of our business. for SMART Technologies We see SMART Boards as an is also confident that the integral component of the 08450 724 800SMART Boards have been a worthwhile collaboration environment that and the response from we aim to create there.”staff has been equally positive:Copyright 2012 Steljes Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior permission. E&OE. Prices correct at time of going topress and exclude VAT and delivery. All trademarks and copyrights and herein acknowledged. SJ/58246