10 BEST WAYS TO BUILD INBOUND LINKSAND DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE10.	Create resource lists                              5....
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Tips on driving traffic to your blog or website


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Tips on driving traffic to your blog or website

  1. 1. 10 BEST WAYS TO BUILD INBOUND LINKSAND DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE10. Create resource lists 5. Create a presentationThis type of content is great for your readers Make it visual, cool and easy to flip through.and makes for good link bait. If you put all Try a SlideShare presentation.the work into creating a resource list then the 4. Create an internet memechances are other people will simply opt to linkto your list rather than re-create the list. These are images that you can customise, share and take viral. They’re really easy to9. News jack make and there are quite a few websites (e.g.Be the first and hijack the news. When you memegenerator.net) that will help you withare the first to blog about something that’s most of the magic. People are visual.breaking, you rise to the best position in the So give them visuals they will want to share.search engine results page due to Google’s 3. Find ways to promotefreshness algorithm which is designed to deliver others and they willthe most up-to-date results. Doing this makes want to do the same it far more likely that others will simply link to for youyour content. Joint press releases work wonders here. Double8. Survey says the content being promoted and you potentiallyRun a survey, get loads of participants, loads double the readership and types of people youof data and then share it freely. Or, find ways get in front of.to rope in experts to collaborate on the results 2. Social widgetsand then interview the experts to producethe output of the survey that you then share These are the little social media icons thatfreely. Or, don’t share it freely just yet. Send the appear across websites. Make it ridiculously easyresults to some high ranked sites and let them for people to share your branded content – itpromote it (while giving you inbound links in increases traffic and Google loves it too.the process). 1. Collaborate with 7. Review a book, venue, @SteljesBusiness and speaker We’re very keen to make sure our partners getIf you provide a comprehensive review about far more out of the relationship than we do!another author or venues content, there’s a Best wishes,good chance they (and others!) will link to it. The Steljes Business team6. Conduct a free webinar Twitter: @SteljesBusinessPost an archived copy online. If it’s informative, Blog address: blog.steljes.comit will be shared. SJ56256