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Air power squadron final


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Air power squadron final

  1. 1. AIRPOWER SQUADRON SPONSOR PRESENTATION OVERVIEWTHIS PRESENTATION WILL:1.Provide an overview of the Commemorative Air Force2.Provide an overview of the AirPower SquadronNational Air Tour3.Define AirPower Squadron’s WWII-era aircraft fleet4.Explain the significance of the B29 FIFI5.Explain Sponsor benefits6.Provide a National Air Tour exhibit diagram forsponsor visibility7.Identify AirPower Squadron’s 2013 Spring, Summerand Fall tour locations8.Provide contact information for more informationabout sponsorship opportunities AirPower Squadron star attraction, FIFI, on the cover of Flying Magazine
  2. 2. THE COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE (C.A.F.)THE COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE:•Founded in 1953 and is now an internationally knownMuseum with members from around the globe. A501(c)3 not-for-profit.•Purpose is to acquire, restore and preserve in flyingcondition a complete collection of combat aircraft for theeducation and enjoyment of present and futuregenerations of Americans.•Provides museum buildings for the permanentprotection and display of these aircraft as a tribute to thethousands of men and women who built, serviced andflew them.•Operates the world’s largest collection of flying,authentic WWII aircraft. Exhibits these aircraft atvenues all over the US in an effort to honor the sacrificeof our veterans and celebrate our American freedoms.
  3. 3. AIRPOWER SQUADRON OVERVIEWAIRPOWER SQUADRON:• Is based in Addison, Texas, at the Addison Airport• Operates as the premier touring group of the Commemorative Air Force• Will participate in over 40 air shows and events coast to coast across North America in 2013• Is headlined by the B-29 Superfortress, FIFI, the world’s most famous flying aircraft from WWII• Additional aircraft on the tour include the B- 24 Liberator, P51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, T-6 Texan, Stearman biplane trainer and other authentic and historic aircraft
  4. 4. AIRPOWER SQUADRON FLEET FIFI – The only flying B-29 Superfortress remaining in the world Diamond Lil - One of only two B-24 Liberators in the world that fliesOther AirPower Squadrontouring aircraft include:• B-17 Flying Fortress• P51 Mustang ( at right)• T-6 Texan• Stearman biplane• Plus more…
  6. 6. 2013 AIRPOWER SQUADRON NATIONAL AIR TOUR SCHEDULE2013 AirPower Squadron Tour Sites: 40Estimated Tour Attendance: 2.3MEstimated Tour Impression: 50M
  7. 7. AIRPOWER SQUADRON SPONSOR PROJECT & IDEAS (1/3) FIFI is always front and center at each event she attends. Here she is at center stage of EAA’s AirVenture, the world’s greatest aviation event.
  9. 9. AIRPOWER SQUADRON SPONSOR PROJECT & IDEAS (3/3) Flight experiences are available for premium customers, including riding in the glass nose in the bombardier’s seat.
  10. 10. AIRPOWER SQUADRON TOUR SPONSOR EXHIBIT DIAGRAM B-24 B-29 Sponsor Trailer with signage, information, etc. Misc. WWII B-17 Aircraft P51 Sponsor / plane information kiosk
  11. 11. CONTACT INFORMATION2013 AIRPOWER SQUADRON NATIONAL AIR TOUR SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: • Recognizing the potential of the AirPower Squadron National Air Tour for marketers, the AirPower Squadron has retained the nationally recognized sponsorship agency, Stefanucci & Turner to manage their sponsor relations. We welcome the opportunity to meet with corporations and their agencies with the view to develop specific proposals that meet sponsors needs and objectives. • Stefanucci & Turner 20971 Coastview Lane Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Contact: Brian Turner Email: Mobile: (562) 400-1300