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Cruelty free international


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Cruelty free international

  1. 1. About:
  2. 2. NGO working to end animal experiments worldwide.
  3. 3. Make animal testing issues to history!
  4. 4. Based in London, UK
  5. 5. Established in 1898 by Frances Power Cobbe
  6. 6. Cruelty Free Products are certified with the Leaping Bunny.
  7. 7. Shop Cruelty Free!
  8. 8. „We take action to help animals from suffering in experiments:“ Cruelty Free International
  9. 9. At the Canadian Parliament: Calling for Canada to ban animal testing for cosmetics
  10. 10. Petition calling for the UK Government to keep ist promises on animal testing
  11. 11. Cruelty Free International Campaign Team and Westminister, calling in the UK Government to ban animal testing for Household products.
  12. 12. The CEO Michelle Thew won the Award of the top 25 personalities in Natural Beauty.
  13. 13. Some of the Celebrity Supporters:
  14. 14. Paul McCartney
  15. 15. Mayim Balik
  16. 16. Joss Stone
  17. 17. End animal experiments worldwide!